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376 They should cooperate

Gao Lan Mei stood up and immediately backed away from Wei Jiayi trying to hide what she does not want him to see.

It is either she moved so fast that he was not even able to hold her firmly, or he does not know where to touch to make sure that he will not hurt her.

Then Gao Lan Mie averted her eyes before speaking softly, "It is nothing. I will get healed soon..." She does not sound convincing enough that made Wei Jiayi feels that something is definitely wrong.

"Let me see... I want... No! I need to see what is painful or where it is. Please... " Wei Jiayi begged, his voice sounding very anguish that Gao Lan Mei cannot help but almost felt the same as well. If he is already like this, what more if he sees her arms?

Gao Lan Mei subconsciously held her arm gently, looking guilty before quickly replacing her expression with indifference. Sadly, Wei Jiayi will no miss all her action, even the small ones.

Not only the fire has its own rules of usage it also requires a lot of spiritual energy to summon a very small part of it.

What did Gao Lan Mei offer to summon the notorious fire if she does not have enough spiritual energy, to begin with?

Wei Jiayi's face is showing his worry and frustration which makes Gao Lan Mei bit her lower lip as she contemplates on how to make him feel better.

"Mei Mei, please... I already gave you a healing pill, if you still pain until now, let me help you. I just... I just need to see what's wrong first..." Wei Jiayi knows that Gao Lan Mei is not comfortable on showing him her injury.

However, that is the exact reason why he is more worried about it. Is it that bad?

"It will be better soon after I borrowed the spiritual energy from the rest." Gao Lan Mei replied firmly to Wei Jiayi who insists. "Do not worry, I am still standing, right? So that means, the injury is not a big deal. Trust me on this."

Before Wei Jiayi can even respond, Gao Lan Mei already spoke again asking with a smile on her face. "Do you think they will refuse to cooperate?"

Wei Jiayi knows that she is changing the subject and if she is not willing to show it now, then he cannot do anything about it. He just needs to look for other alternatives.

"They should cooperate, else..." Wei Jiayi uttered darkly. He just cannot accept the fact that Gao Lan Mei got hurt for others. She does not need to sacrifice as this is not her responsibility!

No one will blame her if she cannot help much as there are beings in the Mortal Domain that is stronger than her after all. Is he being selfish? Wei Jiayi does not care anymore!

Wei Jiayi really needs to get Gao Lan Mei out of Shizi Empire before she decides to sacrifice something else. What if she decides to sacrifice her life next and he does not even about it?

At this time, Gao Lan Mei is just grateful that Wei Jiayi did not insist further. She just hopes that they have enough spiritual energy later to heal her completely and set up the defense wall.

Though she cannot blame anyone if they don't cooperate, she will do the same after all. Especially if one is asking for her own soul.

After all, souls can be used by evil casters to control a being. That fact alone is enough for her not expect the experts to just follow what Ma Fei Hong, despite her being a deacon.

At least they have Ma Fei Hong to face everyone as her authority being a deacon will bring a long away. If Gao Lan Mei is the one that faced them, surely no one will believe her.