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Now, what do they have ended up with? An unknown disaster because of unpreparedness that caught them of guard causing some clan members almost dying.

After this incident, he will make sure this will not happen again. Regardless of how powerful the family or clan is, they will not allow anyone to have any leverage on them. Business. They will implement pure business.

Shrugging her shoulders, "I have a proposition," she said indifferently. Then pulling out two small jade bottles from her sleeves that the difference by each is the color of the cover.

"Antidote," pointing at the jade bottle with the red cover. ¨Flesh Restoration Pill." Then gesturing on the one with the blue cover.

The fragrant smell from the bottles as well as the condense spiritual energy it emits is very much noticeable.

Yin Fu looked at Gao Lan Mei questioningly, his brows wrinkled, face fighting a twitch. Does she expect for him to just believe that the antidote will be given just like that?

How about the Flesh Restoration Pill? Any pill master that can refine one, is already scouted by the Immortal Domain. Especially with its function to restore missing flesh or any external body part.

With a scoff, ¨Are you fooling this old man?¨ Yin Fu said, tone threateningly, as he is very much displeased. 'Proposition' including the jade bottles are like flaunting her advantage to them.

Tilting her head, ¨What do you mean? Fool you?¨ she asked. ¨If I really want the Liqi clan to be my enemy, can you even imagine what I will do?¨ then paused to stare at them intently, ¨Rest assured I will exceed your wildest imagination just to make you feel regret for offending me.¨ tone indifferent like talking about the weather. She even said that while getting back to her plate of steamed prawns.

Despite this, Yin Bai is very much aware that she is capable even if she is lacking a lot now. He can only predict the greater heights that she can reach in the future.

Yin Fuś eyebrows come down in a knot, ¨What? So, you are a friend of the Liqi clan now?¨ Yin Fu is more than aware that it's more dangerous to deal with a tiger pretending to be a pig than a bear who is surrounded by honey.

After eating the last piece of asparagus on her plate, ¨Acquaintance. That's what we are.¨ she answered, then nodded like convincing them with the notion.

Gaining connections is better than gathering hostility everywhere. Gao Lan Mei is more used of not being bothered. She always wants a peaceful life while traveling the world.

She gestured for Yin Bai to get the jade bottle with the antidote which he complied and picked up one of the jade bottles.

The fragrant smell is more prominent after it was opened. The pills inside the bottle are dark green that luster when the light hits it.

Taking one pill, he can already feel the difference. He can already feel his cultivation gaining back quickly just like he was not poisoned in the first place.

He thought it's over but spiritual energy continued to condense and fluctuated around him until the area around him turned foggy. His spiritual channels hungrily gobbled the energy around them. The cracking sound of the energy in the air is heard by everyone.

Yin Bai suppressed his surprised and focused on his breakthrough. "Boom! Boom!" the internal barrier that separates tenth degree to the eleventh degree.

However it did not stop from there, his cultivation went higher until it broke through twelve-degree.