Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO
725 Tyrant Senior Who Passed Through Time Fell In Love With Me
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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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725 Tyrant Senior Who Passed Through Time Fell In Love With Me

"A person who already has a boyfriend… who?" Gu Mengmeng was nonplussed and didn't know what was going on.

Snake took a step forward and leaned over to look into her clear eyes. "You."

Gu Mengmeng took an involuntary step back. "Senior has not replied to my confession yet… I…I don't have a boyfriend."

Gu Mengmeng took another small step back while Snake took one big step forward. The distance between the two narrowed until Gu Mengmeng could feel the energy emanating from Snake's body.

"You do." The two words were spoken gently and filled with ambiguity.

Gu Mengmeng blinked in exasperation. "When did that happen? How come I didn't know…"

As Snake continued to close in on her, she missed a step and fell backwards.

Snake instantly held onto Gu Mengmeng's waist and pulled her into his arms. She knocked her nose into his chest, which turned red as her eyes watered from the pain. The satisfaction from catching her in his embrace soothed Snake's emotions and he stroked her little head contentedly. "I am now officially informing you that from this second onwards, I am your boyfriend. Do you know now?"

Gu Mengmeng stared at Snake as if he had gone mad. She reached out to snatch back her love letter. "That… senior, you might have read too many love stories, but… I don't like you. Give me back my letter… return it to me…"

Gu Mengmeng's petite limbs was no match for Snake. Watching her struggle in his arms, he frowned. "Your first love letter is not written for me… are you sure?"

Gu Mengmeng suddenly felt a cold gust rising from the ground, and was petrified.

Wasn't he the one who had abruptly appeared and spoiled her confession? Why was he behaving so righteously while she was flushing like a ripe tomato?

Feeling inexplicably sheepish, Gu Mengmeng carefully drew herself out from Snake's embrace. With a bitter smile, she said, "Then… senior, you go ahead with your matters… I won't bother you anymore…"

Before she completed her sentence, Gu Mengmeng had already vanished without a trace.

What confession, forget it.

She now felt like her own life was in danger.

Looking at her flee in fear, Snake was happy nonetheless. He smiled and muttered to himself. "Yeah, you have grown more capable. The previous time we met you had just straight away fainted."

The boy whom Gu Mengmeng was confessing to was just about to sneak off when Snake turned around and commanded . "Come over here."

That boy froze on the spot and turned back stiffly. He then stood before Snake like an compliant soldier.

Snake frowned. This guy was not that Prince Charming Senior of the Swimming Club. That fellow had already changed schools after being tormented by Snake… hiss, where did this eyesore come from?

"Which club are you from?" Snake asked.

"Basket… basketball," The boy answered.

Snake nodded. Perhaps his interference had changed Gu Mengmeng's interests. Never mind, he would do whatever she liked.

Patting that boy on the shoulder, he said, "Go get a club application and bring it to me at Block A Classroom 9."

"Y… yes yes." With that, the boy fled.

Snake turned and walked towards Block A Classroom 9.

Second Meng, I have set up this scene for the past 18 years. Do you think you can escape?


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