Battle Through The Heavens new legend
1 Rebirth and gold finger
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Battle Through The Heavens new legend
Author :Arnold_777
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1 Rebirth and gold finger

@@Lin Tian was sleeping in his bed but somehow he felt restless. When he opened his eyes he saw he was in eternal space and saw a being talking to him . You young man have died and can be reincarnated into any universe of your choice due to my subordinate mistake you died so I will give you four wishes in another world where I will reincarnated you.

Ling Tian was stratled but without batting an eye he wished to be reincarnated into battle through the heavens world and asked for his wishes

1. To have mystic eyes of death perception.

2. To have gate of Babylon with all noble phantasm.

3. To have all in one system.

4. To have mesmerizing charm.

The god agreed to his request and gave him power to remodel his new body

And thus this started the journey of the ultimate

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