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(Warning: Explicit and offending content ahead)

Wei Jiayi is not sure if he is dreaming, maybe hallucinating or the real Gao Lan Mei is really in front of him. If he is dreaming he does not want to wake up.

He would have never thought that he can see Gao Lan Mei ever like this. Touching her self that he was supposed to do!

Gao Lan Mei's eyes closed concentrating on how to make herself better, the burning is intensifying every minute, but it's not something she cannot endure.

This is nothing compared to what she needs to withstand when she just got this body. The pain that she experienced that time is not even close to burning feeling from the love toxin.

Her fingers trying to imitate how he does it to her before, wiggling her fingers back and forth but it's not helping, and not able to experience the mind-blowing pleasure that he gave to her earlier.

She decided to stop and beg him to just get acupuncture needles for her to remove the love toxin.

Feeling his presence nearer, she opened her eyes about to tell him that she can remove the toxin.

However, the way Wei Jiayi looked made her speechless. He is silently looking at her, breathing hard from his nose, flaring.

The predatory gaze he is giving her, staring at her hungrily with mismatched eyes of silver and yellow, "I told you to cooperate." He uttered lowly under his breath.

Voice different and hoarse but laced with accusing, sounding mad even.

She can also see that his teeth are sharper than normal, his jaw have black and gold scales appearing like he is shifting halfway, clearly unhappy.

Gao Lan Mei is wondering if he can change to a full dragon. Did he figure out that she is intentionally making his life hard? Probably she went overboard?

He slowly walked towards her, stalking, like she is a prey ready to be devoured, with no escape.

The way his eyes shifted, slits and change color when the light from the window hits him, really gives the dangerous feeling, making Gao Lan Mei gulped nervously.

Gao Lan Mei did not know what came over her, because before he was able to get in front of her, she already left the bed and moved away.

Her instinct from some reason is telling her that she had over done her teasing causing him to finally snap.

His head just tilted at her, then he smiled menacingly, "Heh, I like the chase." Wei Jiayi said strangely like he is not himself, eyeing her like he is laughing for her attempt to even try running.

"Wei Jiayi…" she said breathlessly, backing away from him, figuring out how to get out of the door, that is behind him.

Whatever is going to Wei Jiayi she does not want to like it. However, she really does get excited deep down when he all go beastly at her, just not a good time.

She is excited by the beast in him, and really trying her hard to hide it because one, she is not allowed to dual cultivate with Wei Jiayi.

Though she is teasing him earlier because she is upset with him, she knows her limit, not expecting though that he will go half dragon on her!

Second, despite the heat she feels, she wants to know first what is going on. She never heard a beast that has two personalities.

Well, Wei Jiayi is the first dragon that she ever met. Dragons are proud creatures that stay in the Heavenly Domain, the higher skies where they suppose to belong.

By remembering the facts about dragons from the books that she read before, it makes her wonder why Wei Jiayi is in the Mortal Domain.