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375 You did a good job

Outside the Shizi Empire

The sky continues to release black smoke to not only surround the entire boundaries of the Shizi Empire but also to spread further. Now that the sun had already set, the only thing that helps brighten up the place is the barrier from the experts that are still up.

Dark smoke continues to move, making sure that all possible passageways are used so it can spread even further, covering everything.

While covering the area, it also makes sure to penetrate the living things that it passes and stay there until the thing turned black.

The trees and plans started showing spots of black, while the animals started acting strange, losing its natural habits as the dark smoke consumes them.

Then the smoke continued to slowly move towards the area that is near the Shizi Empire gates.

A place with large rocks which where Wei Jiayi was earlier, is now where the dark smoke is currently spreading until it can slowly enter the exact place that a white snake pawn had used earlier to get inside the safety chambers to slowly fills the place.

"Tsk. The smoke already entered the underground shelter..." Wei Jiayi commented with a dark face. He is also grateful that pawns are not living things that impurities can just enter and affect it.

Gao Lan Mei nodded before speaking, "Good thing I am done with the defense of this place." She does not know how long exactly will it take for black smoke to touch her defense walls.

All Gao Lan Mei can do now is wait and hope that when that time happens, everything is ready above.

She also finds it strange that the YinYings are not doing anything. In all honesty is highly possible for them to be planning an attack soon and Gao Lan Mei wants her defense walls finished before that happens.

"Yes. You did a good job." Wei Jiayi stated, patting her head. "You need to rest for a while..."

"Can't. Would any of you like to take a stone?" Gao Lan Mei asked both Wei Jiayi and Zhao Liwei if they are willing to share a part of their soul.

No need to ask again as Wei Jiayi grabbed two stones from Gao Lan Mei and threw one to Zhao Liwei.

Zhao Liwei looked at the stone closely before placing it inside his storage ring. "I will think about it." He stated with indifference, refusing the glare that Wei Jiayi is giving him at that moment.

"Suit yourself." Gao Lan Mei waved her hand slightly to let Zhao Liwei do what he pleases.

Anyway, Zhao Liwei is not even a being of any planet in their universe so he is not really obligated to help. In fact, since Wei Jiayi is a sentinel, they are even responsible for his safety.

"Interesting." Wei Jiayi commented when he touched the stone as he immediately felt something familiar from it. "This feels like the cleansing fire..." He murmured to himself.

"Yes. The spells are charcoals from the cleansing fire. Since impurities is a big thing now, why not borrow a part of that fire to be useful." Gao Lan Mei shrugged her shoulders sitting on the ground then crossing her legs on a lotus position and closed her eyes as she tries to feel the stones that are supposed to help her with spiritual energy.

"Mei Mei, did you summon the cleansing fire from the Heavenly Domain?" Wei Jiayi asked in confusion and with worry. "Are you alright?" The cleansing fire cannot be summoned by anyone and then there is a special way of using it.

"Is this the reason why you are asking the others to share a part of their soul? As a deposit? What if there will be conflicts with the rules?" Wei Jiayi continued to ask Gao Lan Mei, then he grabbed her arms that caused her to winced suddenly.