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640 Tang Yin’s Sense of Danger

Tang Yin's Sense of Danger

If Mengyao didn't like Lin Yi, there was no way she would destroy her own reputation, would she? After all, she was born in a wealthy family, the Miss of House Chu. How could she just say something so senseless?

There was only one possibility, she was in love with Lin Yi. That was why she could say things like that! Especially the last line she declared beside Tang Yin's ear. She said that she would go all out in chasing Lin Yi! This made Tang Yin raise her guard greatly.

Tang Yin didn't know how should she fight with Mengyao. She didn't even know if she should be fighting with Mengyao because everything depended on Lin Yi. He would choose his girlfriend, after all. Tang Yin wouldn't feel so insecure if Lin Yi didn't like Mengyao at all, but his feelings towards Mengyao was mixed. It was somehow flirtatious at times. As for Yushu, she believed that he had feelings for Yushu as well.

This was what terrified Tang Yin the most. Her position could be taken by the Misses. No matter how strong you were, living under the same roof would make people grow fond of each other. Tang Yin could only move forward.

Lin Yi got into his class. He looked at his empty desk and thought of Feng Xiaoxiao.

It had been a while since they met. He had returned from Yanjing for a few days, yet he still couldn't find Xiaoxiao anywhere in the classroom. Could she still be in Yanjing?

Lin Yi wanted to send Xiaoxiao a text message to check on her. Their relationship wasn't extreme anymore after the three days in Yanjing. However, as he thought of Xiaoxiao's attitude, Lin Yi put his phone back into his pocket. He refrained himself from texting her.

Who knew if she would think of a stupid idea to prank Lin Yi if he texted her first?

At the same time, Lin Yi's phone vibrated. It was a message from Xiaoxiao, "Lin Yi, why aren't you contacting me? Am I not in your heart anymore?"

Lin Yi didn't know if he should be laughing or crying at the message. He didn't know how to reply to her. He thought about it and texted back, "I've been busy. When are you coming back?"

Xiaoxiao was lazing around the hospital bed, doing body check-up. Tianlong had returned and was keeping Xiaoxiao company.

"Xiaoxiao, is that your friend?" Tianlong was surprised to see his daughter texting others. He knew that his daughter didn't have many friends, and it was a friend she could text with, no less! She only had some car racing friends, and they would definitely not text her and treat her sincerely like a real friend.

"Oh, it's Lin Yi, you've seen him before." Xiaoxiao wasn't trying to hide anything.

"Lin Yi?" Tianlong's eyes flashed. "Are you a good friend of his?"

"Not bad." Xiaoxiao was irritated by Lin Yi's message. Busy? What kept you so busy? Flirting with Tang Yin or perhaps following Mengyao and Yushu?

"Is he really not your boyfriend?" Tianlong asked suddenly.

"Ah!" Xiaoxiao was taken aback by his father's question. Her face burned up. Could her father sense the intimacy between them? Her father did ask this question previously but Xiaoxiao had denied the claim firmly. What made him bring it up again? However, Xiaoxiao remembered her body's condition, and she confessed, "...Not yet!"

"Not yet?" Tianlong was excited, "Are you guys trying things out now?"

"I'm the one chasing him!" Xiaoxiao wasn't always in good terms with her father because of her mischievous behavior. Although she felt embarrassed when her father brought this topic up, her discomfort faded away after a short while.

"Ha, I'm wishing you the best of luck." Tianlong wished that his daughter could find herself a boyfriend. They didn't have to marry but at least she could give birth to one or two children so he didn't have to grow old by himself. Having a grandson or granddaughter would give him motivation in life! Lin Yi! Tianlong was very satisfied with this man. He thought that Lin Yi was a perfect match for his daughter.

"I still have a longggg way to go, and I don't think I can survive that long to see it come true!" Xiaoxiao had long accepted her condition. She didn't mind talking about her condition, "Argh, another day wasted in this stupid hospital. It would be so nice if I could use this time to do something meaningful!"

"The final result isn't out yet, right? Maybe we got lucky this time…." He didn't sound convincing at all. He knew things would be more or less the same as the previous result. However, he wouldn't just give up before getting the final report.

"Boringggg." Xiaoxiao laid on the bed and continued texting.

After exchanging a few text messages, the teacher came into the class. Lin Yi kept his phone back into his pocket when he saw his teacher, and Xiaoxiao's messages were completely ignored. This pissed off Xiaoxiao. Just who did Lin Yi think he was? Did he just ignore all of her messages? Was he too lazy to reply to her?

"Yaoyao sis, according to my observation. Sheild bro came with Tang Yin to school today!" Yushu was showing off her spying abilities again.

"So? It's none of our business. Just ignore him." Mengyao replied faintly.

"But, aren't you chasing Shield bro now? You already declared a war of love that day. If we don't do anything, I'm afraid that Tang Yin will think less of us. She might even think that we are too afraid to challenge her. She might think that we already surrendered before it started!" Yushu said.

"Just leave her aside." Mengyao wasn't stupid enough to get hooked up in Yushu's trap. Only people like Pinliang and Jianwen would fall for it.

"Oh….." Yushu sounded like she was disappointed. It seemed like Yaoyao sis wasn't falling for her schemes anytime soon. Perhaps she should give up for now.

Mengyao had wanted to focus on the class just now, but Yushu's provocation came out of nowhere. Although she had already rejected Yushu's suggestion, the provocation was still inside her mind...Even after the class ended, she was still musing on it, staring blankly at her textbook.

"Yaoyao sis?" Yushu called out.

"Huh?" Mengyao got shocked, and glared at Yushu, "What are you doing?"

"Yaoyao sis were you perhaps thinking of something lewd just now?!" Yushu asked curiously."

"What something lewd? Stop your nonsense!" Mengyao's heart tightened at the word as she eyed Yushu fiercely.

"The TV always says that when a girl spaces out, they are probably thinking of something dirty. Yaoyao sis, you were making that face just now." Yushu explained.

"So you believe everything the TV says? Why didn't I see you believing in the infomercials then?" Naturally, Mengyao wouldn't admit that she was thinking of something lewd, not that she was. At most, she was just thinking about the person she hated the most, Lin Yi. Lin Yi who was always flirting with girls during his work!

If Lin Yi were to hit on Yushu, Mengyao would be okay with it, but he went for Tang Yin instead- this frustrated her the most!

"Oh… then Yaoyao sis, What were you doing just now??" Yushu nodded and asked.

"I wasn't doing anything. I was just meditating, so what?!" Mengyao ended the conversation, turned her head away from Yushu, and ignored her entirely.