79 Desires of Vulki and Nemesis
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Author :tektite
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79 Desires of Vulki and Nemesis

Gin POV-

After sorting those three, I approach Vulki and Nemesis who were watching from a distance. I can see an expectant look on Nemesis' face while Vulki's mask is making a barely audible clicking noise. A weird heavy breathing is making wisps of blue deepflame waft off her mask. Weird.....

"Well, it's your turns now. What do you want from the evolutions...." Gin

"I want a physical body! I've had enough of this!" Vulki

She starts grabbing at her own body but, her hands phase through.... Her lack of a physical bodt has caused her lots of trouble. She has to use spiderlings to do menial tasks and it seems to have built up stress for her.

"Right, a new aspect then? Some sort of solid or liquid aspect then.... What about you Nemesis?" Gin

"I want to be able make others realize the greatness of the saint. Something along the lines of the ancient aspect that Kess has." Nemesis

"Hmmmm..... That'll be difficult. It will be up to fate. If I cant find anything like that is there anything else?" Gin

"..... Perhaps a body like Set that is able to be more humanoid?" Nemesis

"Lets go with Vulki first. Lets see....." Gin

Hundreds of different options flood the screen. Most of them optimize her current body. I filter those out as none are really that interesting. That leaves a couple dozen different aspects..... Lust is still there.... Skip. Hmmm? These are all really intersting! Reaper, distortion, light, fate..... Love? Skip.... Seraphim? That is a type of Angel right? It would probably help with the physical body part. It would allow a new flying force as well.

After Xelu evolved, she lost her wings and I'm pretty sure that her subordinates will change accordingly. So this evolution would help compensate for that loss along with achieving what Vulki wants. It's decided.

I confirm my choice and Vulki's fire envelopes her into a spinning ball of fire. I can see masks spinning around inside with many different expressions. Lets hope I can find a good evolution for Nemesis too.



Hmmm? As I was looking through the different optimizing options, I find one that is very special. It turns her draconic aspect into a dragon aspect which would drastically increases her physical abilities. It would also eliminate six of her spider legs while modifying the remaining two able to support her. I'm not sure about how it would effect her abilities but, dragons are supposed to be intimidating creature so, it could potentially satisfy all of her conditions.

I quickly skim over the aspects she could gain which solidifies my that option in my mind. Pride.... What is it with the seven sins here? Whatever....

I confirm the optimization choice and Nemesis turns into a giant pile of mushrooms.... Blue and white scales grow all over it and I swear..... I can see faces in the amalgamation.....

I sit back and watch the process of evolution. Vulki's cocoon has feathers spinning inside itself now. The masks floating inside are starting to look a little alien now as their smiles become more disturbing. The cheeks on them are bulged a little.... They are really changing. At the beginning of the evolution they looked similar to Vulki's, just missing the heart and diamond underneath the eyes on it.

I wouldn't be suprised if some psycho killer clown would wear something like that. The cocoon bursts sending the flaming masks out as they dissipate into the air. I look at the new Vulki.

She is still wearing the same crisscrossed dark-blue light-blue jester clothing. Her bell hat is jingling as she starts observing herself. Although her clothing hasn't changed her body most definitely has. It's no longer made of flames which is a shame as it was good for defense.... She has pale skin similar to me. On top of that she is no longer an arachne. Normal legs. I would say that she is no longer a spider if it weren't for the wings that are sticking out of her back. There are six of them covered in flaming blue feathers. Instead of bones holding them together, long and thin spider limbs are there for the job.

Then there is her firey mask. It is now missing its lower half displaying a portion of her face. If I were a pervert, it would stimulate my imagination. Fortunately I'm a gentleman..... The top half of the mask no longer has a diamond and heart. Instead, there are golden runes flowing across it's surface.

I open her status screen and it seems that she is checking her own out as well


Name: Vulki

Race: Deepfire Aracseraphester(unique)

level: 15

Required exp: 12,000

Health (200/200)

Resource- Mixed Deepfire essence(1400/1400)

Shared perk- Closed System

Loyalty: Max

Condition: normal

The name of her new species is really weird. Aracseraphester.... I can see that her resource has reached a ridiculous capacity as well. For the rest I'd have to ask her.

"So, how does everything look?" Gin

"Ridiculous. Intelligence and Wisdom are both twenty-five. A lot of perks related to damage came from the new aspect. A new ability that cleanses anything that I perceive as filth.... Does that?.... So anything I 'perceive' to be filth? So I alter minds by 'perceiving' certain parts to be filthy? Hmmm.... It might be limited by its skill level now so maybe not..." Vulki

Ignoring the bizarre portions of what she is saying, I can see that Vulki will become extremely important in killing creatures with strong defenses. She should keep close to Kess though since she is very vulnerable to damage. Especially now that she is now longer made of flame.

Vulki observes me with an odd expression and it seems she has something to say

"ensas Skrlllkishall ep oj a smui?" Vulki

Hmmm? What?



"Vulki!" Gin

She says something I can't understand and falls over. I rush to help.

"I'm fine. I tried asking something and lost consciousness for a second? What was that?" Vulki

"It seems that you're fine? Should have Set heal you just in case." Gin


After having Set heal Vulki just in case the three of us begin to watch over Nemesis' evolution. Scales are completely covering the mushrooms now. After about a half an hour of watching the movements made by it, they eventually recede to expose Nemesis.

The most noticable thing is her legs. She is only using two spider legs now and they are functioning in a way very similar way that a human's does. Instead of feet, a group of claws grip the ground to provide stability. She also has a blue-white scaled tail sticking out of her now.... She gives off a heavy feeling of power. It makes my heart-rate go up momentarily as adrenaline builds up. Steel Mind must not be enough to fully suppress the effect or something? Perhaps just being near a dragon will naturally have an effect the body of a human?

I check Nemesis' status screen.


Name: Nemesis

Race: Fungal Humanoid Dragon(unique)

level: 15

Required exp: 12,000

Health (???/???)

Resource- Fungal Dragon Essence (450/450)

Shared perk- Closed System

Loyalty: Max

Condition: normal

Her health is still unknown since she is technically a bunch of mushrooms and spores made into a body. If her body were to 'die' another group would just be used to repair it or even replace it.

I already know that her physical abilities are ridiculous now, however, I have no idea on her new ability.

"New ability.... I can make humanoid creatures into dragon priests apparently. Perfect!" Nemesis

She kneels before me and starts chanting something in a really low voice. I have a feeling that this won't be a simple matter.....


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