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245 Branded as criminals

After the strand is hard enough, she placed the end of it inside the small black snake mouth.
"Cousin, since this is a test, please do not forget to tell us what you feel after. Understood?" Gao Lan Mei asked like she is not speaking to someone who cannot respond to her and she is not in the process of using the snake poison on Li Shao.

Since Li Shao cannot do anything, he can just Gao Lan Mei terrified while trying to guess what the effects of the poison are and where she plans to pierce it.

Gao Lan Mei moved behind Li Shao, then carefully inserted the strand of hair at the back of his head.

After she is done, Li Shao eyes turned dead staring blankly without blinking. His dazed expression made Li Mao anxious.

"Mei'er what happened?" Li Mao asked Gao Lan Mei concerned.

She does not want any harm to Li Shao. Her cousin may be wayward in nature, but he is very protective of any family, even distant relatives. What more when someone hurt his son?

"He is all good mother." Gao Lan Mei stated after she pushed back her hair that is covering a part of her face. "Right Li Shao? Say yes if you agree," she stated.

"Yes." Li Shao responded deadpanned.

Lou Ren raised a brow, suddenly remembering how the servants looked at the Second Prince manor, especially on Concubine Li's courtyard.

Just like Li Shao now, they are also all dazed which he initially thought as an effect of curse madness.

With a smirk, "Wow! That is convenient Wangfei!" Xi Ma exclaimed, finding delight on the situation as it will make things easier for them.

Nodding her head, "Yes. Li Shao what are you hiding from us earlier?" she started, voice calm and encouraging like speaking to a child.

"Father is a wanted fugitive." Li Shao answered. Right now, he does not have any idea what is going.

Inside his head is like a different world currently, a state of illusion. If it will be a good or a bad one, Gao Lan Mei does not care.

She already tampered his consciousness so his will to refuse will be completely removed from him.

As long as the magical strand of hair is inside his head, blocking a specific part of his brain, Li Shao will be a puppet that will follow Gao Lan Mei's orders.

"That is impossible!" Li Mao exclaimed. Li Guang is respected because he is strong enough to stand up to anyone. He also has a special role in their race, so no one could just brand him as a criminal.

"How did it happen?" Gao Lan Mei asked instead, already realizing a gist of what is going. Betrayal.

Li Shao answered monotonously, "He was accused of trying to hurt the Divine Shen Yu Priest. He was caught barging in the Divine Temple with his treasured Fangyu weapon." He explained.

"Tell us all you know." Gao Lan Mei ordered when Li Shao stopped talking.

"Witnesses stated that he was caught trying to hurt the Divine Shen Yun Priest with a murderous intent as well. The keepers with him testified thus he was branded as a wanted criminal and must be killed on site." Li Shao uttered.

Li Mao felt her head is spinning, so she leaned towards the wall for support. Gao Lan Mei noticed this, so she immediately moved closer to Li Mao to check on her.

"I am alright." Li Mao said tiredly, "What is going on? Cousin Guang will no show his Fangyu weapon to anyone. He knows it is dangerous!" she said her hand touching her chest, trying to feel the familiar cold steel under her robes.

"What about the others? Are they branded as criminals as well?" Li Mao asked feeling dread. Something is going on. Something evil!