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189 As long I do not kill her

Gao Lan Mei ignored the new arrival and continued to face her back to them just focusing on the annoying woman wearing her long red dress.

Hers because it looks exactly the same as what she has from her previous life.

Ming Ya immediately asked for help, "Young Master Xi… Help me…" her voice is so soft she cannot even barely hear herself due to the dread she is feeling.

Gao Lan Mei smiled wickedly, then grabbing Ming Ya's neck with both hands, lifting the woman up, chocking very badly, "You are really noisy. Let see if they can help you faster than I kill you." Gao Lan Mei said, senses alert.

Though the presence of the new arrivals aside from Xi Ma is familiar, but she does not care. Her only focus is to make the owner of the dainty neck she is holding to suffer.

She can already feel the spiritual energy flowing from Ming Ya to her, making her feel light-headed, almost delirious with a strength that she that is running to her veins.

Xi Ma is surprised with what's going on. The woman wearing the red dress is clearly the Ming family young miss. The other one, wearing white male robes, long hair flowing with the wind, but with the outline clearly shows a woman, but he is not sure who is it.

Ming Ya is lifted high enough for everyone to see her face with despair, her eyes looking at everyone, especially to him asking, begging for help.

Averting his eyes, and looked at the man who died with his head, smashed like a pumpkin. The other man next to the two women moved back slowly but did not run.

Just the paled face indicates that he is too scared to make a wrong mistake while looking at the woman wearing white male robes.

The female shadow guards are also not far, anxiously looking but not moving. The presence is just familiar, but he is not sure where he had seen it.

"Miss, the Ming family is a strong family that you cannot really offend. The Wei Palace will not take sides." Xi Ma said indifferently, both hands at his back, speaking like it's not a big deal.

For Xi Ma, it is just a reminder, that if Ming Ya died it is the killer's only responsibility. He is more concerned why a distress signal was sent.

"Young Master Xi, as long I do not kill her it fine right?" Gao Lan Mei asked indifferently, despite wanting to smell Ming Ya's blood.

Since she did not hear any answer, Gao Lan Mei continued to touch Ming Ya. To everyone's surprise, the originally young woman, turn older by the minute.

Ming Ya's face started to get thinner with her arms that are holding Gao Lan Mei's wrists helplessly trying to free herself. So thin that the red dress she is wearing became too big for her, that it almost falls off of her body.

Old wringkled marks started showing up on her face, neck and the rest of her body. The long black hair started turning white.

Every physical change with Ming Ya was seen by everyone, and no one can stop it as too afraid that it will happen to them as well.

No one can describe the terror Ming Ya is experiencing. She can feel herself changing, her hands touching Gao Lan Mei wrists started to became so thin, the skin almost sticks to her bones.

Tears falling for her eyes, that is helplessly looking for anyone to rescue to somehow save her. Her despair increase when she saw them moving away with fear.

When Gao Lan Mei had enough, she abruptly released Ming Ya's neck, then facing Xi Ma, "See, she is not dead yet."