Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
883 Wouldn“t You Know If I“m A Man?
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Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
Author :Sweets Flood
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883 Wouldn“t You Know If I“m A Man?

Mu Sihan paused for a few seconds, before he understood fully what he had just heard. He gritted his teeth. "Damn it, you were playing me?!"

With that said, he glared at her coldly, his lips pursed into a tight line.

A dead silence spread between them coldly.

His expression was terribly dark, still unable to get his emotions out from her saying to go their separate ways.

Four years ago, her determined departure from their lives already made him suffer terribly!

The impact of hearing this again was not any less than that time.

His entire mind was blank right now.

He was in Hell a second ago, and how he was in Heaven. This sort of drastic emotional change was hard to accept immediately for anyone.

Mu Sihan was holding a coat with one hand while his other hand was hitting his pants. He looked down at the woman with dark eyes, his Adam's apple bobbing visibly. "Do you feel very satisfied when you see me fall for it?"

His jawline was tensed, making him appear even colder and sharper. He seemed to not want to talk to her again, as he started to walk towards the mansion.

The moment he passed by her, Nan Zhi suddenly crouched down, hugging her knees as she buried her face into her arms.

Mu Sihan had only taken a few steps. Seeing her shoulders shake slightly, he could not help but stop again.

He walked in front of her, looking down at her. "Are you feeling miserable now?"

The woman didn't speak, though her shoulders shook even more.

Mu Sihan's expression changed again.

A few seconds later, he couldn't stop himself as he crouched down, his well-defined hand patting her slender shoulders.

She was still ignoring him.

His expression was slightly unnatural, his eyebrows furrowing a little. "Don't speak like that again in the future, alright?"


She continued to ignore him.

A cold breeze blew at them, and he placed the coat he was holding on over her again.

"Alright, I'll carry you in."

Just as he was about to reach his hand out, a freezing ice ball was suddenly thrown at handsome face.

He was caught off-guard and was hit completely.

After the snow ball landed on his face and broke apart, his lashes, nose and lips were all covered by snow.

Some of the snow even fell into his shirt.

Mu Sihan raised his hand up to wipe his face, his dark eyes turning towards the woman.

The woman's pretty and exquisite face had no hint of any tears. Her eyes were bright and mischievous as well, with no hint of redness.

So, she wasn't crying when her shoulders shook so much? Was she playing him again?

Mu Sihan's handsome expression immediately darkened. He gritted his teeth, biting out, "Nan. Zhi!"

Before he got angry, Nan Zhi shrugged her shoulders at him, jumping to her feet and running away.

"Nan Zhi, stop where you are!" Mu Sihan chased after her.

Noting the speed the man was chasing after her, Nan Zhi shrieked, before taking off the coat over her shoulders and throwing it at him.

However, within a while, the tall man caught up to the slender woman. He made two snowballs and threw them at the woman without holding back.

Without backing down, Nan Zhi returned the attack.

The two of them didn't notice that three figures, one older than the other two, were leaning in front of the window of the mansion's living room.

Cen Xi and Little Princess Tiantian were stuck to each other tightly as Little Tiantian could not help but cry out, "Oh, Daddy and Mommy are playing a snowball fight! But Daddy is so bad, the snowball he threw at Mommy is so small! Mommy is so good at this, she can hit Daddy's face every time!"

Cen Xi stared at the scene in front of her both enviously and excitedly. "Little Cutie, your Daddy is clearly letting your Mommy win!"

"Just like how Brother lets me win when we play with snowballs? Do boys all let girls win?"


Little Tiantian pouted, as if thinking of something as she glared at Little Yuyu with slight unhappiness. "But apart from letting me win, Brother often makes the other girls in kindergarten cry!"

Little Yuyu stared at the two figures playing with each other outside, his small brows furrowed tightly.

Wasn't Mommy giving in too easily?

He was still worried about Mommy, but hearing the Little Tiantian's words, he replied with a tense expression, "Tiantian, be quiet!"

"Pretty Sister, see, see, my Brother is always so fierce! However, the girls in kindergarten still like him a lot and often give him delicious cakes and chocolates! I don't even know what they like about him."

At this, Little Yuyu said, "Why haven't I seen any cakes or chocolates?"

Princess Tiantian noticed that she had slipped her tongue as she hurriedly cupped her hands to her mouth.

Little Yuyu's expression darkened even more. "Did you eat all of them? It's no wonder why you're becoming fatter and even got a cavity. You're not allowed to eat too many sweets in the future!"

Little Tiantian pouted pitifully. "Brother, you're just jealous that I'm so adorable." With that said, she blinked her eyes at Cen Xi, "Pretty Sister, do you think that I'm cuter than my brother?"

Cen Xi stared at the pretty little princess. When her bright large eyes blinked, they would melt Cen Xi with her adorableness. Cen Xi nodded. "Little Cutie is too cute and pretty, while Brother is cool and stylish, you're both good in your own ways."

"Hehehe, Brother must be jealous that he isn't as adorable as me."

Little Yuyu was speechless. Why were the two of them so undependable?

Ever since Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan had known each other, they had never ran, laughed and played in the snow like kids before.

Suddenly, the distance and unfamiliarly caused by the four years seemed to narrow by a lot. They had returned to when they were at their sweetest.

It was until Nan Zhi got tired and couldn't catch her breath that the two of them finally stopped.

Nan Zhi leaned against the car, staring at the man who was not panting at all, with slight helplessness. She waved her hand. "I surrender, I surrender, stop throwing snow at me."

The moment she finished speaking, the man reached his slender hand towards her.

He cupped her face with both hands. His fingers were cold, with some bits of snow still on them.

He was so cold he made her shiver.

With her face cupped strongly, she chided with a slightly muffled voice. "Mu Sihan!"

Mu Sihan let go of her. Staring at her face, flushed red from the cold, a gentle tenderness flashed in his black eyes. "Are you still going to lie to me?"

A bright smile appeared on Nan Zhi's face, her small dimples appearing as her almond-shaped eyes sparkled and her eyebrows were raised slightly. As she stood in the midst of the snow, she looked a little like a cunning fox.

"So petty, you're not like a man at all."

The moment she finished speaking, her petite chin was lifted by the man's well-defined fingers. But seeing the face so close to her made Nan Zhi's heart skip a beat.

The man's lips stopped moving closer towards her when there was only a finger's distance between them. As his hot breath sprayed on her face, he said huskily, "Wouldn't you know if I'm a man?"


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