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Zhong Pinliang hadn’t been raised in a conventional family- as a result, he had much more violent tendencies than other students. He was cowardly, but that didn’t mean he was kind.

Wanting Lin Yi dead left no taste of guilt on his tongue- he even wanted the guy to die a more horrific death instead of simply dying.

That was the difference between Zhong Pinliang and a regular kid.

What could he do to intensify Lin Yi’s pain? Physical torture no longer held any pleasure for Pinliang to derive from- just beating the guy up wasn’t very interesting at all.

An emotional trauma, on the other hand, was far more effective than a physical one- this was something Pinliang comprehended from his long hours of horror movie training. He had to attack Lin Yi mentally, for the maximum amount of pain possible.

_Ah……_ Pinliang suddenly recalled his meeting with Zou Ruoming, where they’d talked about Ruoming forcing himself on Tang Yin… He should let Lin Yi have a nice view of that before he passed on to the afterlife- that’d be quite something.

A snicker slipped out at that thought, and Pinliang started laughing- he was such a genius for coming up with an idea as monstrous as that! It’d be really pleasing if Pinliang could see Lin Yi struggling to help Tang Yin as Heibao beat him to death, raging at his inability to do anything as his life faded away…

Pinliang had made his decision: he’d go talk about this with Ruoming at school on Monday. He couldn’t involve himself in the whole thing directly, however… he had to provide his aid in secret.

It was Monday morning, and Lin Yi was sleeping when Kang Xiaobo’s phone call woke him up.

“Boss, I’m thinking of visiting Fen at the hospital, you wanna come?” Xiaobo hadn’t gotten much sleep yesterday, again.

The first time was from going to the commoner beauty’s house, since it was something big for him to be boasting about… But none of that concerned Xiaobo anymore- he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Fen.

It’d been the first time his whole life to get insomnia over a girl. There was his compassion for her, and his hatred for his second cousin!

A fine girl, ruined! The guy didn’t have the slightest shred of concern for her, never appearing again! Fen’s family was poor enough as it was- the sickness only made everything worse for her.

He’d been so angry that he’d even considered calling his second cousin for questioning, but refrained from doing so. After all, he’d only heard Tang Yin’s side of the story- he was leaning to her side, but he didn’t have the details. It was something he had to ask Fen to know.

After all, a relationship turning sour usually had two sides to it- it was hard to pin the blame on just one person. Yet, should Kang Zhaoming prove to have done what Tang Yin had said he had, then the guy was a monster.

“You want me to drive you, or you want me to come with you?” Lin Yi said as he got out of bed.

“Both……” Xiaobo chuckled. “Boss, I was thinking of getting in your car, but there’s also this other thing- it’s gonna look sudden if I just showed up alone, you know? It’d be normal if you visited Tang Yin’s friend, you know, with your relationship with her.”

“My relationship with her?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “We don’t have anything between us yet, okay?”

“That doesn’t matter, does it? You’ve gotta be a lot closer to Tang Yin than I am to Fen! It’ll be hard for me to go if you don’t come.” Xiaobo said. “Come on, boss, think of it as looking out for your little brother’s love! I won’t back out mid-way after deciding on this.”

“Alright then- wait for me at the same place as yesterday. I’ll be there in about an hour.” Lin Yi said.

Xiaobo was Lin Yi’s only bro in school, after all- of course he’d support him. He was a pretty nice person, too, an honorable man. Lin Yi wouldn’t lose anything by helping him out, anyway.

He put the phone down and some clothes on as he looked at the time: seven am. This Xiaobo sure had gotten up early.

Lin Yi had been learning quite a lot from the old man in the jade every night he slept- it was like the guy was omniscient with that knowledge he had.

He went to the kitchen and took out the leftover swordfish from yesterday. He cut some potatoes up and put them in the electric pressure cooker- it cooked the potatoes faster.

Mengyao had everything in her kitchen, but most of it hadn’t even been used before. The pressure cooker had been unboxed and placed on the counter, but there was still a manual in there.

The cooker had a timer function, and Lin Yi didn’t have to do much. He left a note on the table for the girls, telling them to help themselves to the food after waking up- he had something to do.

With that, Lin Yi left the place.

Yushu had found out about the damage to her car already, and Lin Yi didn’t feel like troubling himself with a phone call to Uncle Fu. He decided to just leave it be for awhile, since it didn’t really affect his driving.

He reached the Time Street bus stop, and saw Xiaobo waiting for him. He picked him up and drove to Songshan’s First Hospital.

Yet Fen wasn’t in her bed- some aunty was in her place. Xiaobo learned from the staff that she’d been moved to the hospitalization rooms.

They walked out the room only to see Guan Xin, who blinked in surprise upon seeing Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi? What’re you doing here?” Guan Xin said, pleasantly surprised.

She’d been worried about Lin Yi’s injury the past couple days- the guy had never came back after that last checkup, and she feared that something would go wrong with the wound… That, and the fact that Guan Xin looked forward to seeing Lin Yi again. She had a really good feeling about meeting her savior, a feeling she couldn’t really explain.

It wasn’t really love, however- she wasn’t that easy. It was more like a good impression, a positive, nice feeling towards him, causing her to think about him whenever she couldn’t see him… She’d thought that she’d never cross paths with him again.

But here they were.

“Guan Xin? Well, I have this friend who got hospitalized.” Lin Yi said, not expecting to meet Guan Xin here.

“Oh……” Guan Xin nodded. “About your wound…”

“It’s been healed.” Lin Yi smiled. “Thanks.”

Guan Xin wanted to say something when a doctor called for her- she only apologized to Lin Yi before rushing over.

She wanted to ask Lin Yi for his number, but couldn’t bring herself to do it… She was a girl, after all. It was too embarrassing to just ask a guy that.

It was quite troubling- couldn’t this dude just ask _her_ for her number??

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