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Gao Lan Mei is supposed to protest or just jump off Kai Kai due to her annoyance. Before she has enough time to decide, Wei Jiayi already followed and rode the hound as well.

She is now seated between his legs, her back against his chest, being caged by both of his arms that is holding Kai Kai's rein. So close that she can feel every movement that he makes.

"Wei Jiayi, what are you doing?" She hissed under her breath, discretely scornfully glaring at the man despite their closeness.

She is having a hard time being threatening enough as her heart is beating so fast like it wants to jump out of her chest, add that to the fact that they are so close that if she faces him fully, it's very easy for him to lean down and give her a kiss in public.

'How do you calm down again? Right, imagine him with a head of a fish." the idea made her laugh softly.

"What's funny?" He asked, his face moved closer, her head turned enough so he is just facing the back of her head. Being on a male disguise her hair is pulled up in a pony, and her neck is exposed to him.

She shivered when she felt his breath so near to her neck, using her free had pushing back his face, "Wei Jiayi are you not ashamed? Two males so close! What will the other --you are not even listening are you?" Asking accusingly, trying to ignore their closeness.

Having enough, she popped him in the stomach intending to really hurt. Since unprepared the hit made him groan a little from the slight pain. "I am listening!" he exclaimed, finding her seriously pissed off.

Her elbow tried to hit again, but the impact was not strong enough as he moved a little backward to lessen the blow, "Tsk. Let me hit you one more time!" she said indignantly holding a part of the rein to steady herself.

Kai Kai already started moving to the exit, so she does not want to move suddenly that may cause her to fall. Who know if he decided to suddenly push her off the hound for just the fun of it.

She can see the guards watching them with caution. She then wondered how this still sane servants would react if they learned what happened to those still in Li Huan's courtyard.

Grumbling under his breath, "No more hitting... It's easier to go riding than walking, right? No need to hurt your husband..." Wei Jiayi said sulking, then he whispered, "I only have until tomorrow sunset, can you allow me some leeway?" He asked sounding pitiful.

Gao Lan Mei does not feel bad for hurting Wei Jaiyi but she will not apologize. His temper tantrums are really getting into her nerves. She also knows that he is just pretending, with his high cultivation degree, a hit or two will not damage much.

Wei Jiayi asked again, "I will bring you to somewhere good if you allow me the leeway." he offered, hoping that she will agree.

Continuing with assurance, "Do not worry I will not pass the boundary to the marriage bed." He said cheekily on a singsong way like it's the best idea ever.

"Sure. Since I will make sure you won't be able to use 'it' ever again in case you pass that limit." Gao Lan Mei responded on the same way too just to probably mock him.

Laughing nervously, Wei Jiayi can only agree. 'Wife, be careful on what you hit, you might jeopardize our future happiness.' His thoughts, smiling bitterly but did not say anything that may change her mind.