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As the chants got louder from the enemies, Ma Wang Shu could also hear the clacking of the cage as it swayed, because of the enormous powers that were being summoned around them and the sound of the gates slowly started to show movement again.

'This could not be happening!' Ma Wang Shu screamed inside her head.



The squeaks sent shivers down the spine of Ma Wang Shu, the hairs at back to her nape rose.

"Damn it! Let go of me." Ma Wang Shu demanded, her voice laced with urgency as she continued to claw any part of Li Huan's body that she could reach. It was a wrong move to get close to Li Huan. She should have thought that the enemy would be prepared for what she could do.

Of course, instead of letting go of her, Li Huan continued to chant as her arms tightened around Ma Wang Shu.

Suddenly, something started to happen. Everyone on top of Mount Hua could feel it.

It felt as if the winds had started to flow opposite to the direction they were flowing a minute ago.

Squeezing Ma Wang Shu even tighter into her grip Li Huan thought to herself, 'Who is that?' The sinister power was familiar but foreign as well.

Before anyone could figure anything out, Li Huan saw a silhouette, a shape of a young woman appear right behind Fa Liwei. The movement was so quick that she was not even sure if she was seeing it correctly.

Li Huan felt perplexed but could not let go of Ma Wang Shu. What did she just saw? What was happening?


As Li Huan was distracted her grip on Ma Wang Shu got weak. The poisonous woman took advantage of that by using her own weight to lift Li Huan and stepped back to slam the enemy on the ground behind them.

This caught Li Huan off guard. Her hold on Ma Wang Shu loosened further, causing her to completely free herself.

Ma Wang Shu did not plan to let the enemy recover. She immediately sent a blast towards Li Huan before sending another towards, Fa Yuan and Fa Liwei's position.

It worked!

Her attack that had mostly affected Fa Yuan was able to break the effect of the magic for a while.


Even though she managed to knock Fa Yuan back, Li Huan took advantage of the opportunity.

Just as Ma Wang Shu tried to get close to Fa Yuan to land a blow on him, Li Huan attacked her from the side.

The blow was devastating, causing Ma Wang Shu to be thrown away from her targets.

Without sparring a single moment Li Huan lunged at Ma Wang Shu once again.


"Arg! You burnt me!" Li Huan said with utter surprise in her voice. That was because, before Li Huan could land the hit, Ma Wang Shu was ready for her.

As soon as Li Huan came close enough, Ma Wang Shu, waived her hand quickly causing her blood to get on the enemies' face.

"Your blood is corrosive!" Li Huan said in surprise while watching the drops of blood from Ma Wang Shu's wounded hands melt the soil it touched.

Li Huan was only using a fake body, however, having it melt on her so soon was not beneficial.

"You want to play did you not? Do not tell me you want to back out already." Ma Wang Shu responded, mocking clear in her voice.

Filled with anger now, Li Huan thought she had to beat this woman right here, or else they would never be able to get out of the place.

"Hurry up! Do not waste time! I may not be able to last longer." Li Huan Screamed at Fa Yuan and Fa Liwei.

What Li Huan didn't notice was that Fa Liwei never even flinched from where he was. Even when Fa Yuan got knocked back, he did not move.

Fa Yuan rattled, rushed back to his position without even batting an eye at Ma Wang Shu.

Fa Liwei would not be able to control the magic by himself for much longer. He needed Fa Yuan to be there.

As the chants got heavier and louder, the environment started to shift.

"The time is almost upon us! You cannot stop us now officer." Li Huan said as she kept on evading the attacks from Ma Wang Shu.

"We will see about that." Ma Wang Shu said with confidence. It was just an act though as she was getting anxious by the minute. She was also not immortal like the enemy who did not show any changes after all the poison that she had released into the air.

Aside from that, she was unable to look for a chance to delay or stop Fa Liwei and Fa Yuan from opening the cage. 'I need to do something! Fast!'

Ma Wang Shu knew she had to take out Li Huan first in order to stop Fa Liwei and Fa Yuan.

She needed to give all she had. With that in mind, Ma Wang Shu gathered up her magic and sent a massive blow of venomous wave of energy right into Li Huan.

Within an instant, Li Huan was sent plummeting to the ground. The impact was so massive that a crater formed where Li Huan fell.

Ma Wang Shu could not waste time celebrating the massive blow,  that she had dealt with the enemy who could not even die. 

She had to stop Fa Liwie and Fa Yuan right now or else, it was going to be far too late.

As she gushed over at Fa Liwei to disrupt his chanting, a powerful blow knocked her down to the ground just like she had knocked Li Huan down. This was a powerful blow and required a lot of her magic.


However, Fa Yuan was using the power of the goblin combined with his own now after it was given to him by Fa Liwei. He was getting more accustomed to it, thus he made a protection spell.

Because of it as well, Ma Wang Shu's attack rebounded, causing her to experience the impact of her own force.

As she squirmed on the ground trying to get up she could not help but think, 'So that's it? I can't do anything else?'

Suddenly, Ma Wang Shu heard a roaring explosion.

It was the impact after someone had landed a blow on the purple goblin statue that was in front of Fa Liwei and Fa Yuan.

For the first time since Ma Wang Shu arrived, Fa Liwei finally showed interested. "What is it now?" He asked loudly.


The answer Fa Liwei received though was a blow directly at him…


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