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59 The Ye family will pay!

Seeing what was written, the faces of the clans' men around, are mixed with anxiousness and anger. Who would have the guts to monitor a young master of the Liqi clan? Its either that person does not know or does not care.

If that being is not aware, they can take care of it with no problem. But if that is not the case then that means they have offended an expert!

Judging by how Yin Bai acted, it means it was an expert! Despite that, why did he still go to this place where the rest of the brothers are?

As a protocol, if they are being followed by danger, a hidden message should be sent a backup. The one being followed should stay away from the nest as far as possible!

Something is not right! Some of the clan brothers looked at him disappointingly. He can just bow his head to avoid their eyes. 'These stares seems normal enough...'

Yin Bai is aware about the protocol. He was thinking of the solution to still communicate the truth without the black snake noticing so he decided to gamble and now he is in front of his brothers.

There is no choice as the hidden message is in a form of a pawn, that requires a chant to summon. He is not confident that he can do it quickly without the snakes noticing.

Its either he takes the risk of asking for help personally or the risk of their lives if Gao Lan Mei realized that something is amiss, which will not give his brother's a chance to prepare.

They do not have that much good luck dealing with her, so he just decided to choose the other option. To personally seek help to his clan brothers.

He is also aware that judging by Gao Lan Mei's action, if they are not going to cause her harm she will not fight back. Just like a sleeping lion that will not care unless offended.

After seeing what was written, "We are not sure what happened to them," Yin Bai voiced out. As the next leader of the clan, he may be young and still inexperienced but the least he can do is to act using his head. Just like what Gao Lan Mei had shown him.

In a better circumstance, he may have asked to be the disciple of then Gao Miss, sadly, they are probably meant to enemies. The being that can use her weakness to be strength deserves to be followed.

Gao Lan Mei said that they will meet again. He just hoped that at least one of his brothers that is left in the Gao Manor is still alive.

Gulping, "How did it happen?" one asked. The mission should not be any difficult but seen the current situation it only means they have miscalculated. They should have sent the strongest of their clan!

With a deep sign, "It's not your fault. Even if you send the strongest that we have in the capital, I doubt you can lose to the expert." Yin Bai said.

He is completely aware what the older clan member thinks. They are blaming themselves for the miscalculation on the mission.

"The Ye family provided the wrong details." Though there is no confirmation yet, given that the exact person that defeated them should be their target, means information was hidden to them.

With a shout, "They dared!" one of the older generations Liqi assassin said in rage. Would he think with logic? What about the proof? "Everyone prepare! The Ye family will pay!" Of course, he does not care about logic and proof.