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Gao Lan Mei raised a brow when she saw their silly expression. "Anyone who wants to help?" she asked.

She poured water to a big pot and then placed the pot on top of the stove. The wood under the stove is burning using magic.

Gao Lan Mei considered making food using magic in the future. She does not have any idea what are the uses of all the cooking tools in the kitchen.

The book that she had read before did not mention anything specific. Some of the things, she just has seen for the first time.

From her previous life, food is the only thing that she does not lack. The place that she was confined is magical, though she cannot leave from there before, she does not lack the basic things. Probably a fair treatment for a prisoner.

"I can help." Xi Jun volunteered. He really intends to test Gao Lan Mei's capabilities even in the kitchen.

Gao Lan Mei nodded while looking around the kitchen. Xi Jun watched while she grabbed different types of vegetables then a big chunk of meat.

To their horror, Gao Lan Mei dropped the vegetables inside the pot without even cleaning, peeling or cutting anything.

She then pulled out a small ritual knife, "You, catch them all." Gao Lan Mei commanded to Xi Jun.

"Huh?" Xi Jun asked, unsure what she means until Gao Lan Mei tossed the chunk of meat high in the air and started using her ritual knife to cut it to small tiny pieces.

Xi Jun, even though not sure what Gao Lan Mei is planning to do, he still catches the tiny cube size pieces of meat using his bare hands. They are too many for him, so he grabbed smaller pot used it instead.

He is not yet done catching everything when Gao Lan Mei tossed another large chunk of meat in the air and started cutting them to pieces one more time.

"Watch out!" Gao Lan Mei called out, when he was distracted while catching the small pieces of meat in the air, and failed to notice that he already near her, and her knife almost slicing his nose if he was not able to dodge.

Xi Jun have a gut feeling that Gao Lan Mei is making fun of him. The slices of meat are getting smaller and harder to catch.

For some reason as well even though the meat was tossed on top of her head after she sliced them in the air to smaller pieces, they will end up falling all over the place!

Xi Jun needs to jump around everywhere to catch them, so they won't fall on the ground!

If he was not the one getting aggravated with this strange cutting and cooking technique, he might have praised Gao Lan Mei with her superb cutting in the air using a small knife.

When he was done, the pot that he was holding was full of meat. Mostly cut in cubes, there are some that were cut like moon and stars.

Xi Jun handed the pot over to Gao Lan Mei with a glare, "That was a very nice way of cutting." he said laced with sarcasm.

"Thanks." Gao Lan Mei beamed at him, probably ignoring his unhappy tone or she did not notice it at all due to her focus on the task at hand.

She then proceeds on dumping all the meat on the boiling pot.

"Hey! Why did you not clean them?!" Xi Jun exclaiming with annoyance.

With a snort, "Who told you I did not clean them?" she asked, "I have my own way of cleaning things." Gao Lan Mei said with confidence as she can use simple magic for cleaning different kinds of stuff.

Lou Ren decided to but in, "Wangfei, what are you trying to cook?" he curiously asked.

Gao Lan Mei just shrugged her shoulder, "Hmm, hot pot?" she asked questioningly. Using all the condiments around, she started to add taste to her unique recipe.