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Lin Yi’s answer wasn’t definitive- he didn’t say to Fen blatantly that he’d be able to cure her for sure, only that it was possible! Yet that made Fen all the more happier, because if Lin Yi had said that she’d heal with certainty then she’d think he was consoling her… Lin Yi’s words actually gave Fen confidence.

“Lin Yi, will you really be able to heal my leg?” Fen was both surprised and delighted- even Xiaobo was looking at Lin Yi in anticipation.

“Yes, but don’t rush it.” Lin Yi smiled. “It’s not a problem at all.”

Lin Yi had some medicine back home that stimulated the nerves, something the old man used to give him so as to stimulate his body’s potential. He didn’t need that kind of strengthening medicine anymore after starting his _Art of Dragon Mastery_ training, so he’d just put it aside.

Since he didn’t need it himself, he didn’t see the point in getting into the research of that sort of medicine. Even if he didn’t go back to his old home for the materials, he’d get the recipe all the same if he did some research of his own, or gave Old Lin a call.

“Yeah!” Fen nodded her head, excited. It was her dream, after all, to be able to walk like everyone else. She felt refreshed now that Lin Yi had given her hope again.

Xiaobo, on the other hand, was quite happy at Fen’s change in attitude. He talked to her about the interesting things that happened at school, including Lin Yi’s heroic deeds, his slaps and kicks on Ruoming and Pinliang.

“Yin Yin sure is lucky to meet your boss! He’s nice, and treats her nice too.” Fen was evidently happy for Tang Yin- her boyfriend was so many times better than that Kang Zhaoming!

“Isn’t Xiaobo nice to you as well?” Lin Yi added.

“Yeah, I’m your follower, after all, boss! I’ve inherited your kind ways.” Xiaobo said dramatically.

“Haha…” Fen giggled. “Inherited? He’s not your dad!”

Tang Yin was in disbelief when she got on the car.

“Fen… you… you’re so beautiful…” Tang Yin rubbed her eyes, not expecting Fen to look so beautiful- she’d been used to a sickly Fen all these years, after all…

“Stop joking around, Yin… I’ll never be as pretty as you!” Fen was quite happy from the praise- she wasn’t on the same level as Tang Yin, who was already beautiful even without makeup, but she was still very much above average.

“They say girls dress for the man they fancy- you’re all dressed up for Kang Xiaobo, aren’t you!” Tang YIn joked.

“Me? Yin… why aren’t you in your school uniform today? That’s a nice dress you’re wearing, too- I’ve never seen you in it before.” Fen shifted the attention back to Tang Yin.

“This dress... “ Tang Yin’s face reddened- it was the one Lin Yi bought her back at the night market, the one she’d kept tucked away in her closet out of her frustration towards Lin Yi.

Now that her relationship with Lin Yi had been fixed, there was no reason for her to avoid it anymore.

“I gave it to her.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Oh…” Xiaobo and Fen nodded understandingly.

“What! I gave you fifty kuai for it!” Tang Yin glared. “If you say it’s a gift then when are you planning to give it back!”

“Haha…” Lin Yi knew that it was a joke- Tang Yin wouldn’t really ask for that money back.

“Oh, right- boss, where’s that gift you prepared?” Xiaobo asked all of a sudden.

“Here.” Lin Yi pulled out a very exquisite looking box from his pocket- it was small.

“Oh? What’s this? It looks so high-end!” Xiaobo said curiously as he received it from Lin Yi. “Hm? Boss, what’s this black pill?”

“Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing.” Lin Yi answered with his original name.

“Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing?” Xiaobo repeated. “How come I’ve heard of this before?”

“A miracle doctor gave it to me- there’s not much in stock.” Lin Yi said. “It’ll quickly cleanse the toxins from your body for the sake of extending your life- using it will give you somewhere between five to ten years of life!”

“Shit! That good..? Seriously, boss? Why give him something this amazing?” Xiaobo’s words rendered Fen and Tang Yin a little speechless.

“Isn’t he your second grandpa?” Lin Yi was speechless as well.

“Yes, but he doesn’t treat my family very well these past years… Something like this… I’d rather use it myself, no, give it to Fen!” Xiaobo remembered Fen just after naming himself.

Fen was a bit moved, but rejected it. “We don’t need this kind of stuff at our age, right?”

“Fen’s right!” Lin Yi nodded. “You’re young, so even if you wanna cleanse your toxins there won’t be much to cleanse. It’s extra effective for old people.”

“So that’s how it is!” Xiaobo said, enlightened. “But still, giving something this good to him is still a pity! Wouldn’t it be better to just keep it for myself?”

“I still have some by the time you’ll need it- I’m saving them for you.” Lin Yi smiled. “We’ll just give this to that second grandpa of yours, okay?”

“Okay…” Xiaobo looked at the pill a little regretfully. “Boss, you’re not playing one on me or anything, right? Is this really that amazing?”

“It’s not amazing or anything, it has scientific research behind it- the more toxins we accumulate the higher the threat they pose to our bodies! Especially people who are older, their bodies have more and more toxins piled up if they don’t take precautions from when they were still young.” Lin Yi explained. “It just removes toxins, that’s all- it doesn’t really do much other than that.”

“I see!” Xiaobo nodded. “Alright then, we’ll just give this to him since he’s my second grandpa.”

Lin Yi then drove towards Donghai- it was a city in the province, only around three hours away from Songshan.

Lin Yi’s van wasn’t as fast as the other cars, so it’d be a four-hour trip for them. There wasn’t much he could do about it, since pushing the car over its limits would result in it falling apart.

It was already six by the time they reached Donghai.

“Where do we go?” Lin Yi had no idea where he was after exiting the highway- he didn’t know anything about Donghai at all.

“Wait, I’ll make a call!” Xiaobo signaled for Lin Yi to park at the roadside as he dialed his parents up.