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Chapter 342 – Tragic

Lilim observed the death of two reincarnators in solemn above Bowang County. From the very beginning, she stood there in mid-air, watching Hua Shi and Li Jing died.

Two round spiritual balls floated in the air and got to her hands, one light ball, and one grey ball.

The light ball had many cracks on it as they were Hua Shi's soul. Using the dimensional law and her right as an administrator, Lilim gathered all disintegrated pieces and reconstructed them into a soul ball again.

Hua Shi's soul was now cleansed without a tainted color of sin. In this life, she found Tong and attempted to correct her life. She had given birth, she had saved lives, she had repented of her previous crimes, and she regretted about her past deeds.

Moreover, the previous grudge holders that lingered with the chain of karma satisfied from their vengeance. By taking Hua Shi's life when she had someone she cared for waiting at home, they succeeded punishing Hua Shi and made her repented for her crimes.

All karma knots had released her from its absolute binding.

With this, Hua Shi deserved another chance of reincarnation, but her soul needed recovery.

Lilim kept Hua Shi's soul with herself, planning to heal her and reincarnate her back to this world.

"Well done, little girl. The next time you open your eyes again, you will have a better life."

The white soul lingered around, not willing to rest or stay still. This soul's instinct was telling Lilim that she did not want to part from this world.

Lilim sighed and consoled Hua Shi, "Do you remember when I said that your system skills would go with you in the next reincarnation? I did not lie. The next time you are reborn, those skills will go along with you as a natural power and a blessing. You will probably not remember anything in the next life, but your embedded power will be effective against immortals … even me. Don't lose heart, my dear. You will be reunited with Tong and your daughter again for sure. For now, rest."

The light soul blinked and dimmed, resting itself on Lilim's right palm.

On Lilim's left hand, Li Jing's soul was in grey color, and dark chains of karma bound her soul tight. Li Jing might have found a proper love and a path of redemption, but she refused to let go of her past grudge. Thus, she was not ready to be freed from this karma chain.

"You're not recyclable. Reincarnating you will be a pain, and I don't want any bastard to absorb your soul. Wait until I finish creating a new Hell, and you'll be its first customer."

Li Jing's soul trembled as if it understood Lilim. It tried to resist, but the chain of karma tightened, forcing it to remain still.




Tong stared at the system message in disbelief. When he reread the chat log messages, he was devastated.

Hua Shi: "I love you, Tong."

Simple words that Tong heard every day created a hollow feeling within his heart.


The sadness and frustration were comparable to when he lost both of his parents to Ping.

Tong wailed, blaming himself for sending Hua Shi to Wan instead of sending others.

"I'm an idiot! Why did I send her there!? What was I thinking!? AHHHHHH!!!"

As Tong was crying, Xun Yu and Jia Xu also stared at the clan notification in shock.

Hua Shi was known as their Goddess of Death. How could she be killed?

Xun Yu muttered, "Sun Fang, isn't that another immortal from the Sun Clan?"

Jia Xu massaged his glabella. He had a headache, "Yeah, I think they have Sun Fang and Li Jing. Did the mistress run into those two?"

"Possibly. But they sure got guts backstabbing us at the right moment."

Xun Yu and Jia Xu watched their weeping lord who had already lost control of himself. They did not show any sad expression. Instead, they worried about his future.

'Please don't lose yourself, my lord.'

'Don't go berserk on us now, brat. We need a sane emperor, not a vengeful mad man.'




Friday stared at the message in shock. Hua Shi might be her love rival, but she was also her best friend in this world.

They fought and bickered, but they were always together when they were free from their duties.

Just like that, Friday lost her best friend.

"Sunday …"

As Tong's soul was in a critical condition, Friday's body reverted to her original Dong Bai's body, an 11-year-old girl as she did not want to put a burden on Tong's [Lust].

Friday shed tears for someone other than Tong for the first time in her life.

"Her soul … Meddy, her soul …"

Friday looked at her mother, Medusa, who was in the appearance of Diaochan.

"Mom, Sunday's memory is …"

Medusa shook her head, "Her soul may be around, but I can't say anything about her memories."

"Can we secure her soul? Can we reincarnate Sunday?"

"That's beyond our power now, Friday. We aren't immortals anymore."

"Ugh. Waaaa!!"

Friday let out a wail as she hugged her mother, crying to her chest.

Medusa gazed at the system message with a sigh. As she studied all sinners' past, she guessed that Hua Shi's previous life karma might have something to do with her death.

From her experiences, whenever two people with a karmic grudge connection in their previous life met, nothing good could happen.

'I hope your soul is now cleansed of all karma, Hua Shi. We'll wait for you here until your next reincarnation.'

Medusa gazed at her crying daughter and her clan menu with a bitter smile.

'But first, we will build an empire on top of this mortal world. We will complete your unfinished goal and achieve what you've dreamed of.'

'Rest well, and we shall meet again.'



Tong's faction was not the only one who lost a key person.

At Bowang County, Sun Fang staggered to the corpse of his wife, Li Jing.

Sun Fang's face was full of tears and mucus. He knelt on both knees and hugged Li Jing's severed head.

"Wifey, I've avenged you. Did you see it?"

As he wept, the soul injuries relapsed and created the same wounds in his physical body. Sun Fang spat blood while he lost his strength.

The last bit of Sun Fang's power summoned his soul and activated his life-saving skill one more time.


All physical wounds on Sun Fang body were healed, but the cracks on the surface of his soul worsened.

More lines appeared on his body now.

Instead of realizing the threatening situation of his soul and his life, Sun Fang continued to weep and hug Li Jing's head.

"Wifey, let's go home. We'll go fishing together again like we used to, okay? We can go back home and play chess. Though I have never beaten you even once, I'm getting better at strategies. See? I trapped that girl and killed her in one stroke. I think my brain is getting better after this fight. Let's go back, and I'll prove it to you."

Sun Fang stood up as he carried Li Jing's head with him. His eyes dulled and dimmed without a reflection.

Several clan chat messages from Sun Jian, Wu Guotai, and others flooded the screen, asking about Li Jing's death. However, Sun Fang ignored them all.

Many civilians woke up because of the explosion and the spreading fire. They got out of their house to help everyone extinguishing the flame.

Upon getting close to the battle site, they found corpses of the patrol guards, a headless dead body, and a corpse of a young woman. All women screamed in shock while the men were panic.

Some of them saw Sun Fang carrying a female head. They also cried in fear, thinking that Sun Fang was a ghost.



Meanwhile, Liu Yang watched the survivor number on her menu screen in glee. It decreased from eleven to nine within a night.

"HAHAHA! Stupid monkeys! Don't stop there, kill more! Fight among yourself some more!"

As she was overjoyed by the development, she texted to Khan in the clan chat.

Liu Yang: "See the survivor number? What did I tell you? Leave them alone, and they will kill each other to the last man! We don't even need to bother coming here at all!"

Khan did not reply, which disappointed Liu Yang.

"Party pooper. What a boring man."

Liu Yang reread the number. The indicator [6:3] was so pleasant to Liu Yang's eyes that she could not stop smiling.

She might have lost Pang De to Hua Shi, and it frustrated her.

At first, she planned to send Pang De to assassinate either Sun Fang or Li Jing. Unfortunately, he ran into Hua Shi and got himself killed instead.

However, the decrease in the total surviving reincarnators lightened her mood.

"I wonder who died. Please let it be Medusa, Friday, or Zhang Tong. Eh, Zhang Tong is impossible. That asshole is a cockroach. Maybe it was his allies? Hey, Lilim, can you give me a hint?"


[Go screw yourself.]

"Ah!? What did you say, bitch!?"

[Don't make me repeat my words. G-F-Y! Give me a million lifespans, and I'll reveal the list.]

Liu Yang's face twitched in anger. She wanted to beat this admin to the pulp, but she was powerless at the moment.

'Don't let me get my power back, bitch! You'll pay for stripping my wings.'