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Chen Yun Ming tries to listen intently, but remembering the way Li Huan described what she saw, he had some unwanted visual picture in his head that gives him goosebumps almost feeling that tiny creatures are crawling to his skin.

Not thinking too much by the way 'Merchant Lan's' eyes turned bright crimson from time to time while 'he' talks earlier.

The fellow is mysterious enough but their is no reason for the merchant to cause him any trouble. Aside from Gao Shen, Chen Yun Ming already removed the possibility of the rest causing his current predicament.

The hearing the one from the experts, which Gao Lan Mei heard the rest being called Liu Jang said, "Who has she offended? Its a curse for a reason. The more of the disgusting things she sees on a person the sooner that person dies. I don't know about you guys, but it creeps me out if someone pointed that I have a lot of those." then hugging himself and shakes his head like he does not want to even think about it.

Then another one nodded in agreement, Liu Feng said, "I do not like to imagine any of those crawling at me. She's basically a walking death clock that the death god may enjoy playing with."

Everyone is on agreement, while Chen Yun Ming wrack his brain for ideas how to get this experts help. With the way they are reacting now, that possibility is somewhat impossible.

Deciding to ask, "Honorable experts, can anyone preform this curse?" if they answered he hope that he can narrow down the beings the beings that he and Li Huan have affected. He is just also grateful that the curse did not fall on him.

"Anyone who have strong cultivation can preform it. Looking for the being would be hard since its an equal exchange. Its either the being is already dead or had sacrificed someone else. Are you willing to deal with that being? How gruesome is that?" why would someone preform that curse anyway.

Chen Yun Ming, slumped to the nearest chair, all his strength for the day already ceased and giving up on making the experts stay further, so when everyone left he just bid them farewell. He can only glare to Gao Shen's retreating back, though he does not have a proof her

Lou Ren did a quick glance to 'Merchant Lan', his doubt increasing every second analyzing the situation. Unable to continue being patient, "Brother Lan, I am sorry, but I feel you are greatly involved in this." saying accusingly while using sound friction to avoid anyone else to hear.

Gao Lan Mei's eyes brightened again, she is feeling good at that moment that she cannot help it as she enjoying the situation too much, "Are going to pay for that information Brother Lou?" saying playfully.

Her good mood increased with the way Gao Shen not hiding his current happiness with what happened to Li Huan. Her third uncle just cannot help himself and shut his mouth. They are still within the Second Prince manor.

"Hahaha! Sure! I would like to hear more!" hearing that 'Lan Gao' did not outrightly refused and would like to tell more for a payment, means that somehow confirms his suspicion.

Nodding with a smile, "I want a bar of gold. My rule is always payment first." stretching her hand to Lou Ren asking for payment.

Lou Ren laughed again, pulling out a gold bar from his space ring when, "Bang!" before he can hand over the bar, the gates that were broken because of Shen Gao's punch fall to the ground again.