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943 The Terminator and Initiator 3

Jiang Qianqian was in a terrible mood, which was why she had invited a few friends over to the bar. Running into Xiao Qin was just a coincidence, and there was no reason beyond that for why she had treated her as a punching bag.

She really had no intention of doing anything to Xiao Qin, but Xu Wennuan's appearance left her helpless and unable to swallow her anger. As such, when she saw Xu Wennuan trying to take Xiao Qin away with her, Jiang Qianqian spoke without any hesitation. "Stay where you are!"

As she said that, she cast a look at her friends who were sitting at the adjacent table. They had hung around Jiang Qianqian for a long time and, because she had always been generous, they complied with whatever she wanted. Jiang Qianqian didn't even need to vocalize what she wanted; she just had to give them a look, and the entire group stood up and surrounded Xu Wennuan and Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin leaned nervously against Xu Wennuan, who tightened her grip around Xiao Qin and stood her ground with a tranquil face. She showed no intention of speaking. When Jiang Qianqian saw that neither of them could leave now, she walked up to the two of them in her high heels, making it evident that she had been drinking.

She cocked her jaw slightly and swept her eyes over Xiao Qin before directing her bloodthirsty gaze to Xu Wennuan. Their eyes met, but her words were meant for Xiao Qin. She said, "I'll count to three and, if you don't remove your dress, you can't blame me for not playing nice!"

With that, Jiang Qianqian raised three fingers. After a small hiccup, she spat, "Three."

There was a deliberate pause as she retracted one finger and then continued. "Two."

When she saw how Xiao Qin remained unmoved, she looked at the girls beside her, who all looked like they were in their early 20s. Without a word spoken, two of the girls inched closer to Xiao Qin, and then Jiang Qianqian recited the final digit. "One!" she said. The moment her voice settled, the two girls reached toward Xiao Qin's collar.

Xu Wennuan lifted her hand instinctively and swatted at the two girls. Then, she gazed sternly at Jiang Qianqian. "What exactly do you want?"

Jiang Qianqian laughed coldly. "What does that have to do with you?" Following that, she said to the group of people at her side, "Hurry up and rip her clothes off!"

Because they were all intoxicated, they were clumsy but much bolder than usual. The moment they heard Jiang Qianqian's words, they surrounded Xiao Qin. Xu Wennuan was not stupid, though; she knew that Jiang Qianqian's target was her, not Xiao Qin.

She suppressed the anger blooming in her chest and said to Jiang Qianqian, "If you have any grievances, I should be the person you're attacking. Don't drag innocent people into this!"

"Heh…" Jiang Qianqian snorted coldly, but her words were laced with an obvious intention to battle Xu Wennuan to the end. "I should attack you? Do you think you're worthy enough for that? I want to attack her today, and what can you do about that? I'm not only intending to attack her, I'm going to rip her clothes personally!"

Jiang Qianqian grew increasingly angry as she spoke. She took two steps forward and grabbed Xiao Jin's collar and gave it a forceful tug. When she heard the sound of ripping fabric, Xu Wennuan reached out and grabbed Jiang Qianqian's hair with no mercy and gave it a hard yank. Jiang Qianqian suddenly released a pitiful cry, prompting Xu Wennuan to raise her hand and give Jiang Qianqian two slaps across the face. 

"Jiang Qianqian, I'm warning you—Don't go overboard!" said Xu Wennuan.