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393 Still not moving?

Wei Jiayi looked at Gao Lan Mei sideways, helplessly. The way she is glaring at him, with the small flame on her hand is enough to threaten him.

It should be easy to follow his wife's wishes. However, he still trying to think about how to explain to her what is going on. He is also unsure how she will react, after seeing the current situation in front of him.

So Wei Jiayi did not move and continued to block her path while looking ahead, to make sure the beast in front of him is not going to attack suddenly.

With a snort, "What? Not moving? You still need to explain why Kai Kai is hiding from us earlier." Gao Lan Mei spoke again, unhappily.

The hound did not even greeted them or show itself when they arrive in the palace. That only means something is not right, as Kai Kai enjoys being petted by her.

Though she does not have any contract with the hound, Gao Lan Mei is aware that it prefers her presence.

She also understands that it is not the right time to bring that up, but Gao Lan Mei already noticed that Wei Jiayi is not that alert compared when they smelled the scent of blood, which in fact adds to her unhappiness as of the moment.

"Er…" Wei Jiayi is unsure how to proceed on explaining himself. How can he tell her that, Kai Kai was reprimanded for leaving her alone when the command came from Gao Lan Mei directly?

"Grrr…" A soft growl echoed inside the chamber for Wei Jiayi is sound territorial, also as a warning, but since it sounds muffled, it is not threatening enough.

Gao Lan Mei heard the growl, "You are growling at me?!" She asked with disbelief as she hit Wei Jiayi's back.

"Mei Mei, do you think I can ever growl at you like that?" Wei Jiayi stated after wincing. His beast may purr at her instead of growling threateningly.

"Then what? What is really going on?" She asked impatiently. "Can you just let me see?"

"Cough. I can, but promise me you will not overreact and you stay close to me." Wei Jiayi compromised, slightly glancing at her. An out of control beast is not easy to handle.

Even though, beasts understand hierarchy, him being on top of the food chain, they will not attack unless they are being controlled.

One example is when they were attacked by a beast in Mount Hua. It still does not mean that it will be the case on Gao Lan Mei, who is his unclaimed mate.

"Why are you dragging this? Do I look like someone who overreacts?" Gao Lan Mei is already getting upset.

"If you ever do this again I will make sure that you will get hurt later." She added, remembering how he also did the same when they are talking to Li Shao before.

"Hurt?" Wei Jiayi asked with cold sweat. 'Zhao Liwei, I hope you get confined on the Space Ice prison for making my wife angry at me!' his thoughts at the moment.

"Still not moving?!" Gao Lan Mei exclaimed, before pushing Wei Jiayi out of the way so she can see what he is hiding.

It is still too dark for her, despite the small flame magic she has on her hand. Gao Lan Mei looked around the room and found a shadow of a man on the end the farthest corner of the chambers.

The silhouette looks like a man sitting on the ground while leaning on the wall. Aside from the shadow, the only clear thing visible on that corner is the pair of bright blue eyes, staring back to them...