77 Troublesome Bunch
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Author :tektite
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77 Troublesome Bunch

Kess' cocoon breaks into a sand-like substance. I take a look at her new form. Still the same old overweight metallic wolf spider. However, she is more of a silver color. The most catching part is the wisps of silver that steam off of her. It starts circling above her similar to clouds going around a mountaintop. Cool!

I go over to check up on her condition. She has her eyes closed. Is she?.....

"Gggrrreennchhh" Kess

She seems to have passed out. A phlegmy sounding snore leaves me speechless. I was worried that she would go on a devouring spree but, it seems that's not the case?..... I open her status screen to see her new species.


Race: Ancient Arachneven Juggernaut(unique)

level: 15

Required exp: 12,000

Health (1200/1200)

Resource- Ancient/Iron essence(360/360)

Shared perk- Closed System

Loyalty: Max

Condition: Exhausted

Her health almost doubled..... I can tell from the overwhelming feeling coming from her that it's not only her health that has increased. I wonder if that Cow queen from the reverse temple could even do anything to her now?....


She wakes up before the other two are finished with their evolutions. She gives me a dumbfounded look with her eyes which are silver and black now..... I wish they were spider eyes instead of human-like ones.....

"So, how do you feel?" Gin

"Gin? Hmmmm..... Power. Huh?" Kess

"Something off" Gin

"Somethings weird with my status. Strength and Endurance are over 25." Kess

Holy crap! I never really asked for their statuses so to hear those numbers makes me a bit surprised.

"A couple perks that increases defense and health are there too.....? A crushing pressure ability related to the ancient aspect too." Kess

"Can you try it?" Gin

"I'll need a living target. Spiderling?" Kess

"No.... That's fine. I'm suprised you haven't mentioned food though?" Gin

"I've been drinking for a while....." Kess


I take a good look and it seems that she is slurping some of the silver steam back into her mouth constantly..... Do I no longer need to worry about feeding her anymore?

"Tastes good~. She combine it with some morsels. Make a good seasoning." Kess

"....." Gin

I sit down next to Kess and start to watch the other two. Their process is taking longer for some reason.







'Ahhhh!' Gin

I move away from Kess. She is constantly drinking that silver energy and it's a bit annoying. Especially when you are right next to her as she does it.


Hmmm? I look over to Xelu and watch as her cocoon turns brown and rots away quickly. Unlike with Kess, her form has gone through drastic changes. She has a true humanoid body...

A short and thin creature.... Her face is still the same humanoid one that came from the original harpy that she was. A little baby-faced but still appealing..... Only difference is that it is purple now along with all of her skin. Her body is thin to a degree that you can see her ribs. A clear beating of her heart shoots through them....

Her limbs are short compared to human standards but, they fit her 'new' body. At the ends of both of her legs and arms are three-pronged hands/feet that seem to lack nails. A pair of spider limbs stick out of her back..... (Author's note: I think a version of spiderman had these along with a character from one of those chinese novels.)

The most catching thing with her is a new energy that lingers around her similar to what Kess has. It 'flows' close to her skin acting as clothing.

It is a sleek black and red energy that has eyes float around in it. Tentacles sometimes jut out aling with thorns and other weird body parts.

I wonder if the spiderlings she has will go through a major change too? We'll have to see later. Xelu comes hopping over towards me. A few heads short. Probably around a meter tall. Quite a bit smaller. Can she still spin web? Nemesis doesn't have the abdomen of a spider either.... Do I want to know?

"Can you still spin web?" Gin

"Yes, Mashta" Xelu

Still call me Mashta despite-




She vomited out a bunch of bloody threads. Purple energy swirl inside of it. Not long after fleshy muscle and fat begins to grow on it..... So that's how that works...Trying to cleanse my mind of that image I bring up her new status screen.

"Is she as ridiculous as me, Gin?" Kesa

Kess shouts out a question as I observe the new screen.


Race: Unknown Arachno-horror(unique)

level: 15

Required exp: 12,000

Health (400/400)

Resource- Blood/Eldritch/Ailen essence(290/290)

Shared perk- Closed System

Loyalty: Max

Condition: Unidentifiable

Her energy increased a good amount. I'm guessing it's because a third type was added in. Harpy also seems to have disappeared from her status..... Does that mean that she is no longer a hybrid? Has it become recessive in her appearence or something? I try to ignore the weird alien that has begun twitchingas I ponder about the possibilities here.....


Yeah, I have no clue.

"So, how different is your status now?" Gin

"..... Very different?" Xelu

"How specifically? Gin

"The numbers and words displayed are different." Xelu

Well, hot damn. Who would have guessed? Her speech has become more refined but, it seems that she is still problems with understanding the meanings behind words.

".....Can you at least show me any new abilities you have?" Gin

"I can." Xelu


"Well?" Gin

"Hmmmm?" Xelu

"Aren't you going to show me your new abilities?" Gin

"Do you want me to?" Xelu

I feel like bashing my head off a wall.

"Yes." Gin

She holds up her fingers at a bush on the ground. Purple energy that resembles electricity wraps itself in the black and red energy and fires off. It engulfs the bush and.... Transforms it.....

A writhing mass of tentacles that squirt purple blood is the end result..... What? What would happen if you use that on a person???

I cut that line of thought off. I sit on the ground to wait for Set and Xelu plops down next to me. It's surprising that her evolution is taking longer than Xelu's.



After an hour of waiting, her cocoon splatters out on all of the surroundings. We are currently where the treants used to live before we wiped them out. After the Wretched came through, all that was left was some bodies of water and dirt. Vegetation grows really quick though, as can be witnessed from the recovery of the forest near the nest. Some grasses and bushes near us get splashed with the inky-amber cocoon.

They start growing wildly until they are unable to sustain their own weight and collapse.... I guess Set could use her life energy in this way even though its technically not an ability? I look over at Set who is trying to morph her body into a humanoid figure. I can see that she is focusing on specific areas as they are more stable. What areas are they? Well, I'd rather not say.....

It takes a bit but, eventually, a stable figure is formed out of a black ink and an amber liquid. It seems that she couldn't do anything about her eyes as eight beady ones still appear on her face. The rest of her face is still very human. A mouth with teeth that are somehow white. Nose, cheeks, everything seems to be there. A beautiful youthful face even with her eyes..... As for her body.... Did she use Ravel as a model? Ridiculous, almost unrealistic proportions. Her chest is larger than my head. It freaks me out a little. She is about as tall as me, a little under 2 meters. However, she is not a stickman. I try to quit observing her curves and stuff as that's not a good thing to make my focus....

....She is not naked, but, she doesn't have clothes on. It weirds me out even more. Since her body is made of ink, she lacks some things that should not be exposed on a normal human figure. Not sure if it's due to her lack of knowledge on those parts or what... I really should not think on that.

She walks over and hugs me....? Her body comes apart and turns into thousands of strands. They wrap around me and turn into tattoos that cover my whole body. Well, minus the area on my chest where the roots are sticking out of. I look over into a puddle of water and see that my face has some claw-like tattoos on it.


I open her status screen as I did with the previous two.

Name: Set

Race: Life-Ink Arachnomorph(unique)

level: 15

Required exp: 12,000

Health (440/440)

Resource-Ink/life essence(470/470)

Shared perk- Closed System

Loyalty: Max

Condition: Normal


Her resource increased a good bit and her health by a marginal amount. Still, she should be much stronger.

"I'll show you what I can do now!" Set

She is rather excited.

She throws out a few globs of ink from my arms and the ground glows gold. A wide complicated circle appears slightly off the ground..... It's probably about..... 6 meters in width. Hmmm? I feel a warmth in my chest along with a surging strength. Xelu runs over to Kess as she doesn't seem to like the feeling.

"It'll heal and cure some abnormal statuses. It also slightly increases strength while you are in the circle." Set

She explains it's effects which are quite good. With it's size it will be very useful.

"My other healing ability also had a upgrade on how fast it works. It should be much easier too since I no longer have to make a complicated drawing." Set

I nod and look over at Kess and Xelu who are coming this way

"..... Set, if you guys ever need anything, just ask. You guys do a whole bunch so, I'll take requests.


'I ne.............bef.....oth....w....e......l...p' Set

I can hear her muttering something rapidly through telepathy which she seems to no longer need. What is she saying?

"Mashta, Kess asked me to ask a question." Xelu

"Hmmm? What does she want to know?" Gin

"I swear she has gotten even worse. I asked if she could ask you a question and, she doesn't even wait to hear me out." Kess

"Why not just ask yourself?" Gin

"Errr. Set was clinging to you with a weird expression. Xelu seemed like a good scapegoat to use to interrupt that. Set ended up tattooing herself to you before this twerp could interrupt." Kess

"As for what I wanted..... Do we still have any morsels left in our larder?" Kess

"...." Gin


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