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"Hmm... So many strong beings..." Gao Lan Mei suddenly commented looking around, her smile so mischievous that makes Wei Jaiyi annoyed, even though her last focus is him.

"Well, aren't you the strongest here?" referring to Wei Jiayi, with a smirk.

Everyone who understands what's going on can clearly tell that Gao Lan Mei is now different. Her gaze is not dazed anymore like she woke up from a dream and now completely awake.

Her presence alone smells death, the atmosphere around her makes everyone feel that it is very dangerous to even approach at that moment.

Add to the way she looks to everyone that is like they are her toys and she is looking forward to being entertained.

The trees and plants around her already dried up because of the invisible current around her that consumes and gather spiritual energy without touching.

However, the more spiritual energy she consumes, the more impurities will go into her system clouding her physically and mentally until she became just a shell of energy.

She looked at him with a raised brow, but alert, watching out for a sudden move, just like she is aware that he up to something.

Then frowning, "What are you still waiting for?!" Wei Jiayi exclaimed to Xi Ma who is staring at Gao Lan Mei stupidly, like hypnotized.

Xi Ma was startled and got back to his senses, shaking his head to trying to remove the complete bewilderment.

He does not like Gao Lan Mei romantically, but for some reason whenever he looks at her, its like he is being hypnotized.

He immediately created multiple pawns in a form of small white rabbits, having them quickly move to the unknown destination.

Xi Ma's back sweats heavily. Is the time enough for them to be able to set up the Purification Pentagram before Gao Lan Mei is completely consumed by the impurities?

They never dealt with purification that was from the external force. Most of the time, its because of forbidden magic or curses.

A cultivation method that results to the user's going on a rampage, it's the first he has heard about it.

"Oy! Wei Jiayi! Why are you still standing there! What's the use of you being a chief sentinel if you cannot summon even those we need immediately?" Gao Tsu exclaimed impatiently.

Gao Tsu knows that keepers are in hiding and their count is very little, but they will never turn their backs to their benefactor, especially a sentinel like Wei Jiayi who have taken some under his wing as a subordinate.

"Heh, Chief Sentinel? You have some secrets there, husband." Gao Lan Mei said casually with a mock smile despite not really knowing or caring what Wei Jiayi do with that authority.

She is still feeling high and embracing the spiritual energies that freely feeds her. Sentinel, it sounds so familiar.

Where has she heard that before? However, it does not matter, she just hungry and wants more spiritual energy!

In better circumstances, Wei Jiayi will be ecstatic after Gao Lan Mei acknowledge him as a husband, but that is not the case this time.

"Shut up Gao Tsu!" Wei Jiayi seethed, "You are not helping!" Adding, his voice laced with annoyance.

He needs to distract Gao Lan Mei to not attack anyone else. She should not consume more spiritual energy.

How? She does not need to touch anything to devour the life and spiritual energy around her.

"Mei Mei..." Wei Jiayi walked slowly towards Gao Lan Mei who just looked at him curiously, tilting her head, a smile on her face like she is thoroughly entertained, looking forward to what he is going to do.