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“Yeah……” Qiqi nodded.

“Well? Take your clothes off! What’re you doing?” Lin Yi eyed the girl looking blankly at him.

“My… My clothes? Do I have to?” Qiqi said.

“Just open up the shoulder part.” Lin Yi frowned. “I saw everything the last time, and I’m not interested in a girl dead set on killing me for revenge.”

“You think _I’m_ interested?!” A flash of rage flashed across Qiqi’s face, but she pulled her collar down anyway, revealing her snow white shoulder… There was a prominent hole of blood in it.

“Shh!” Lin Yi’s eyes were focused on her shoulder as he made a quick, light line with the blade, giving the bullet a quick flick outwards onto the chair.

He took out his self-made herbal salve and applied it on the wound, telling her not to pull her clothes back up just yet.

“Okay……” Her wounds had healed miraculously fast the last time Lin Yi healed her- her flesh had finished regenerating that very night. She found Lin Yi’s skill with salves very impressive.

The key point was how there weren’t any scars, much to Qiqi’s amazement. Assassins expected frequent injuries, but she was still a girl who’d mind a scar on her body. Lin Yi’s salve seemed to prevent that.

The salve was something Lin Yi prepared for himself, something he brought with him each time he went on a mission for emergency situations. The mission’s ease turned out to have benefitted Qiqi.

He then turned his attention to Qiqi’s leg- she’d rolled her pants up already.

He removed the bullet with the same slice and flick before applying the salve.

“Done. Don’t do stuff like that anymore, it’s too dangerous for you- assassination isn’t for you!” Lin Yi advised seriously. “You look cool and all, just like an assassin, but… Assassins don’t really look cool in real life, like me…”

“You……” Qiqi’s eyes were wide open. Weren’t all assassins supposed to be cool..? Her mother looked cool just like her, too. Cold… She only had a smile on her face when dad was around……

“All right, I’ll get you back. Kanha Hotel, right? Tell me how to get there.” Lin Yi turned back to the wheel without giving Qiqi a chance to speak.

“Go straight… Turn right there……” Qiqi’s cool face was written with worry as she gave Lin Yi the directions. Was she really not cut out for assassin work? This guy must be making it up, he must be lying… Yes, he was scared that she’d get stronger than him and off him!!! _Hmph!_ That had to be the case! _Lin Yi, huh? Just you wait… I’ll get stronger than you sooner or later……_

“You’re okay at roads, I guess that’s a pass for an assassin still.” Earning Lin Yi’s praise was something Qiqi was just about to get happy over when Lin Yi interrupted. “But you’d be better suited as a tour guide, or a taxi driver!”

“You-!!” Qiqi was quite pissed off- this guy was just trying to find new ways to tell her that she couldn’t be an assassin! _Hmph!_ What was with this guy, did he never fail a single mission in his life before?

“Hey. Why were you at the factory this late at night? Have you never failed a mission before?” Qiqi asked, irritated.

“To get someone out, that guy from earlier.” Lin Yi said candidly. “Failing at a mission, though- that’s a taste I don’t know yet.”

“Yeah, right!” Qiqi said doubtfully. “Hey. That herbal salve’s pretty good, can you give me some?”

“Excuse me, aren’t you the person who tried to kill me earlier?” Lin Yi asked, amused.

“Come on, I’ll pay you for it then… How much do you wanna sell it for……” Qiqi muttered, embarrassed by the sarcasm.

“It’s a DIY salve, a priceless item.” Lin Yi looked at the girl. “But I can give you the rest of the bottle just because you have that ring on.”

Lin Yi tossed the girl his salve.

“Thanks……” Qiqi was quite delighted- Lin Yi was right. This thing really was a priceless item.

“Don’t think you can just go out and get shot just because you have that. Just stay home and do other stuff, the assassin life doesn’t suit you.” Lin Yi got out the car and bought some casual clothing at the store next to the hotel.

Qiqi was just about to make a retort when Lin Yi left the car all of a sudden, leaving her no target to vent her frustration on.

“Put this on and go up yourself.” Lin Yi said as he got back in the car.

Qiqi was waiting to snap back at Lin Yi when he was coming back, but he handed her some clothes- the gesture touched her.

“I…… I’m going then. Seeya……” Qiqi said as she got off the car.

“Hope not. I won’t save you next time, it’ll save me the trouble.” Lin Yi waved his hand helplessly before driving off.

Qiqi stomped her foot in frustration- what the hell?! The wound started hurting after the first stomp, and she had no choice but to hold it in, at least until she made it back to the hotel room……

What Qiqi was curious about, however, was the whereabouts of Grandpa Mubei- didn’t he say that he’d watch over her at the Bluewater HQ entrance? Where was he? And why didn’t he stop Lin Yi from bringing her to his car?

Mubei had actually been waiting at the factory entrance, about to enter the scene and save Qiqi when Lin Yi got to her before him……

He made sure it was Lin Yi before leaving for the hotel room relieved… After all, Lin Yi was the favoured pupil of the organization’s leader… Why would he worry when Lin Yi was with Qiqi?

But the miss didn’t seem to know him..? The two interacted when they were only four or five years old, so maybe it was natural that they wouldn’t remember each other after getting separated when they were seven or eight. Mubei himself recognized Lin Yi only after looking at his recent personal info.

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