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Jingyi cried out at the sound of the bottle shattering- she still had business with Lin Yi! How was he supposed to help her steal stuff when some gangster opened a hole in his head out of nowhere?

But the bottle hadn’t shattered on Lin Yi’s face- it had done so on Scarface’s, with the other half of the bottle in Lin Yi’s hand.

Scarface was evidently a fighter- he didn’t so much as cry out after Lin Yi had shattered the bottle on his head. He steeled himself as he stood up to look at Lin Yi coldly. “Bro- which street do you come from? Didn’t you know that the northern market area’s Scar Bro territory? You here to cause trouble?”

“Scram.” Lin Yi repeated as he picked Scarface’s skewer stick up and flung it at his face with a violent flick- it pierced right into the side of his face.

“Argh!!” Scarface couldn’t hold the scream in- the face was a senstitive part of the body, and the hole in the cheek was simply too much!

Scarface was looking a little terrified- the bamboo stick was extremely light, and Lin Yi had managed to pierce it through with a casual throw… This wasn’t something just anyone could do.

Yet Scarface was a hardboiled man- he didn’t make any more sounds after the initial cry. Gritting his teeth, he plucked the stick out. “Brother, I admit I’m not as strong as you are- but don’t go stepping on other people’s heads!”

“Who the hell are you calling brother? I’m an orphan! Get lost or get more sticks in your face!” Lin Yi said casually without even raising his head, clealry looking down at him.

“This isn’t the last you’ll see of me!” Scarface said as he started moving away. “Stay here and wait if you’ve got balls!”

“Hurry up if you’re gonna get backup, I still have stuff to do after this! I’m leaving after I finish lunch.” Lin Yi wasn’t about to just waste his time with a bunch of gangsters just because the guy was trying to provoke him.

Scarface paused before waving to his three followers, and they left the stall quickly.

“Scar Bro, why didn’t you let us go at him?” A follower named Zi Mao asked.

“Guy’s a fighter- might be a proper practitioner! We can’t just take him head on like that.” Scarface explained. “Him sticking a skewer stick into my face like that proves it- he’s no normal human!”

Scarface’s followers all nodded at the words. “Yeah, but what do we do? Are we gonna just take it? It won’t look good for us in the food street!”

“Of course we’re not gonna just take it! We’re going to Guang Bro!” Scarface said.

“Yeah, Guang Bro! Let’s get Guang Bro to bring some men and chop him down!” Zi Mao said excitedly.

Jingyi was quite shocked at Lin Yi’s reveal\- she never expected that he’d be an orphan! She wouldn’t for a second think that the guy was joking, however… No one joked about their parents like that.

Naturally, there was also another thing that Jingyi was shocked about, and that was the skill Lin Yi had displayed! She knew that Lin Yi was fast with his hands after he’d picked Wu Chentian’s wallet, but she didn’t think he’d be this fast at attacking too! She couldn’t even see how the bottle got taken from Scarface’s hand before Lin Yi smashed it against his head!

That skewer stick, too- the guy had used it like a shuriken! What the hell was this person?

She was about to ask Lin Yi if he knew kungfu when she realized the guy had started eating already- Jingyi was speechless.

The guy had just drew blood- how was he eating as if nothing had happened?

“Fuu… Ah, let’s talk about the job?” Lin Yi said, slowing down after the twentieth skewer.

“The opposing party is a trading company as well, and they take on the same type of projects we do. Computers, stuff like that.” Jingyi explained. “But when one of our managers gave a supervisor from another company a rebate… It somehow got filmed, and now the opposing party’s using it to threaten our company……”

“Oh.. I see. Does their company not do that rebate thing?” Lin Yi asked as he picked up two more skewers.

“It’s not a secret in this industry- everyone does it, it’s only natural to give the supervisor some benefits. The difference here is that our guy got filmed doing it.” Jingyi said helplessly.

“What happens to you guys if they expose it?” Lin Yi asked.

“We might get punished by certain departments and the ministry, and of course, we’ll lose that client! He’s a major client of our company, and he always purchases more than ten million units of our computers and related products. This gets exposed and he can’t be a supervisor anymore, and he might even have to take responsibility for other charges.” Jingyi explained. “The main concern here is this: Who’s gonna work with our company after all this? Even a rebate is prone to exposure, who’d work with a company this unsafe? We’d have to shut down business, most likely……”

“It’s that serious?” Lin Yi didn’t know much about business, but he had a good idea what the whole thing was about after the explanation. “So what are their terms? If they just wanna take a competitor out, then they’ve probably exposed the footage already, and we can stop with this thief talk.”

“That’s right.” Jingyi nodded. “But it’s not beneficial to them as well, if they do expose it- it just damages us, and there are other trading companies. Even if they remove us from the game, that doesn’t guarantee that the clients would flock over to their company.”

“Talk about their demands.” It was the whole point Lin Yi had gotten interested in the first place.

“Their demand… is that I’d have to be the lover of their chairman.” Jingyi said.

“Wha- Pffff-!!!” Lin Yi spat everything out of his mouth. “Excuse me, what did you say? They want you to be the chairman’s lover?”

“Yes!” Jingyi nodded with certainty. “So you’re getting half of that demand- I’ll be your lover, but I won’t be obligated to provide any lover related services. ‘Cause I’m just half your lover.”