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361 I will kill her myself!

"Tsk. Do you think I will just believe you?" Gao Lan Mei said, before standing up to face them. The after walking towards the tunnel where they are at and finally confirm who is her visitors, she was surprised.

The men in front of her which are on the other side of her defense walls are both covered with dirt. Both looked like they dipped into quicksand on its mud form, and was able to survive it.

Gao Lan Mei cannot even determine what is the color of their robes, due to the mud that is all over them. They also have tattered clothes, making them look like unrecognizable beggars dipped into the dirt.

Gao Lan Mei cannot help but stare at the man that have silver and yellow eyes. Those eyes she cannot deny that he is really Wei Jiayi.

At first, she does not know what to say to his current appearance. Gao Lan Mei never expected for Wei Jiayi to just arrive at the Shizi Empire so soon.

"Hahaha!" Gao Lan Mei was not able to hold back her loud laughter as 'Merchant Lan', which made Wei Jiayi very pissed off. That also goes with Zhao Liwei.

Wei Jiayi heard the laughter, and he felt that they are both being mocked. "Shut up! What are you laughing at?!" He asked curiously. Not only he cannot see the man, now he is already being laughed at.

"My apologies." Gao Lan Mei stated as her eyes brightened with happiness and mischief.

The urgency regarding the situation above the Shizi Empire is temporarily placed at the back of her head as she felt delighted for Wei Jiayi's arrival.

"This wife of yours, what does she look like?" Gao Lan Mei asked in mischief.

"As I told you, she is very beautiful!" We Jiayi replied in annoyance. His face contorted as he tries to remember where he heard that voice before.

Since the man's voice is now closer, like he is on the other side of the wall, Wei Jiayi finds it very familiar. His heart is beating so fast as well. 'Is he with Gao Lan Mei?' He asked himself.

"Have you seen her? Where is she?!" He asked again furiously, looking closely to the suppose transparent wall, but seems to be just deceiving them.

Wei Jiayi already knows that if this defense is made by Gao Lan Mei, it is highly possible based on her personality, to gain benefits while still hiding.

Just like now, this magical defense wall in front of him can absorb spiritual energy from anyone who touches it to surely sustains itself.

Then there is a high possibility that it can also hide what is really on its other side.

"I know where she is, yes. Well with how you both look now, I do not think she will be happy to see you." She teased lightly.

"Look now?" Wei Jiayi asked, then looked at himself and suddenly winced with because of his unpresentable appearance.

He then immediately cleaned himself with magic and removed his clothes to be replaced by a new clean one.

Clearing her throat, "Hey, why are you doing that here?" She said slightly uncomfortable while looking at Wei Jiayi's defined muscles. Then felt immediate disappointed when he is fully clothed.

"What's with you? Have you not seen your own body?" Wei Jiayi thought with a frown, dismissing the notion and getting back to what is more important immediately.

"Now let me in!" He then demanded with authority.

"I will let you in if you swear to take my daughter as your concubine!" Gao Lan Mei suddenly thought. The idea suddenly burst inside her head, and she already blurted that out before realizing.

'Why do I always test him this way?' Gao Lan Mei asked herself but refrained from getting back what she already said.

Wei Jiayi: "What?! Then let me see your daughter! I will kill her myself!"