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"Huh?! Really?!" Wei Jiayi exclaimed, "Are... You know... going to finish what we had started before I left?" He asked sounding so hopeful, not even caring how the other beings her are thinking at that moment.

"Probably." Gao Lan Mei stated indifferently."That's for you to find out. Just make sure the room has a barrier so no one else will hear." she added, imagining Wei Jiayi's expression. 'It is really fun to rile up this perverted dragon.'

"Cough! Cough!" Gao Qi forced a cough while his face is already black from annoyance. He then gave Gao Lan Mei a glare like saying, 'Stop! You are not even married yet!', but was just ignored.

"Yes! Yes! I will! I will talk to you later!" Wei Jiayi bid his farewell so that Gao Lan Mei cannot change her mind anymore. He did not even care to remind her about his punishment.

Wei Jiayi just wants to quickly to take care of his current responsibilities so he can go be soon!

Gao Lan Mei does not need to worry about Wei Jiayi having other staff to do or whatever he wants to do. Her mark will make sure to keep other women away.

She is now considering if it is best to add some extra to the ritual like for instance, if a woman touched Wei Jiayi just a little bit, the woman will be zapped.

'Ah zapping is too petty, how about something more severe?' Gao Lan Mei though seriously.


In the Immortal Domain

"When do you plan to go back?" Wei Jiayi asked impatiently to Zhao Liwei leaning at the edge of the Flying Voltar's window.

The man is in all white, some strands of his hair covers his face, but he does not seem to now mind, even though is blocking his view.

Zhao Liwei seems to be on his own world not caring for anything else as he looks down to the view and creatures below the [1}flying Voltar.

"When I feel like going back." Zhao Liwei stated indifferently. "So uncivilized," he added, after moving away from the window and sat to the nearest chair to drink tea.

With a raised brow, "Your Highness, since this world is too uncivilized for you, why not try the other instead. There is a lot to chose from in this universe?" Wei Jiayi stated sarcastically.

Wei Jiayi does not have time to babysit, and he much prefers to go back to Shizi Empire to get his wife's promise of happiness!

"An honor I would like to bestow." Zhao Liwei said as he drunk his tea. "You act differently. Were you speaking to your wife?" He asked suddenly. "Mate?"

"Yes." Wei Jiayi uttered as he smiled brightly, before glaring at Zhao Liwei. In all honesty, Zhao Liwei can just go around alone as the man can take care of his self. However, for some reason, he was summoned.

Zhao Liwei nodded, "Congratulations." he said without emotion. "Cherish her," he added, whispering under his breath.

"Definitely. I will die before anyone tried to touch her." Wei Jiayi stated with a frown.

This is not the first time he was able to escort Zhao Liwei but until now he is not sure why the man is even visiting their Universe. Zhao Liwei snide comment sometimes already proves that he is not so fond of their world.

However, if Zhao Liwei visit, they are always like this, going around riding a Flying Voltar with no specific direction before the man eventually decides to go back.

"What are you looking for? I will do my best to help you." Wei Jiayi offered. The sooner Zhao Liwei finds what he is looking for the better.

Zhao Liwei quickly glances to Wei Jiayi coldly, before speaking. "That is none of your business."

"Fine. If we are just going around like before, let's visit the Mortal Domain for a change." Wei Jiayi compromised. It is not good to annoy a delegate, who knows if they decide to act war against them.

"Hmm..." Zhao Liwei nodded in agreement to Wei Jiayi's delight.