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Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the gazes from everyone- his tone might’ve made it scarier than it actually was?

“Mister Liu- I said I could cure Elder Liu for ten years, and ten years it is! That bone washing is just something extra I added…” Lin Yi paused for a bit before continuing. “But the bad news is that you’d have to prepare yet another payment ten years later, because Elder Liu now has more than ten years because of the bone washing……”

“Ah?!” Tianyi froze- what was this guy talking about, this was great news!! Nothing could make him happier as of now; ten years of preparing funds to keep his father alive was nothing compared to the continued glory his father’s existence alone would bring! He was so excited he even stuttered a bit. “M-Miracle Doctor Lin…… Let’s put all that aside- you’re our savior, a hero of our house Liu!”

Lin Yi waved a hand in response. “Alright, I’m tired- I’ll go rest for a while…”

“Yes, Yes! Miracle Doctor Lin, I’ll take my father to the bathroom, you rest yourself!” Tianyi didn’t want to interrupt Lin Yi with his words of thanks.

Zhenhu was absolutely delighted as well- not only did he have ten years to live, he had that decade as a foundation for more years on top of that! It was amazing news!!

“Tianyi, remember to give Little Miracle Doctor Lin a thank you gift afterwards! Treatment fees are a different matter, the two shouldn’t be mixed together!” Zhenhu understood the importance of a miracle doctor in a family- he would never let a chance like this just slip past his hands.

Zhenhu no longer took Lin Yi lightly- age didn’t matter as long as genuine strength was there!

“Yes, father! Understood!” Tianyi nodded before helping his father up.

“No need, I feel ten years younger already, like I’m back to my seventies… I’m full of strength!!” Zhenhu waved his hand before standing up himself and walking around the place. “Not bad, not bad..!!”

Tianyi was shocked even moreso- he didn’t doubt Lin Yi before, but what he was seeing before him only gave Lin Yi even more validity! His father needed his support whenever he moved around, and here he was, walking around as if he were a healthy young man! Was this even his ninety year old father anymore?

Tianyi had decided at that moment that he would associate himself with Lin Yi, no matter the cost- he was a new addition to the medical world that other houses hadn’t come into contact yet! It’d be harder for the Lius by the time everyone else learned of Lin Yi and lined up to meet him.

Tianyi, Zhenhu, and Xuemin exited the room, shutting the door for Lin Yi behind them.

Lin Yi was tired, but one chant and he recovered the energy he’d lost- he was back to his replenished self.

“You sure are a dark one, kid- not only did you not cure the illness, you even told them to come back ten years later with more money…… They’re still so grateful towards you, too……” Elder Jiao said.

“What should I have said, then… That I didn’t manage to cure him..?” Lin Yi sweated- it really had been a bit of an asshole move.

“But you’re not dark enough, at least not as dark as my mentor was- he’d have asked for the bone washing fees if it were him!” Elder Jiao said.

Lin Yi was speechless.

He walked downstairs to see Guan Xin setting the table- Zhenhu and Tianyi hadn’t left yet, as well…

Zhenhu seemed to have just showered, too. He looked like he was discussing something with Xuemin.

Zhenhu and Tianyi stood up upon seeing Lin Yi walk down. “Miracle Doctor Lin, thank you once again!”

“It’s nothing… Are we having lunch? Will Mister Liu and Elder Liu be joining us for a bit?” Lin Yi invited, seeing that there was enough food.

“We’ll take you up on that offer, then!” Zhenhu had just been thinking of getting closer to Lin Yi, after all.

The Lius now believed Lin Yi’s status as Xuemin’s mentor- this may be Xuemin’s house, but that didn’t mean that they could just eat with Lin Yi if they wanted.

Guan Xin came out the kitchen with more dishes and placed the chopsticks, bowls, and plates on the table.

“Alright, let’s eat- Yi, you should be hungry already, right? Let’s skip the formalities and start the meal.” Xuemin was afraid that Lin Yi was exhausted, and that he’d want to start eating as soon as possible.

“Ah, okay.” Lin Yi nodded before noticing Guan Xin standing to the side. “Guan Xin? Why aren’t you joining us?”

“I……” Guan Xin glanced at Xuemin- she’d never join in whenever her grandfather’s friends were over, since they were elders and all. She’d only been at the table yesterday because of Lin Yi, and the fact that the two were friends already. Xuemin had wanted to introduce them to each other as well. She couldn’t just seat herself at the table when Zhenhu and Tianyi were present.

“Xin Xin, come eat together- sit beside Yi.” Xuemin said with a smile.

“Okay……” Guan Xin nodded, glad that she got to sit with Lin Yi.

Tianyi had wanted to be in the seat next to Lin Yi so he could get familiar with him- he was a bit disappointed that Guan Xin had taken the spot.

Although, he now paid more attention to Guan Xin- he noticed that fidgety happiness Guan Xin had showed when she sat next to Lin Yi.

He was no idiot- Guan Xin had some feelings towards Lin Yi. So that was why Lin Yi was especially close with the Guans……

It seemed that his connection with Xuemin had to be maintained as well, even if they now knew Lin Yi.

Today’s dishes were made with Guan Xin’s utmost concentration and effort- it was nowhere near the level of what she’d made yesterday.

She didn’t eat much, but Lin Yi looked like he was really enjoying it and having way more than what he had yesterday- it made Guan Xin happy…

Lin Yi didn’t stay long after lunch- he still had to get ready for his trip. The plane departed at four, and it was one in the afternoon already.

Everyone except Xuemin were all disappointed that Lin Yi was in a rush- he used to hope Lin Yi would visit more often, but that was a given now that they were in a business endeavor together.

He gave Uncle Fu a call- he was waiting at Mengyao’s villa already.

He got in the van and drove back home.

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