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“Hah?” Yushu blinked at the giggling Mengyao before realizing that she’d been had- the girl was joking, and Chu Mengyao wasn’t one to be making jokes like that…

It was undeniable evidence that Mengyao’s emotions were highly abnormal today.

Yushu decided to not retort, quite abnormal of her character as well. She nodded as she refrained from her hundred excuses waiting to attack Mengyao. “Alright, I’ll just drink juice then!”

“That’s a good girl.” Mengyao said with a nod.

“Yao Yao, maybe we can both drink and get home in a taxi later? Or get Shield Bro to fetch us back?” Yushu thought that it’d be a waste to just watch Mengyao drink alone- what would be the point if they did that?

“Him? What about your yellow Beetle then, will it be parked on the roadside?” Mengyao said suddenly- Yushu couldn’t tell if that was a smile on her lips or not.

“Hah?” Yushu’s mouth gaped wide open as he stared at Mengyao. “Y-Yao Yao, what’re you talking about… Yellow Beetle….?”

“Did you really think I didn’t know?” Mengyao said with a glare. “You think I haven’t figured your mind out by this point? We grew up together, alright? That thing you were rummaging for in your bag- it was your car keys right? You don’t even use your purse that much! And then you snuck out, and Lin Yi’s shoes were missing when we left the house! You think I’d missed all that?”

“Ugh…….” Yushu uttered a little awkwardly- she didn’t expect her little plan to have been discovered from the start…

“And then you fought me for the wheel- when’s the last time you even drove?” Mengyao continued. “Then you honked the horn as we left the villa, and a yellow beetle started following us… your Beetle!”

“Ugh…… So you knew all along, Yao Yao?” Yushu sweated, impressed by Mengyao’s agile mind, figuring out what she was planning with the series of abnormalities.

“You think I’d go to a bar this late if I hadn’t noticed that asshole following us?” Mengyao said. “But don’t call him over later- I hate him right now.”

“Oh. Alrighty- I’ll be drinking too then!” Yushu didn’t care if they called Lin Yi over or not- the guy had been spotted already anyway, and there was pretty much nothing to fear with a guardian angel like him watching over them.

“I’m drinking caz I’m in a bad mood- what would you even be drinking for?” Mengyao said, a little pissed with that face Yushu was making.

“I’m drinking caz I’m in a bad mood.” Yushu explained with a nod.

“......” Mengyao didn’t know what to say- a best friend like this really trained one’s patience at times.

Yushu found a bar called ‘The Solid Cloud’ and parked in front of the entrance. It looked pretty new and luxurious, newly renovated as well.

An employee walked over to open the car doors for Mengyao and Yushu. “Evening, ladies- welcome to the Solid Cloud. Do you have a reservation?”

“No.” Mengyao shook her head as she locked the car.

“Please follow me, then.” He said with a smile and nod before leading Mengyao and Yushu into the bar.

It was a classic european-themed bar, with a thick country feel to it without losing luxury. The owner must’ve spent quite the investment in his establishment.

Mengyao and Yushu rarely visited places like this, and were naturally curious. There was a dance hall on the first floor, with a bar counter and deck seats. A stage was placed in the middle of the floor, with two western women singing on it- they weren’t showing too much cleavage.

It was a little past seven, a relatively early time when the performances on the stage were still rather appropriate and proper.

“Will the two of you be sitting at the counter or the deck?” The employee asked, aware that it was Mengyao and Yushu’s first time here from their curious eyes. A regular would’ve found him or herself a spot directly- they didn’t need employees guiding them at all.

“Give us…… a deck seat, someplace quiet?” Mengyao was familiar with scenes of friends drinking at the bar counter on TV, but she wasn’t quite daring enough for that her first time.

“Alright. Please, follow me.” The employee said as he directed them to the reception waiter before returning to his station at the entrance.

The reception waiter brought Mengyao and Yushu to a deck seat leaning to the side. He turned to the girls with a smile. “Will this do?”

“It’s okay. We’ll sit here then.” Mengyao nodded before sitting down with Yushu.

Isolated deck seats like this were for solo, unhappier drinking, and people usually avoided them. Even solo drinkers preferred to drink at the counter.

The reception waiter sighed as he looked at the two beautiful girls- didn’t these young innocents know how dangerous places like these were for them? There were plenty of wolves just waiting to lay their hands on gems like them.

These wolves prowling the bar, however, had times when they went home empty-handed. After all, there was no guarantee that the money they’d be spending on impressing and winning over their targets would actually pay off.

That was why these wolves preferred to lay their sights on young girls like Yushu and Mengyao; the two had been eyed by a few dozen pairs of eyes the moment they’d entered the bar…

Yushu and Mengyao didn’t seem like their average girl, however. Some of the more active wolves asked around for info on them- many of the poorer wolves backed off immediately after learning that they came in an Audi S5. They didn’t think they had much of a chance with young misses like these.

Those with a bit of a background, on the other hand, waited as well, watching and seeing if someone would talk to the girls first- they didn’t want to be making a move when they didn’t even know how deep the water was.

Lin Yi parked the Beetle beside Mengyao’s Audi before making his way to the entrance. The employee didn’t say anything much when he saw Lin Yi was alone. “Welcome, sir.”

Young masters who came here alone were simply too many- he just assumed that Lin Yi was here to hunt, very much like the wolves who had their eyes on Yushu and Mengyao. He pushed the door open for Lin Yi without saying anything else.

Lin Yi looked around the bar casually, a smile on his lips when he saw where the girls were.

Mengyao was looking in his direction- that meant the operation had been exposed. He shrugged before making his way to where Mengyao and Yushu were, choosing a spot not too far away from where they were sitting.

_i outsmarted all of you haha!_