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164 From a lineage of a bipolar exper

Yin Fu gave a not to Gao Tsu, the place both his hands behind him. "I am here to negotiate," he said seriously and truthfully.

There is really no benefit sugar coating things to the Old Gao Master. It's best to be truthful from the start.

The Gao Old man is a big muscular man. Though on his old age, the man still looks strong and healthy enough to be in parr to anyone.

Gao Tsu stood up and slowly walked to Yin Fu while rubbing his chin, "That does not make sense. Your clan does not initiate negotiations. Beings go to you to negotiate not the other way around." he said seriously.

"That is the case, most of the time but mistakes are done." Yin Fu said firmly, stance alert in case Gao Tsu overreacted just like Gao Shen.

Keeping his temper on a check, "The mistake that you are saying… Is that what I think it is when your clan is involved? And if I understand correctly my family is also affected too?" Gao Tsu uttered with a growl, both hands clenching, "You clan have tried to kill one of my family members?" asking threat clearly lace from his voice.

Yin Fu nodded reluctantly with a grimace. After seeing that Yin Fu confirmed, his immediately released spiritual energy being focusing on Yin Fu.

"Old Man Tsu!" Yin Fu exclaimed, guard up defending from the spiritual pressure the Gao old man send him.

Though he knows that Gao Tsu's reaction is normal, he was still startled with the old man's irrationality.

Since he did not beat around the bush and truthfully confirmed what happened, he is hoping Gao Tsu would let him talk first at least. "I am here for a peaceful talk!" he added.

Irrationality probably really runs in the Gao family with father and son both hard to talk to without the other party getting minor scratch or injury.

They would only feel a little better if someone is already hurt, and when they are done venting, its as if nothing happened in the first place.

Its funny sometimes that its very easy for the Gao family members to change their mood.

That also goes for Gao Lan Mei. Her personality seems to be so conflicted sometimes that you would consider walking on a thin ice is more manageable than dealing with her.

The young woman is born a natural trickster as well.

Just by interacting with her for a short period of time, he can already say that she gets a sick thrill for making your life a bloody game if you get on her bad side and you might not even know that you are already her personal entertainment until your last breath.

Just imagine her smiling at you kindly one minute, then the next, if you step on her bottom line, she is already watching you make a fool of yourself.

If you ever want to take revenge with your sudden misfortune, you won't even be able to do so as the only thing that you can do is to watch out your back from a unknown enemy.

Is the family from a lineage of a bipolar expert? Heh. For Yin Fu, that's a high possibility.

"Father! Calm down!" Gao Shen exclaimed, "Brother! Stop father!" asking help to Gao Qi, who have no idea what is going on.

Being upset to Gao Shen, "Shut up you spoiled brat! I will deal with you later!" then looking at Yin Fu, "How dare you to show up here!" Gao Tsu answered seething with anger.

Who in the Mortal Domain will use Liqi clan to touch his family? No one should dare!

Then realizing that someone is missing, "Where is my granddaughter?!" asking furiously to no one in particular. Just noticing that Gao Lan Mei has not shown up yet. "Gao Qi! Where is your daughter?!" he asked as well.

Before Gao Qi was even able to answer, Gao Tsu already pulled a magical sword from his storage ring.

The red magical sword is long enough to reach Gao Tsu's shoulder. "Did you hurt my granddaughter?!" he asked.