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315 I cannot go inside your clothes

"Mei Mei why did you choose to awaken the raven instead of the white snake I gave you?" Wei Jiayi's voice is suddenly heard from the raven that is currently standing on her shoulder.

"I cannot go inside your clothes if you keep using the raven." Wei Jiayi added sounding disappointed. Yes, he needs to get a hold of his pawn before seeing what images were recorded from it, but it is still something he wants to take advantage of, over and over again.

He prefers talking about that then, thinking of other men who want to marry his wife. If Gao Lan Mei did not do something about Chen Yun Ming, he will personally skin that man alive.

Yes, he was already listening to everything but endured not speaking up. He was even able to take note of the beings that looked down at Gao Lan Mei, planning to do something against them later on.

However, Gao Lan Mei already took care of it and he is happy that he was still involved somehow to her achievements. That old farts can just talk to him regarding a poison that he does not even know where it came from. It should be fun to make fun of them.

'Oh! I can still do that when I got back.' Wei Jiayi seriously thought to himself forgetting that the way he can speak with Gao Lan Mei using his pawn raven is by the same thing. Through consciousness.

"You can still do what?" Gao Lan Mei repeated what he said, face turned black, as she grabbed the raven's neck, squeezing it tightly.

"Is that really the first thing that you are going to say to me?" she said coldly as she continued to tighten her grip, intending to break the raven's neck.

"Mei Mei, stop. The raven will not die but my head will hurt." Wei Jiayi said, feeling the slow prickling pain slowly spreading from the back of his head. It is not painful enough but still annoying.

"I have not seen you for a while but you are already doing this to me? I know you miss me, just admit it." Wei Jiayi said, softly, not even caring if Gao Lan Mei is alone or not. He does not even have a way to verify anyway.

'Cough! Cough! Dog food! I do not want to eat dog food!' Lou Ren thought as he moved away from Gao Lan Mei.

Seeing Lou Ren's action, the others also realize that is not right to pry on Gao Lan Mei and Wei Jiayi's conversation so they just kept their distance and headed first to the Gao Manor.

Gao Lan Mei did not answer, she just stopped struggling the rave and just immediately rode Kai Kai towards the Gao Manor following behind.

Her face is red with embarrassment, "Why would you talk about that? Now of all time? What are you trying to do?" Gao Lan Mei asked in annoyance,

"Hmm, I actually want to do that, but since it is impossible, I just want to imagine." Wei Jiayi spoke softly. He is currently on the Immortal Domain, so far away from Gao Lan Mei as he escorts a very annoying man. Why escort a very strong being because of safety? He can actually take care of himself!

Gao Lan Mei's face heat up, "Stop saying that!" Even though Wei Jiayi spoke softly through the raven, she is sure that the experts can here, as proof Deacon Ma who joined them did not even hide her laughter.

"Mei Mei, you are my only wife, no need to involve anyone else." Wei Jiayi stated with a smirk, "But I am happy. So happy..." he added truthfully. "Congratulations on your win as well. I am proud of you."

"You are?" Gao Lan Mei asked, "I can make you happier when you got back..." she said as she bowed her head trying to hide her bright smile.