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165 Being merchan

Seeing that Gao Tsu is not going to be swayed with words, Yin Fu pulled out two swords from his storage ring.

He does not plan to kill anyone today and he will keep it that way, so he just plans to defend against an old man that does not want to listen.

Yin Bai was pushed further back to stay away from the impending fight.

"Yin Fu! I will avenge my family now! If I failed to do so now, I will not have the right to face my wife on the afterlife!" Gao Tsu said with conviction.

He then added sadly, "I already told you before, that your chosen means of living will eventually kill you." he raised his sword to attack using the magical sword's Ki. "Why did you choose to be an assassin instead of being merchant? Your fermented wine will sell a lot!" Gao Tsu asked then to swing his heavy sword to Yin Fu.

The rest moved back as well not wanting to be meddle with the two old man's fight. Despite already doing so, everyone can feel the rigid intensity of spiritual energy in the air.

"Merchant?!Hahaha!" Yin Fu laughed, sarcastically responded. "How can you even think I will consider that?!" As per him, his pride as a fighter will always prevail regardless if he is exiled or not!

Despite Yin Fu thinking this, he will never expect in the future that he will enjoy the benefits of being a merchant that he will prefer the profession until his last breath.

Then adding, "Tsk. Gao Tsu, if you would just give me time to explain, you will understand that no one is hurt!" Yin Fu said, defending himself from Gao Tsu's rage.

He cannot blame the old man. If this happened to his family, he will surely do the same. Sadly, he is the receiver of the said rage, and as much as he wants to hurt Gao Tsu, he should not!

Gao Tsu then raised his sword again, aiming at Yin Fu, when another sword blocks his suppose attack. "Gao Shen! How dare you defend an enemy!" He looked at his son with a black face. "Get out of my way!" he exclaimed seethed.

Despite being a very talented cultivator, it is still very dangerous for Gao Shen to meddle with their fight. What if he really intends to kill in the beginning?

"Father! Stop! Gao Lan Mei is fine. The Liqi Clan is already compensating Gao Lan Mei. This is her wishes!" Gao Shen said his piece so quickly, sword raised still sideways, his father's sword heavily pushing him down.

Despite the cultivation restriction talisman, the fighting experience of higher degree cultivators is still noticeable.

By just placing himself under his father's attack's strike once, he can already feel his sweat running down his face.

There is no way for Gao Shen can continue blocking his father's attack if the old man will still not listen.

Being still on fight mode, it took a while for Gao Tsu to register what Gao Shen said, "What do you mean compensating?" he asked, pulling his sword, then sticking it to the ground with a scowl.

After Gao Tsu asked, Yin Fu then threw a storage space ring to Gao Tsu, "That's another batch that we are giving due to what happened." He said more relaxed.

Using his spiritual energy, Gao Tsu tried to visualize what's in the storage ring. He was able to see medical herbs, magical weapons, gold, silvers and more.

"Tsk. Do you think you can use these material things for us to just forget what happened?" he asked mockingly, still Gao Tsu threw over the storage ring to Gao Qi for safe keep. He does not want Yin Fu to change his mind.