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“I’m Wu Chengtian from House Wu of the Iron Fist. I won’t run away from this little money; I’ll use my ID card as collateral. Please, I’ve some urgent errands to run right now!” Chengtian was a little annoyed. He couldn’t believe that he had fallen into this situation and made his grandpa faint!

Chengtian was worried about his grandpa and restless at the same time. He wanted to meet his grandpa but the cashier wasn’t letting him go.

“House Wu of the Iron Fist, yes, I’ve heard of them before, but how can you prove it? Even though you might be the real deal, do you not have a card? Or call someone here to pay the debt?” the cashier asked in a polite manner without any disdain or disrespect.

“This…” Chengtian was angered. Although the cashier was asking politely, the fact that the cashier wasn’t convinced displeased him, but Chengtian couldn’t fight back! Because he was the one who owed them money, it was very normal for others to not trust him.

Just when Chengtian had no idea what he should do, someone fast walked up from behind him and whispered, “Bro Chengtian, is there anything wrong?”

The person was Zhaolong. He had been paying attention to Chengtian the whole time though he hadn’t talked much and had already had a thought of making connection with House Wu. Going after Gonggao with the age gap seemed futile so he targeted Chengtian instead!

After realizing that Chengtian hadn’t come down after quite a while, Zhaolong sent the rest back and went up to look for Chengtian. He must have encountered some problems up there.

Zhaolong had always been a cunning and calculative person. Making a connection with House Wu was much more important than hitting on Xinyan so he held back his desire and continued expanding his network!

“Ha, I left home in a rush so didn’t get to bring enough money with me. I’m having a little trouble with the transaction, but I’m finding people to deliver the money here soon!” Chengtian obviously wouldn’t admit that he couldn’t afford this treat so he kept up the act.

“Is that so? You don’t have to find anyone! I’m your bro, let me pay for you!” Zhaolong said with a smile.

Chengtian didn’t expect Zhaolong to say that. He got a little emotional and patted Zhaolong’s shoulder. “Good, you’re now my blood brother! Just follow me Wu Chengtian! Rest assured, I said this is my treat, I’ll just borrow this money from you and return it to you when I get back! This amount is nothing at all.” Zhaolong knew that Chengtian was just a spoilt young master. If not for being born in House Wu of the Iron Fist, people would have treated him like an idiot who only knew how to show off and was full of himself! But this was exactly why Zhaolong was targeting him. He was easily manipulated and best to work with. Zhaolong walked to the counter with a smile and asked, “How much is it?”

“Sir, the total is 15 million.” The cashier was pleased that someone came to pay the bill but he didn’t show a trace of that expression on his face as he answered with respect.

“Eh? How much?” Zhaolong flinched. He had thought that Chengtian didn’t bring enough money with him but found out that he couldn’t afford the bill!

“The total is 15 million, sir,” the cashier repeated as he thought to himself, They’re all so well-dressed…. These people aren’t acting like they’re rich, right? Coming here for trouble?

“OK, take my card!” Zhaolong gritted his teeth as he passed the card to the cashier.

Zhaolong was the leader of the third generation of House Kang. So he didn’t lack for money. Especially when he was the head of the research laboratory of House Kang. They had been spending 20 million annually purely for research but taking out 15 million at once still made Zhaolong’s heart bleed! But getting a connection with House Wu was all that mattered. This investment was profitable and worth it!

The cashier let out a sigh of relief after receiving the card from Zhaolong. “Sir, this is your receipt and your card.”

“OK….” Zhaolong took his debit card and had a look at the receipt. He then found out that the vase Chengtian crushed was listed in the receipt and was worth 10 million! Wasn’t Chengtian a little too wasteful and insensitive? Paying up to 10 million just to show off in front of a girl? The cost was just too great!

After putting the receipt away, Zhaolong acted like nothing was wrong and went into the elevator with Chengtian. “Zhaolong, you are such a great help, the Xiao brothers are totally useless!” Chengtian said.

“Hehe, we’re going to be related soon, so I can’t say much.” Zhaolong smiled.

“Oh yeah, you guys are engaged.” Chengtian nodded. “Nevertheless, you’re my bro now! If you need help just tell me! House Wu will fully support House Kang from now on!”

“Thank you very much!” Zhaolong smiled. He already had a thought in mind, a plot that would bring House Kang fortune!

First, House Kang would obtain the recipe of the Pill of Life extension and Toxic Cleansing before the auction. Even though the production might be low, they would still be upgraded to a higher tier!

The moment they became a powerhouse, they could get access and make connections with higher tier houses, like House Yu and those powerful hidden houses. If they successfully pleased them and gained their favour, they might even provide them training and teach them the traditional martial arts. House Kang might even raise above all and become a traditional martial arts house. By that time, a golden class or perhaps a mystic class master would be born. No one would be able to stop them!

Miracle Doctor Kang, Kang Guifeng, and Kang Zhaolong knew that their house might fall at any time if they only relied on the money they earned. The best example would be House Xiao. Although they were still considered a powerhouse, the name was dead long ago!

If House Xiao had Gonggao, the mystic master, around, people wouldn’t look down on them even if their house went into ruin. They could live a life of leisure just by collecting the gifts of other powerhouses! Besides, no matter what business House Wu was running, everyone would naturally support it because Gongao was a mystic master!