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Ah, so this is how death is? With the destruction of that nuclear project, we can now prevent a war from happening. I did it... I did it! It is now in your hands, guys. I will meet God in heaven and pray for the success of you all.

What does heaven look like? I will live my afterlife there and brag about how I help managed to make the world a better place.

《Another World : Peace Creator Magician》 Volume 0
-1 Character Lis
《Another World : Peace Creator Magician》 Volume 1
1 Life after the death
2 The Young Lady
3 It's Dangerous !
4 We Want to Learn Magic!
5 Day at The Store
6 Surprising Talen
7 Magic Training I
8 Magic Training II
9 We Were Able to Learn Magic!
10 The Winter Come
11 This Will Turn Into a Long Winter
12 He's Only My Little Brother
13 No More Peaceful Day
14 Fire Girl Who Saved Me
15 He Brought Back Two Ladies!!
16 Magic is Fun
17 I Need to Help Her!
《Another World : Peace Creator Magician》 Volume 2
18 Encounter With The GOD?
19 The Danger of The Winter
20 My Dream in The Future
21 Magic Training is Hard!
22 The Big Sister's Concern
23 I Will Become A Hero ?
24 Desire to Fight!
25 This Has Turned Into A Difficult Situation
26 Their Name Isn't Only A Name
27 How Can I Win This?
28 I Can't Face Her
29 My Fear Turn Into Reality
30 Forgive Me, Erwin
31 Something Inhuman
32 I Can't Remember Anthing
33 We Will Live Separately
34 Troublesome People
35 Taste Your Own Medicine
36 The Trip, Continue
37 The Walls, The Castle
38 Man Laying in Starvation
39 I Met Him!
40 Behold! My Magic
41 A Little Disappointmen
42 I Feel Like I've Met Her
43 Adventurer Not Always Nice
44 A Determination
45 She Hates me?
46 Leave it To Me
47 The Big Issue
48 Let's Go Shopping
49 What To Give To Sister
50 Proof Of Our Friendship
51 Half Presen
52 Indulgences
53 Something is Bothering Me
54 My Apprehension
55 I Want to Keep This Bound
56 Warmth of Love
57 Guil
58 Trip to Meet Her
59 Tone of Disbelief
60 Unexpected Encounter
61 Cookies are The Solution
62 Another Encounter With 'God'
63 Lower Tension
64 Cute Childhood Friend
65 Sister's Intuition
66 A Rivalry
67 Sleep Together