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It would not take long before most of her spiritual channels are open, but she needs external factors to do that, just like her previous life.

Cultivation treasures can help or assistance from someone who can forcefully open her spiritual channels. Preferably someone with high cultivation level. Double repair also works.

'Nah.Nah.' shaking her head after remembering her future husband. He is strong enough but asking for his help with his dangerous face is not good for her heart.

If not for the subordinates of her past life's father, she will continue to be a waste, won't be able to spiritually leave that place and will not have a chance to have experienced a mortal life.

Granted, the life that she had so far is not that smooth or fruitful but she will make sure to change that eventually.

Paying attention to the old man in front of her that sitting across the table, she considered her next step to be stronger. This old have access somewhere that she can greatly use to improve.

He is wearing an all-black robe, enjoying a wine. The old man's face looks kind of like he is a good Samaritan that will kindly help anyone.

Who would have thought that the same old man is the patriarch of an assassin clan? With his face that looks as old as her mortal father, but in reality, he is more than hundreds of age, just like the devil she knows.

Feeling Gao Lan Mei's stare despite her still, continue eating, he remembered, 'The plum leaves are dyed with blood' Yin Fu can only wonder how this fellow who eats like there is no tomorrow, learned that phrase. That's included on the message that he got from his grandchild.

He does not remember anyone who would be stupid enough to blurt that out in his face since most are already dead. It is the exact reason why the Liqi clan that he has established lives to kill.

If he will be given a chance to change that, he will definitely do so. However, since its already been years like this for their clan, it's already too late to change now.

As a Liqi clan patriarch, Yin Fu is very much aware of where everything started. From the time, seven clan men were commissioned to assassinate a moral father and daughter to the part wherein they lost. Three of the clan's men are imprisoned, one lost a hand and still poisoned just like the rest.

He looked at his grand child, Yin Bai, who is sitting next to him. The handsome face does not show any indication there is something wrong but he is more than aware that Yin Bai is now poisoned by a fast-acting Slow Lily.

What a very contradictory name, fast acting for a Slow Lily. A vicious and torturous poison that was supposed to be slow but now it does not deserve the name anymore.

There is also a snake pawn inside Yin Bai that can kill his grandson anytime this woman wishes. A woman that is now disguised as a young man. Even the voice and presence screams a handsome young man.

Earlier when she arrived at the Li Smith Shop and asked for a food to eat, the clan men that stands as a shopkeeper was dumbfounded and wants to throw her out, until the black small snake introduced her.

Then Yin Bai respectfully talked to her, without any surprise that she is acting like a man.