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657 Don’t Love Shield Bro Anymore

Don't Love Shield Bro Anymore

"Doctor, doctor! Yaoyao sis has fainted. Please come and save her!" Yushu's tone changed. It used to be sweet and cute, but now she sounded very out of breath, exhausted from shouting for help.

She carried Mengyao into the infirmary room, and the moment when Yushu was about to place Mengyao on the bed, she noticed that there was already a number of students lying on it! Besides, the infirmary room was flooded with a lot of teachers and students. Something bad must have happened.

"Here comes another one?" the doctor furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Yushu carrying Mengyao into the infirmary room. Cold sweat dripped down his brow, "What's happened to all these people? Why isn't the ambulance here yet?"

The continuous line of students was making the doctor crazy. He couldn't figure out the cause. All of the students and teachers had the same symptoms, paleness and rapid breathing.

"Doctor Lee, what's the situation?" The dean hurried over when he heard the news. He couldn't help but frown when he saw so many students and teachers gathering in the infirmary room. "Teachers and students that are healthy, please get out. The sick ones need fresh air!"

Wang Zhifeng's words were really effective. The healthy students and teachers moved out of the infirmary room obediently, but they were all worried. They were friends and students, after all. They couldn't just leave them here so they strolled around the corridor aimlessly, worried sick.

However, there was only one person sticking around a patient, and that was Yushu. She still hugged Mengyao tightly at the corner of the bed, never letting go. Naturally, Zhifeng didn't make her go out because he knew her. The person she was embracing was none other than Chu Mengyao. This gave him a fright! Wasn't that the chairman's daughter? She was also one of the victims?

The sweat flowed down from Zhifeng's forehead like a rainfall. He couldn't care about anything except calling the principal of the school, Ding Binggong, reporting the situation!

"Principal Ding, may I ask where you are right now? Something has happened to the students. More than ten have lost consciousness, and one of them is Chairman Chu's daughter, Chu Mengyao…." 

Ding Binggong went to the education department this morning for a meeting. After the meeting ended, he didn't come back to school for lunch. Instead, he had lunch with other principals outside. The moment he received Zhifeng's call, his face blanched. He only mentioned that "Something came up with the school" to the other principles and rushed out of the restaurant. He hailed a taxi and only then did he continue his call with Zhifeng, "Old Wong, what did you say? More than ten students have fainted? Including Chu Mengyao?! Tell me what's going on?"

"I just arrived here as well. I don't know about the details yet! Doctor Lee, have you figured out the problem yet? What's with this sudden commotion? Why is it happening to so many students at once?" Zhifeng asked hurriedly.

"Dean Wong, I've no idea as well. I've never seen these symptoms before. There's a possibility that this is an emerging infectious disease but I can't guarantee it. I've contacted the emergency center, and the ambulance should be here in no time!" Doctor Wong said carefully.

Ding Binggong was able to hear what Doctor Wong was explaining from the call, loud and clear. There was a buzz in his head. He had a realization: not only would the school's reputation be damaged, but this issue might even drag down the whole industry.

"Ol' Wong, I'll be right back. You've to take over until I get back. Please make sure that the students are safe no matter what happens!" Ding Binggong ordered anxiously.

"I got it. I'll try my best to control this havoc!" Zhifeng nodded with a serious face, but he knew that there was nothing he could do in this situation. While he was talking to the principal, more students were coming continuously. 

It made Zhifeng's head throb in pain. He had to think of the cause of this situation as fast as possible! Otherwise, the infected students would only keep coming.

However, even Doctor Wong was perplexed with the condition. As a person who knew nothing about medicine, how could he understand?

Consequently, the only thing he could do was pray. He prayed that the ambulance would come and save the day. He prayed that the students would get proper treatment as soon as possible!

Yushu was puzzled. She thought that Mengyao fainted because of her anger, but that wasn't the case after all? Many people here had the same or similar symptoms as Yaoyao sis. Just what had happened to these people?

Yushu got more even worried now! Mengyao'd fainted because of other reasons? Yushu was panic-stricken, but her thoughts brought her to Lin Yi! 

Last time when she almost experienced death, it was Lin Yi who came to rescue the day. So, she decided to find Lin Yi to rescue Mengyao this time!

Yushu took out her phone from her pocket swiftly and called Lin Yi, but after calling for a long time, she was still being directed to the voicemail box. Lin Yi wasn't picking up the call at all. Yushu tried again and again but it was still the same. No one picked up the call!

"Stupid Shield bro. Where are you? If something bad really happens to Yaoyao sis. I'll stop liking you for real! I won't forgive you for the rest of my life!" Yushu talked to herself angrily.

While waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, more students were brought in to the infirmary room again. There was a total of twenty- eight students in the room now. All of them were waiting for the ambulance!!

At this time, Doctor Lee had contacted the hospital a few more times, urging them to send more ambulances here because so many students fainted. It would take at least seven or eight cars fit all of them!

However, after this period of time, until the first class in the afternoon, there were no more casualties. It seemed like the situation had finally died down. This relaxed Zhifeng and Doctor Lee for a bit.

Ding Binggong arrived at the school at the same time as the ambulance car. The students were transported into the car one by one. Naturally, Yushu wouldn't abandon Mengyao so she followed her up into the ambulance car. Binggong and Zhifeng, on the other hand, knew Yushu, so they didn't stop her.

At the same time, Doctor Lee stayed in the school with another backup ambulance car, just in case. If something happened to the students again, he could send them to the hospital quickly.

"Yaoyao sis, you have to stay strong!" Yushu held onto Mengyao's hand tightly. Tears almost burst out from her eyes. She was extremely terrified. She had been calling Lin Yi again and again, but he didn't even pick up a single call! For the first time, Yushu hated Shield bro!