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343 Gongsun Du’s Betrayal

Chapter 343 – Gongsun Du's Betrayal

= Seven days after the death of Hua Shi =

Liyang County

This county left a dark spot in Tong's heart as he massacred all population here a few years ago. Now, many people migrated into the county as it was a part of Ye Commandery governance.

Towns and buildings had been rebuilt, and merchants restored the county's economy.

Life came back to Liyang County again.

Gongsun Zan, Lu Zhi, Zhao Yun, Tian Yu, and their army finally reached here after a long journey.

Lu Zhi's face grimaced as he worried about his favorite disciple.

'Tong has been quiet since then. Will he be alright?'

The most worry Lu Zhi had was Tong's retaliation against the Sun Clan. If Tong lost his rationality, he might order his armies to wage war to the south.

Once it happened, it would spell calamity to his future country. Many warlords would not miss this chance to counter-attack against Tong and steal his territories in one swoop.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No matter how talented his subordinates were, they would not be able to display their 100% potential if the king possessed ill judgment.

'I should wait for him in Ye. I'll be by his side until he recovers.'

Lu Zhi sighed again.

Gongsun Zan had noticed Lu Zhi's odd behavior a long time ago. He turned to his mentor.

"What's wrong, master? You look kinda sad."

"Ai, I'm sad. I'll tell you a secret. You junior disciple's wife has passed away."


Gongsun Zan was not ignorant. He knew about Tong's two wives.

Hua Shi, the Goddess of Death

Xiao Wu, the Spear Goddess

Both immortals had spread their names, valor, and beauty. At the Northern Provinces, no men never heard about those two ideal women. They were the object of men's desire.

'One of them died!? But they are immortals! Just how … Wait, how does he know about this!?'

Gongsun Zan stared at his mentor, "How did you know about this? We both use the same messengers and intelligence agents. How come I didn't know about this news?"

"We communicate through a clan chat."

"Clan … chat?"

"A sorcery device that unites us as one organization. I'll ask Tong to invite you into our clan the next year."

"Err, okay."


Meanwhile, Zhao Yun and Tian Yu served as bodyguards of Empress He and Liu Xie. Both of them rode alongside the royal caravan as they teased Liu Xie, who waved at them.

"He's learning fast, isn't he?"

"Ah, he's a son of heaven for a reason."

Tian Yu and Zhao Yun laughed and played with Liu Xie.

While Zhao Yun, Tian Yu, and Liu Xie were playing on horseback, a messenger from Gongsun Zan and Lu Zhi arrived.

He knelt down in front of He Xing's palanquin wheeled carriage.

"Your majesty, lord Gongsun said that we will rest in this county for a day, and we shall continue our journey to Ye City."

He Xing opened her palanquin curtain to see the messenger, "Tell them I understand. We'll do as they asked."

"Thank you, your majesty."

The messenger left, and they continued heading to Liyang.

When they reached Liyang County, Zhao Yun stared at the town with a complicated expression.

This place was a deciding factor if he should serve Tong. The slaughtering of Liyang's population was still in Zhao Yan's mind, and he believed that it was a wrong decision.

However, the restoration of the town astonished Zhao Yun. The former desolated city had been rebuilt, and people migrated into the county.

Merchants came and went.

Scholars inspected the county and commented on their thoughts.

Peasants wandered around the town, working.

Farmers went out of the city, tending their borrowed farms.

Militia guards stood on the wall.

Zhao Yun could not believe his eyes. Typically, it would take ages before a deserted town could come back to life. Yet, it took Ye Commandery a few years to restore this county back to its former glory.

Everything that happened in Liyang was the work of Xun Yu. As one of the most talented advisors and officers, he combined his experiences and Te Langpu's economic system into the surrounding regions, giving the riches to the people.

However, Zhao Yun mistook it as Tong's ability since this county was owned by Tong's forces.

Zhao Yun bit his lower lips.

'Eradicate the resistance, then rebuild. On the top of graveyards, new forests bloomed.'

Those were the conclusion that Zhao Yun evaluated Tong's past actions toward Liyang County.

Zhao Yun nodded as he decided. Tong was the right lord for him.

'I'll work for you, lord Zhang Tong.'


The next day, Gongsun Zan Army departed from Liyang County. They expected to reach Ye City within a week.

As they traveled forth, they encountered another troop with the banner of Gongsun. In front of the 5,000 man group, someone whom Gongsun Zan knew rode toward the caravan with a white flag.

Gongsun Zan rode forward to greet this battalion's leader.

"Shengji, what are you doing here?"

Shengji or Gongsun Du, a clan member under Gongsun Zan, came to greet his clan leader.


In history, Gongsun Du did not participate in the anti-Dong Zhuo alliance.

However, during the time when Dong Zhuo reigned in power, Dong Zhuo commanded Gongsun Du to expand their territories, which Gongsun Du took the helm this expedition army.

He was a talented warlord at that time as he successfully took control of the present-day Daifang and Lelang district.

Gongsun Du also sent his clan members and his relatives to attack Korea by the sea while he personally seized Xiangping as his headquarter for his clan, establishing the foundation for the Gongsun Clan in the next generations.

During the conflict between Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shao, Gongsun Du stayed out of the battle and claimed that he took no part in the Gongsun Clan's movement.

After Yuan Shao was victorious, Yuan Shao did not care for the far north and oversea lands. Meanwhile, Gongsun Du focused on conquering Korea.

As a result, Gongsun Du and Yuan Shao did not fight against each other as they had no interest in the other's territory.

Gongsun Du died in the year 204 from a natural cause, and his son, Gongsun Kang, succeeded his legacy.

Gongsun Kang surrendered his father's territories to the Wei Kingdom and also passed on his legacy to his son, Gongsun Yuan.

Following years, Sima Yi led his forces to eradicate Gongsun Clan when they staged a rebellion against the Wei Empire, ending the powerhouse of the north.

Scholars commented on Gongsun Du's decision for not participate in the civil war struggle. Because of his choice, the Gongsun Clan remained independence throughout of the pre-Three Kingdoms Period.

Unfortunately, this world's Gongsun Du was not sent to Korea. He remained behind to fight in this grand civil war.


"We've heard about her majesty, so we've come to help you escorting her."

"Ah, I'm already here. That isn't really necessary."

"It is. How could you not allowing us to seek an audience with her majesty? Please let us see her, too."

"Hey, you sounded impudence just now. Her majesty is not someone you can meet any time you want."

Gongsun Du stopped talking. He simply smiled at his clan lord.

"I've discovered a secret of the Xiongnu. Unfortunately, I can't reveal this in public. Can you lean over? I'll tell you this personally, so no spy can hear us."

Gongsun Zan frowned and puzzled by his subordinate's action, but he followed this person's instruction anyway.

Gongsun Zan rode a bit further. Both men's head almost touched the other's ear.

"Now, tell me."

"Yes, lord. Actually, we allied with the Xiongnu, and our clan decided to disown you."



A knife pierced Gongsun Zan's neck. On the knife handle, Gongsun Du clenched it with all his strength.

"I also heard that the empress is still alive. Don't worry, my lord. I'll make her surrender Zhang Tong's territories to our clan. Then, our Gongsun Clan will rule the north!"

Gongsun Du twisted his blade, sealing the fate of Gongsun Zan.


"Also, I'm the new clan head. Treat me with a bit of respect in Hell, my lord."

Gongsun Zan could not speak. He glared at the betrayer with resentment before his consciousness faded.

Slowly collapsing on the ground, Gongsun Zan body fell from the horse.

Without hesitation, Gongsun Du bellowed, "SOUND THE HORN!"


Instead of having only 5,000 soldiers, another 10,000 horsemen appeared from the east and west, charging at the marching army of Gongsun Zan.

The main force of Gongsun Zan consisted of 30,000 cavalries with Tong's previous iron equipment. They looked around in a panic when an ambush appeared.

Lu Zhi, who was marching in the middle of the troops, heard the chaotic sounds from the front. It was not hard to tell that they were under attack.

"Sounds the alarm! Gather everyone into arrays! Get ready for defensive battle formation!"



War gongs and war-drums echoed through the open field. All Gongsun Zan's soldiers from the back heard it and rushed to the front, forming platoons of formations as they were trained.

Zhao Yun and Tian Yu hurried to the side of He Xing and Liu Xie, fearing for their safety.

Within less than a minute, the front marching troops were slaughtered before they could defend themselves.

5,000 of 30,000 men fell instantly from the ambushing cavalry charge.

However, Lu Zhi was not someone who can be easily beaten in terms of troops commanding. Within that same minute, two battalions formed a phalanx formation, creating a large square with shields and spears as walls.

12,000 spearmen were ready for the horse charge.

Also, Lu Zhi opened a box behind his horseback. A shotgun that Tong gave everyone was in there.

Lu Zhi loaded the shotgun.


"Bring it."