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349 Cleansing fire

"That is wonderful news!" Lou Ren exclaimed with relief. For him as long as the citizens are safe, they do not have anything else to worry about.

Lou Ren finally has some peace of mind. The situation after the death of much earlier created chaos, giving fear to everyone.

Even Lou Ren himself felt hopeless as he is aware of the great difference in preparation in the Immortal Domain for impurities compared to the Mortal Domain.

Ma Fei told further, "Miss Sung will also be arriving soon, make sure to follow her instruction. After the citizens are safe, we do not know how long we can further keep the barrier. If it crumbles, then we need to fight."

"So be prepare yourselves. Make sure everyone is ready." Ma Fei Hong concluded before ending her conversation to Lou Ren.

"Deacon Ma, can you do me a favor?" Gao Lan Mei eventually asked, but she did not turn her face to look at the deacon.

All her concentration is on the fire, now on a bright blue color blazing high that almost reached to the ceiling of the chamber.

She has the urge to cover her eyes but endured as Gao Lan Mei is even looking straight to the bright fire. She stepped closer to it and found out that it is not hot at all.

The smoke coming out from it as well does not hurt her eyes so she was able to see it slowly spread the whole place, even on the other chambers.

"This is?" Ma Fei Hong asked in bewilderment.

"A cleansing fire..." Gao Lan Mei mumbled softly. "Can you place your hand through it?"

Beads of sweat forms on her forehead that eventually run down on her face showing her difficulty on keeping her focus on the spiritual energy that she is using at that moment.

The spiritual energy to summon this fire is too much for her but it is worth the gamble, just like what she did from her previous life. So far, she has not lost yet and that is the reason why she wants to give this a try.

Seeing Gao Lan Mei difficulty, Ma Fei Hong wants to share her own spiritual energy to help Gao Lan Mei, but that is not her task as she walks toward the bright blue fire.

Ma Fei Hong recognized the importance of her task despite confusion written all over her face.

The closer she is to the bright blue fire, dark smoke is getting out of her skin that is being absorbed by the fire.

Ma Fei Hong is fascinated with what she is seeing, thus she lifted her hand to reach through the blue fire.

When her hand is already through it, Ma Fei Hong is prepared for the pain as she watches her hand be burned, but that did not happen.

In fact, she feels warmth all over, like all her worries are washed away. Ma Fei Hong at that moment feeling serene, for an unknown reason. The feelings are so good and she loves it!

"What is this?" She asked with a bright smile on her face. "Is this suppose to not be painful?" Ma Fei Hong questioned further as she looked at Gao Lan Mei that is still on a lotus position.

"Ah!" She shouted, feeling the sudden pain on her hand.

Ma Fei Hong immediately, removed her hand that is in the fire, expecting for burned marks but she found none. "What is going on?" She asked with a frown.

"Whoosh!" The gust of wind after the fire disappeared. Ma Fei Hong is not even able to get the answer before fire vanished and it only left a pile of burnt wood that is clearly condensed with spiritual energy.

"It is a cleansing fire. Just life purification, sadly we cannot use it to remove the impurities in everyone. We can use that though." Gao Lan Mei explained with a hint of disappointment pointing at the burnt wood.