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308 Mayor“s Visitation

Actually, Lin Li was not really keen on attaining the demon monarch's treasure. Since 1300 years had already passed, who knew if the treasure hadn't been dug out by some other people? Furthermore, it did not sound credible that a demon monarch would have a thing for collecting magical metals. Even though Connoris was really serious in telling him that, Lin Li was just treating him as though he was saying a fairy tale. The threat he gave Connoris was just a joke…

Yet, as he heard more of it, Lin Li could not help but feel surprised. Apparently, Connoris was really not joking this time. He talked about the location of the treasure and the types of magical metals really seriously. Lin Li had to believe in his words.

"It can't be so powerful. Connoris, are you joking?"

"I don't have time to joke with you. Do you think that Saradus' collection is a joke? Let me tell you—this is a really rare opportunity that you might not meet in a hundred years. Don't regret it when you think of it next time…"

"Are you sure…?" Lin Li glanced at Connoris skeptically. "I say, the mighty Soul Trader, why are you so passionate in sharing it with me this time?"

"Erm, hehe…" Connoris smiled hideously. "It's nothing. Just because there are not only magical metals in Saradus' treasury. There is something else there that interests me…"

"What is it?"

"Something that once belonged to me. That year, our battle was incredibly intense. There were many a time I nearly died under the hands of my cute neighbor. Those things there are the things I dropped on our battlegrounds. They encompassed part of my personal soul energy.

"I have always been thinking about a certain issue all these years. That is, since Osric used powerful soul energy to seal my body, if I'm able to find those things, they might be of some help to me. It might even separate me from this darn hammer…!"

"Oh, so there's that…" Lin Li was now entirely clear about the situation and the reason behind Connoris' unusual friendliness. He told Lin Li every clue about the treasure, and kept convincing him to go and uncover the treasure chest. All these efforts were due to his persistence to recover his lost belongings…

But that was good too. Each of them could take what they wanted, minimizing any suspicions between them.

Then, everything became less complex. Since Connoris had told him so many things, there was nothing else he had to hide from Lin Li. Connoris told him that Saradus' treasure was at the north of the Breezy Plains, in some place called Evergreen Valley. The place had barren hills and unruly rivers. There were rolling hills and dark forested regions. Furthermore, the geographical location of the treasure was unique. It was nicely located at the border between the territories of three races—humans, dwarves, and elves—which no one would pay attention to. It was safe to say that this treasure was hidden in a remote region where few people trod. Even those Adventurers who valued money more than their own lives would not want to travel to that miasma-filled area where magical beasts roamed freely just for some money…

Saradus' treasure was in one of the caves. In order to explain more clearly, Connoris even found a map of the Evergreen Valley for Lin Li.

"Do you see that? If you walk up this mountain, I presume you would need two to three days to cut through this primeval forest. So, I recommend that you pack some food with you, and don't be foolish and try to battle those magical beasts. When the High Elves were researching a dangerous spell in this area, an incident caused a great leakage of their poisonous chemicals. It polluted almost the entire forest, and the magical beasts soaked them up for more than 1300 years. I'm sure even a little rabbit would have become a poisonous snake by now. Their meat is going to give you indigestion…"

"Noted," Lin Li replied as he carefully remembered Connoris' words.

"After you pass through the primeval forest, you will be able to see the light of day again. However, please do not stop traveling. If you head in the northeastern direction and walk for about two to three kilometers, there will be a scene of precipitous cliffs. You should walk along the edge of the cliffs, and use either a rope or the Levitation Spell to bring yourself down. After about 200 meters, you will be able to see the entrance of that cave…"

"So complicated?"

"Complicated? That is just the start. My dear neighbor was not a simple-minded demon. How would he let anyone go near his treasures easily? Not to mention other precautions, just the gate of the cave is enough to block you off. That gate is made wholly from the Eternal Adamantine. Without the key, the combined abilities of 10 Legendary mages would not be enough to open that gate…"

As Connoris was immersed in all the descriptions, Lin Li could gradually visualize how the treasury of a demon lord would look like.

The conversation between the man and the hammer continued until late at night. Since Lin Li had to be serious about the Evergreen Valley, his queries to Connoris were very specific. Once Lin Li felt that he had nothing more to ask, he casually placed Connoris beside his bed, and fell into deep slumber…

The next day, Lin Li was awakened by knocking on his door.

When he opened the door, he saw Norfeller's ashen face.

"What is it, Norfeller?"

"Master, there's somebody outside who requested to see you."

"Oh…" Lin Li nodded. He was not surprised. It was not unexpected for people to look for him now. Since he created such a din in the Cathedral Square, the people of Black Clouds Town were applaudable enough to only look for him now…

"Oh, yes…" When he was putting on his long robe and preparing to head out, he remembered Connoris at the side of his bed. "I say, mighty Soul Trader, I have some guest here. Do you want to hide in that dimension first?"

"Pfff!" Connoris jumped up from the side of the bed. "I hate that darn dimension! There is no sunlight nor air inside. You'd better not send me there again!"

Lin Li did not expect Connoris to be so agitated. "Alright, alright. Then don't hide. Can you not be so agitated…" He placated Connoris awkwardly.

"That's more like it!"

After reminding Connoris not to do anything funny, Lin Li and Norfeller went out to meet the guest.

As expected, just when Lin Li stepped out of the door, there were over 10 people crowding outside. The old blacksmith Salatt, the plump landlady, and a stout middle-aged man who looked around 40 years old were there too. That squabby man had very fair skin that made him looked like fermented flour. There were no wrinkles on his smiley face, and that complexion made him appear to be somebody who led a very comfortable life.

Lin Li glanced at him skeptically. Then, he remembered that this man was the highest-ranking chief executive of Black Clouds Town—Mayor Alexir…

"Greetings, Uncle Salatt. Good day, Aunt Margaret. Good morning, Mayor Alexir…" Lin Li smiled as he greeted the people in a friendly manner. However, when it was Alexir's turn, Lin Li frowned a little.

Why is this fence-sitter here…

Anyone who had stayed in Black Clouds Town would know that Alexir fitted the title of a fence-sitter. Mister Mayor did not have much of a stance of his own, and would always gravitate towards anyone with power. Not only that, due to his timidness, any sense of danger would cause him to get insomnia for days. Lin Li knew from Old Salatt the day before that this Mister Mayor made an excuse to attend to a non-existent business in Doland three days ago after knowing that the robbers were going to his town…

Throughout the several past years, he was the same. It had become the joke people of Black Clouds Town would laugh about. They said that the time of this mayor going to Doland to settle some "affairs" was even more accurate than the ladies' monthly period. It was this determination and persistence that paved his road to become the mayor…

Of course, Lin Li was not a righteous man that hated injustice. He did not really have qualms about dealing with the fence-sitting mayor. The reason behind his frown was an instinctive worry. Why would someone who liked to avoid trouble visit him? Since that mayor was so cheery today, it might not be something good. He would need to use a lot of energy to dismiss him now…

Lin Li pursed his lips as he invited the guests in.

Since the house was rented temporarily, the environment was not too great. The living room was not spacious to begin with, and now became even more crowded when the 10 people went in. Mister Mayor, who had always lived a comfortable life, did not seem to mind it, though. After he sat down, he started to use a very casual tone to talk to Lin Li.

"I hope Mage Felic finds Black Clouds Town comfortable."

"Thanks, Mayor Alexir, I quite like Black Clouds Town. In fact, I'm thinking about settling down here too…"

"Oh? Mage Felic wants to stay at Black Clouds Town? That's great…"

"Hehe…" Lin Li laughed, and did not say much. He saw Alexir's dismay very clearly when he said that he hoped to settle down in Black Clouds Town…

"Oh, yes. Magic Shooter Felic, I heard that you are from the Alanna Guild of Magic? What a coincidence, I went there a few years ago. I had the honor to meet a few noble Archmages. May I know which Archmage was your mentor?"

"My mentor is Andoine, but he is not an Archmage. He is just a random old man who loves to run around…"

"Andoine?" Alanna repeated the unfamiliar name. He was certain that he had never heard that there was an Archmage named Andoine in Alanna. When he looked at Lin Li again, his gaze had less respect now.

It seems that he is just a random mage with no background…

In reality, Alexir was still disappointed with that fact. He'd thought that this young man who could defeat over 10 robbers would be under a well-known Archmage. Now that he knew that he was just an apprentice of a homeless mage, he felt that it was not worthy to risk anything for him despite his great abilities…

"What matters do you have in Black Clouds Town?" Alexir asked Lin Li directly. Since Lin Li had not much of a background, Alexir dispensed with formalities.

"Just a small matter…"

"Hehe, to think of it now, I realize I haven't gotten the chance to thank you. Mage Felic, you are a big savior to Black Clouds Town. If you hadn't been around, we would have faced great damage last night. Mage Felic, if you face any troubles here, please don't mind telling me. I would be able to render some help to you…" Alexir said ingratiatingly. Then, he tried to squeeze out a worried expression.

"However, I'm not sure if I should tell you this, Mage Felic…"

"What is it?"

"Erm…" Alexir frowned, and hesitated dramatically before he continued, "Mage Felic, after you finish what you wanted to do, please leave Black Clouds Town quickly…"

Lin Li frowned, and asked, "So Mayor Alexir doesn't really welcome me here?"

"N-no, no, no. That's not it. I didn't mean that…"

"Then what did you mean, Mayor Alexir?"

"Mage Felic, it is not that the Black Clouds Town doesn't welcome you. It's actually for your own good. Do you know that the man you've killed last night was an important man in the Syer Bandits? They would not let you go easily. Although you are very powerful, if the people in Syer Bandits were to return to get revenge on you, you might—"

"Important person?" Lin Li could not help but interrupt Alexir with his laughter. Now he knew why the man would visit him. What important figure was he talking about? Did Alexis think he was a fool? Just that Marko, a level-10 guy? How could he be somebody of importance? If that was so, the revenge by the Syer Bandits would be nothing to be fearful of…

"Mage Felic, since you're from Alanna, you might not know how powerful the Syer Bandits are. They are ranked in the top 10 of the bandit organizations in the Breezy Plains. They have thousands of core members, and this is not including the external members scattered in different corners of the Breezy Plains…"