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305 Securing Bargain Chips

Chapter 305 – Securing Bargain Chips

Yuan Shao had confidence that he and his army had no problem routing the army of 60,000 soldiers. However, they could not guarantee their safety as Tong and Hua Shi could send the spirits to kill all generals and himself during the battle.

To save his skins, Yuan Shao and his army retreated. They also withdrew from Ganling City as the deserted town was not worth defending.

Tong's troops managed to occupy Ganling again in July. This time, he did not fall back, but Tong ordered his men to restore the town to its former glory.

As Tong was busy dealing with the town restoration, more reports from Henei kept coming.

Ju Shou: "Cao Cao lost Luo Yang. They are falling back to Hulao Gate."

Ju Shou: "We've confirmed that the King of Xiongnu is also an immortal. His power is duplication of objects and living beings. He can pretty much create a copy of anything out of nothingness."

Ju Shou: "Second concern about this immortal is that he possesses four white wings. Young master Zhang, this man can be trouble."

Tong: "Figured as much. That's why we didn't thoroughly destroy Yuan Shao."

Ju Shou: "Cao Cao also has similar weapons as us. They are using range weapons as their primary weapon now. Our spies also notice that they attempted to build iron barrels on top of the wall of Luo Yang, but they didn't finish the project in time before they lost the city."

Tong, Li Feihong, Hua Shi, and Te Langpu paid attention to this. Building an iron barrel on top of the wall hinted that Cao Cao might be researching about firearms as well. On top of that, their progress seemed faster than theirs.

Li Feihong: "That's not a cannon, right?"

Te Langpu: "Eh, that's a cannon. Are they collecting saltpeter and sulfur?"

Ju Shou: "They do."

Te Langpu: "There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Your Cao Cao has a reincarnator, and those motherfOOker has cannons!"


This piece of news revealed and confirmed the location of the final otherworlder they were searching. This concluded the existence of the surviving 12 reincarnators in this world.

Zhang Tong
Hua Shi
Li Feihong
Dong Bai / Friday
Diao Chan / Medusa
Te Langpu
Sun Fang
Li Jing
Jiang Man
Liu Yang / Goddess
Xiongnu King
Cao Cao's subordinate

These were the names of all reincarnators that all intelligence agencies discovered using the reports of all battles and Friday's testimony.

Half of the otherworlders were within Tong's forces while the others scattered in the country. Until one force remained, they had to get rid of these competitors to end this game of immortals.

For now, Tong wanted to eliminate Xiongnu forces and Xiongnu King first as they posted the most dangerous threat to the country and his forces. As for the weak Jiang Man and Liu Bei, Tong could kill them after he used them as cannon fodders in his plan.


Tong: "Feihong, Mr. President, how's our research?"

Li Feihong: "Building 13th-century cannons is not a problem. But that's costly and inefficient since we can't aim with those models. We're trying to forge a steam engine first, so we can build machines with smooth and accurate bores."

Tong: "Can't we use the windmills?"

Li Feihong: "Not enough power. We can use it to build a rough 13th-century model, but it still took days to build one."

Tong: "Then, can we make muskets at our current power?"

Te Langpu: "Nope! It will explode in your face with the unreliable skills of our blacksmiths. Use them to forge the knight armors is the correct choice."

Te Langpu: "As for the technologies, we'll go step by step. Besides, you don't have to worry about Cao Cao dishing out cannons. They're going to be one of those big-ass-good-for-nothing stationary cannons that can't aim. They're just decorations."


In the past years, everyone attempted to forge their first cannon so they could end this civil war earlier.

However, they failed when they made a bronze wheeled cannon of the 16th-century. Local blacksmiths could not make the chamber of the barrel smooth and straight enough to shoot accurately. Secondly, the durability of the cannon was questionable as it cracked from two firing tests.

They found out later that the reinforcing rings were not sturdy enough and the bore was uneven, which cause damages from within the cannon muzzle when a shot was fired.

To overcome this technological barrier, they had to look back what they had skipped.

Te Langpu and Li Feihong came to the conclusion that a steam engine was necessary for this project. Thus, they put the cannon on hold and focused on the engines instead.

With their brains, they did not have a problem digging out their previous life's science knowledge. But making it into reality took efforts, times, manpower, and money.


Tong: "We won't worry about the cannons for now. Old Jia, how's your homework?"

Jia Xu: "My messengers should have reached everybody by now. As for Yuan Shao, I recommend using that hiding immortal Jiang Man as the negotiator in the case Yuan Shao wants to kill our messenger to vent the anger. By the way, should we kill Liu Bei and all his brothers now?"

Lu Zhi: "Give them some times. I'll try to convert them first. If Liu Bei still wants to raise his banner after our plan succeeded, I'll cripple him myself."

Tong: "I'm sorry for this, master."

Lu Zhi: "No harm. He's an idiot and a crazy man. If he gets big, trouble awaits us."

Tong: "About the coalition, any ETA on about their confirmation?"

Jia Xu: "Hard to say. My guess is next year at the earliest. Those fools haven't realized what they are up against yet."

Tong: "That also gives us some times to prepare. Senior Ding, please ship knight armors to Henei and Ganling. We'll probably use two legions in the next fight against that Xiongnu."

Ding Yuan: "Do you want the Mountaineer south?"

Tong: "No, stay there and watch the borders. We don't know if they will strike us again. The previous raid attempt was no joke."

Meanwhile, in Nanpi City.

Lu Zhi was sorting the prisoners as Xu Huang organized the troops to restore the order within the city.

The operation [Baited] contained a second phase of the process, which was [Anti-Xiongnu Coalition] plan.

The recent activities of Xiongnu were still Tong's primary attention as their expansion pace was too rapid. It destroyed the balance of the country and posted a threat to his long-term goal kingdom development plans.

The legions of Tong could not handle these massive armies of elite Xiongnu alone. He had to drag everyone into this mess with the excuse that neighbor country was invading them as the Han Dynasty was in peril.

Tong plotted to copy the incident of [Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance] in history and use the troops of all lords to push back the Xiongnu Invasion!

But to get all lords to comply, it was a different story. All lords were known to be selfish and ignorant to the threat of the ancient Mongol archers. Tong had to prepare bargain chips to either bribe or force all warlords into actions.

Gongsun Zan, Sun Jian, Liu Biao, Liu Yan, and Cao Cao were nationalists, so they should have no problem convincing them.

However, Yuan Shao was different.

To force Yuan Shao into a temporary ally, Tong, Jia Xu, and Xun Yu formed a strategy. They plotted to create a chance to capture Nanpi in a sudden strike and capture all of Yuan Shao's family members as hostages without damaging Yuan Shao's soldiers.

Jia Xu began his moves by leaking false news and baited Yuan Shao's main troops away from Nanpi so they could occupy it behind their back, which was the [Baited] operation.

And the operation was successful.

They had achieved their goals, cornering Yuan Shao in Pingyuan and obtained a bargaining chip to use Yuan Shao's soldiers in the future war against Xiongnu, Yuan Shang, the fake Emperor!

The dominant figure in history had been turned into a cornered rat!

Not only Yuan Shang and other sons of Yuan Shao were captured, but Lu Zhi also met an acquaintance within the captives.

He was as fat as Dong Zhuo and had a broad face.

He Jin.

Standing before the tied He Jin, Lu Zhi grinned, "It's been a while, Chancellor He."

"You … Minister Lu!? You are working with the rebels!?"

"No, no. In my point of view, you are the rebel."


"What kind of brother selling his sister to an outsider, I wonder?"

"I've never sold my sister! I did it for the sake of her future! I must find her the right groom so she can live a happy life!"

"Then, why did she flee to Julu in the first place? You should know."

"Because she's an ingrate whore! She doesn't even know what's right and what's wrong for her! I did everything I could to make her a royal concubine and got her the title of the Empress! Look at what she did to me. Do you think that sow has a value without me!?"

Lu Zhi's eyes turned bloodshot. He slapped He Jin with the back of his hands.

The strike of a scholar might be weak, but it shamed He Jin.

"The throne is not someone's toy. It's a responsibility! How could you give it to Yuan Shao, you hypocrite!"


Another slap landed on He Jin's face.

The chubby He Jin collapsed on the ground. The guards nearby also pointed their spear on He Jin's neck to prevent retaliation.

The actions of Lu Zhi did not escape the eyes of all his disciples, including Liu Bei, who was astounded by the other side of his mentor.

"M-Master. That's enough. He's a royalty's kin, you know?"

"Xuande. You have to be able to differentiate between a respectable man and a beast! This piece of rotten pig doesn't deserve a title from our country! Did you know, Xuande? He sold his sister, the Empress He, to Yuan Shao so he can marry her and become the next Emperor after Liu Ping!"


"You're still naïve, my disciple. The political world is wicked and a sinister world. To be honest, someone with your personality doesn't belong here. You should return to Ji and live your life peacefully."


Lu Zhi ignored Liu Bei and communicated with He Xing with the clan chat.

Lu Zhi: "Your Majesty, I've captured your brother. What would you like to do with him?"

He Xing: "Kill him."

Lu Zhi: "He is still your brother. Are you sure?"

He Xing: "A brother that sold his sister to a lustful beast. Kill him!"

Lu Zhi: "Understood. Tong, what's your call?"

Tong: "As Lady He has said. Get rid of that fool."

Lu Zhi: "As you wish."

Closing the chat, Lu Zhi glared at He Jin, "Our young master has given the order, kill the traitor that made Yuan Shang the fake Emperor! He Jin of Luo Yang, you have committed treason against Her Majesty. Your punishment is death by dismemberment!"


The guards dragged He Jin away as everyone gazed at Lu Zhi with goosebumps. They had no idea that the mentor of theirs could be so ruthless.

"Take notes of today's events. If you wish to join our world of political struggle, be prepared to kill your friends and your former colleagues. Once you stand at the opposite side of your friends, your past friendship means nothing. Well, it's just an example and a warning, though. I doubt that one or two of you will actually fight each other in the future, right?"

Lu Zhi smiled at them. However, Zhao Yun, Tian Yu, Liu Bei, and all his brothers felt that it had a hidden meaning behind the warning.

Guan Yu was deeply shaken by such cruel actions and the resolution of Lu Zhi.

'I won't fight my brothers, ever!'

Jiang Man had another idea.

'That is certain. Who cares about friendship when everybody is using everyone else for their self-interest. As long as the interest aligns, enemies can be friends and friends can be enemies.'

Zhao Yun and Tian Yu did not disagree with Lu Zhi's teaching. They seriously took note and steeled their heart.

'For the sake of my belief, I will prepare my heart. I might fight Zhang Tong or Liu Bei in the unknown future, but I will not hesitate.'

Zhang Fei, however, did not pay attention at all. He was dozing as he stood.

"My dumplings … *nom nom*"