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271 Continue biting

Wei Jiayi is speechless. He is not sure how to respond to her. It even took a while for him to really understand what she means.

He looks at her with knitted brows, showing his confusion at first then he suddenly smiled so wide, eyes glimmering with happiness.

She is right. the pain is a proof that everything is real. Not like the time in the Eye of Meng where he forcefully trespassed her dream.

It is also different from the time he only talks to a crow to hear her voice. It is completely different now.

Though it is funny, especially for him who always wants to see her make sure of that to not think about it until now.

"Hahaha!" His silly expression caused Gao Lan Mei laughed so hard and boldly, that probably all the beings on the courtyard can already hear.

He likes hearing her laugh, but Wei Jiayi prefers sealing her shut with a long breathtaking kiss. Gao Lan Mei surrendered and did not fought for control, allowing him the leeway he requested, but gently pushing him away after she felt one of his hand inside her robes.

"Hey. You are supposed to behave." Gao Lan Mei smirked, through heavy breathing, trying to still catch some air.

Groaning in frustration, for being reminded of his limit, "Yes. I should." Wei Jiayi agreed as he tries to subdue his raging want, though it is hard as Gao Lan Mei is still close to him.

"You can continue biting if you want." He encouraged, with a goofy smile on his face. He is even considering in the future to bite himself if needed to remind himself that since this is not a dream anymore, he needs to act better to make his wife happy.

"Mei Mei, do you plan to shorten my torture?" Wei Jiayi asked hopefully.

Gao Lan Mei tilted her head, "I am still thinking about it." She said moving away from him to lay on the bed, then covered herself with a blanket. "I am tired. Let's sleep." She said softly.

It was a long tiring day and if possible she wants to sleep for a long time. If someone will disturb her sleep she will make sure to zap that being, until he begs for mercy.

"Can I hold you while we sleep?" Wei Jiayi asked boldly.

Gao Lan Mei looked at him flatly as she nodded, "No funny business." Then she said as she opened the blanket to allow him to get in, before turning around, her back facing him.

Though Gao Lan Mei is more comfortable to their current set up, she still has some worries in her heart. She still hopes to not be alone anymore.

The first step is not lying to makes things work for them. She may need Wei Jiayi's help in the future. Anyway, his connections and resources are something she can take advantage of.

She can always acquire such things in the future, but it will take a lot of time, which is her biggest enemy right now.

With the Keepers being sought after, either it is a negative or positive reason, she does not have time anymore to dilly dally.

Probably in the future, she will tell Wei Jiayi about her previous life. Hopefully, at that time, she is already completely free.

Wei Jiayi grinned as he laid beside her immediately reaching for her to hold on an embrace. "Promise. No funny business. No lies anymore." He uttered seriously, as it is the best way the things are turning out.

"Your too warm." Gao Lan Mei commented softly after closing her eyes, as she gets comfortable. Then she heard him suddenly groaning as if on pain.