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《Ascenders Rift》 Auxiliary Volume
-2 Prologue
-1 ARIFT Glossary
《Ascenders Rift》 A New Beginning?
1 Turning over a New Leaf. A Familiar Face
2 Evan’s Goals, A Witch’s Visi
3 Death's Fissure? Fatty's Visit!
4 Emilia Goldsmith, Being Shamed...
5 Previous Life's Enemy! Manager Lawson
6 Mysterious Guests? An Uncertain Future...
7 A Strange Memory? Towards a New Tomorrow!
8 Unknown Secrets? Danger Near at Hand!
9 Black Stone Crystal, RADA?
10 A Dark Night... Fierce Encounter!
11 A Dangerous Pursuit! A Risky Maneuver
12 Entering the Fissure, Third Level Lesser Space!
13 A Deadly Mission! Unusual Awakening?
14 A Level 2 Zombie! Arelithian Cape!
15 Preparations Complete! The City’s Core?
16 The Fallen Executor Aperehs, A Desperate Struggle!
17 Evan’s Defeat? An Unlikely Ally!
18 Void Inheritance? Evan’s Transformation!
19 Aperehs Death, A Startling Reward?
20 Dual Class, The Secret of the Black Crystals?
21 Leaving the Mountains, A Strange Group?
22 Bidding Farewells, Alan’s Thoughts?
23 Strange News? Returning Home
24 Late Night Encounter, Sudden Proposition?
25 EarlingStar, Enemies Often Cross Path
26 Startling Thunder? An Unexpected Change!
27 Rick Rayfield? Evan’s Discovery!
28 Black Crystal Pendant! A Fateful Encounter?
29 A New Semester, Special Guests?
30 HDP? The Future Threat!
31 Calamity of the Rifts, Seeing Beyond the Present?
32 The Twin Roses, A Grudge From the Past?
33 The Battle’s Result? List of Suspects!
34 Being Watched? Counter Spy!
35 The Training Zone, Struggle for Survival!
36 Fatty Joe's Gift? Evan's Shock!
37 A Bully Forever, Alton's Decision?
38 The Coded Lists, Rick's Status?
39 Triple Date, The Girl’s Concerns?
40 Layla’s Dream? Evan’s Suggestion
41 A Strange Voice? The Earlington Observatory
42 Cline, The Alpine System?
43 The Ascenders Rift, Unyielding Spirit!
44 Returning to the Academy, Evan's Training Plan!
45 The Result of Training
46 Everyone’s Stats, A Sudden Meeting?
47 The Military Special Sector, Interrogation?
48 The Mysterious Dr Ghost?
49 Layla's Father? Uncle Kain...
50 A Cursed Nightmare? Fatty's Shock!
51 Michael's Dilemma? I Am A Predator
52 The Dyothia Corporation, A Strong Alliance!
53 Devourer of Dreams? Departure!
54 Hell's Swamp, The King's Words?
55 The Rift of Hell’s Swamp, An Unexpected Change?
56 Attack of the Swamp! The Fate of a Rare Breed
57 Fatty’s Determination, Like a Ninja at Nigh
58 Overcoming One's Own Fears, The Will Fight!
59 The Raid Space, A Drastic Change!
60 The Ruins of Belanore, Dual Missions
61 The Twin Conquerors Fury, The Battle in the Woods!
62 Evan's Scheme, The Great Hun
63 Grinding in Danger, Everyone's Progress
64 Emilia’s Class, Balraz's Death
65 The Unusual Temple, Leaving the Group?
66 Alarming News! Countering the Enemy
67 The Lewis Family Meeting, Falling from Grace
68 Mister One, The Heaven Eyes
69 The Final Day, Everyone's Prowes
70 The Eve of War!
71 A Hero Appears, the War Begins!
72 The Clash in the Old Temple
73 The Struggle Against the Commanders
74 Layla Vs Turg
75 Breya’s Last Stand, Fatty’s Secret Power?
76 A Fierce Battle’s End, Evan Makes his Move!
77 System Punishment, Looming Danger!
78 The Second Mission, Awakening of the Ancient Elves!
79 The Dreadful Two Minute Clash!
80 Divine Judgement, An Unyeilding Spirit!
81 The Supreme Blood’s Blessing, Evan’s Change
82 The Rising Chaos, Seeds of Hatred
83 Identity Exposed, Cline’s Disaster
84 Rescue Operation, The MSC M9 Pistol
85 Secret Raid, Cornering the Enemy
86 Crushing One's Adversaries, The Mysterious Beauty Silver?
87 Departing Hell's Swamp, An Eternal Promise
88 Everyone's Concerns, Leaving for home
89 Arriving Home, The Mysterious Crowned Prince?
90 Elumar, An Old Friend
91 The DH Chamber, Meeting Angeline
92 Discussion of Partnership, Rick’s Identity
93 A Joint Decision, Speaking with Alan
94 Evan's Questions, The Pendant's Methods
95 The MSS Headquarters, Section Chief Sigor
96 A Peaceful Night, Sudden News?
97 A Prideful Man's Tears, Day of the Briefing
98 The World Briefing, The Looming Danger
99 RADA’s First Appearance, Humanity’s Saviours
100 The Last Day, The First Barrier?
101 Towards the Unknown, A King’s Step
102 The Day of Calamity?
《Ascenders Rift》 ???
103 The Ascension Ritual, A New World?
104 Strange Aliens, EarlingStar's Crysis!
105 Overcoming the Enemies, Alien World Qeodreona
106 Qeodreona's Rift Quest, The Mother Breed?
107 An Unknown Party, Hidden Agendas
108 The MSS Meeting, The World’s Transformation
109 Cline’s Talent, Evan’s Counterplan
110 The RDF, A Sudden Change!
111 The Calamity of the Rifts, Each Nation’s War
112 The Empire’s Change, A Secret Mission?
113 Newly Awakened Talents, A Strange Being
114 The Mother Nest, Queen Mother Galgorax
115 A World of Death, Everyone's Change
116 Tale of the Cursed Swordsman, Infiltrating the Castle
117 The Strange Palace Master, Joe’s Heroic Battle
118 Fighting Against the Corrupt Skeleton Generals!
119 Layla’s Race? A Similar Fate
120 A Grand Celebration, The Justice Party
121 The Birth of King, A Startling Scene!
122 The King’s Hall, Undead Guardians
123 A Spiritless Battle, The Fall of Two Legends
124 The Fallen Hero Fidelis, Prelude to an Epic Battle
124 The Fallen Hero Fidelis, Prelude to an Epic Clash
125 The Fierce Battle Against Fidelis
126 The End of a Legend
127 Departing from Tusalon, The Eight Destroyers?
128 Odd Changes, The Clover Squad
129 A Familiar Face, The Scarlet Dancer
129 An Unexpected Encounter, The Scarlet Dancer
130 Sudden Conflict, Startling the Crowd
131 Moving Foward, Evan's Plans
132 Startling News, An Odd Scene?
133 Evan Awakens, Meeting with Alan and Angeline
134 A Peculiar Machine, Emilia's Strangeness
135 The Vanguards, Departing for the Unknown
136 Earth’s Border, A Dark Scene?
137 Successfully Escaping
138 Sudden Danger
139 The Water Snake King, Danger Beyond Danger
140 The Wilds of Qeodreona
141 The Insect Clan’s Soldiers, Captain Slasgh
142 Layla’s Worry, The Looming Danger
143 Narrowing the Destination, The Black Cloud?
144 An Unknown Era? The One Known as Red
145 Encountering an Unusual Lifeform
146 Defeating the Plant Man, A Secret in the East?
147 The Principle of Stages, The Origin Lab
148 A Serious Threat? Newzer’s Diary
149 Emilia’s Illness, The Insect Hive's Movements
150 Arriving at the Destination
151 The Spirit Seed, A Sudden Change
152 A Supreme’s Inheritance, Discovering the Portal
153 Entering the Human Hideaway, The Looming Danger
153 Entering the Human Hideaway, The Danger Nearby
154 Checkpoint 05, Leo and Julie
155 Being Detained, Leo’s Choice
156 Meeting for the First Time, A Different Threa
157 Body Shifters, The Last Grounds
157 Body Shifters, Arriving at the City
158 The City of Hope, A Curious Discovery
159 Manager Paulson, The Angel's Abode
160 Breya’s Plan, A Woman’s Curse?
160 Breya’s Scheme, A Woman’s Curse?
161 Mark Anderson, Diffusing the Conflic
162 Leo’s Acquaintances, A Bold Challenge
163 Odd News? Her Nature Exposed
164 Watched by An Unknown Party
165 The Training Quarters, Breya’s Mission
166 Entering the Battle Zone, Worries of the City Head
167 The Magma Fortress, Kelvin Anderson
168 Eyes of the Eagle, Clash Between Titans
169 A Battle Between Women, Peculiar Abilities
170 Leo’s Might, A Difference In Power
171 Leaving the Training Quarters, Sudden Ambush
172 A Dying Man’s Last Moments
173 The Ultimate Dangers, Unveiling His Secre
174 Day of the Meeting
175 The Hall of Governance, All Sides Gathered
176 The Meeting Commences
177 Successful Negotiation? The Sudden Change
178 Countless Accusation, Losing All Pretence
179 A Battle of the Leaders, Prelude to a Hidden Ac
180 The Hidden Party Moves, A Quick Solution
181 A Demon in the Flesh, An Overwhelming End
182 A Foregone Conclusion
183 The Odd Cramertons, Breya's Success