Anna Lu
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Anna Lu
Author :chenemi
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"Are you serious?"

Bai Sheng nodded seriously. Anna blinked a few times before opening her lips again "Is....there a reason why you want me to go with you?" 'Please propose pleas propose...'

"My father asked me to meet him, I don't want to go back there alone"

Anna's expression softened, even though it wasn't what she wanted to hear....she saw a little boy asking her for a favor. Of course he wouldn't want to go there alone, after everything the family had done to him.

"Sure.....I'll go anywhere with you"

Bai Sheng smiled "After you're discharged"

Anna nodded before pulling the man's arm, he ended up falling on top of her. Bai Sheng wanted to get up immediately but the cunning girl had already wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, not letting go.

"Bai Sheng?"


"Let's get married...."

Bai Sheng's eyes widened and he immediately tried to break free from her grip but she refused to let go.

"I'm serious, why are you trying to run away?"

Bai Sheng shook his head "I'm not running away silly" He kissed her lips. Anna pulled him closer and deepened it

'Is this how you reject proposals?' She thought to herself. She shrugged and continued kissing him.

Bai Sheng bit her lower lip making her moan, Anna immediately felt embarrassed and refused to open her eyes. Bai Sheng ended the kiss and stared at the girl's face up close

"Why don't you ever leave the proposals to me? Are you that impatient?"

Anna felt something cold sliding through her finger and her eyes opened in shock.

She stared at the diamond ring on her finger and a bright smile appeared on her lips.

"It suits you..." Bai Sheng said kissing her finger before getting off her.

"When were you....."

"I was planning to do it two minutes after I asked you to follow me home" Bai Sheng said shaking his head at the girl.

"Aha" Anna laughed awkwardly, it seems she was becoming too much like Red.

"I like it" she said changing the topic, if only she waited a little longer.....She would've had a romantic proposal she had been dreaming of.

"But....your answer is a 'yes' right?" Anna asked looking at him.

Bai Sheng laughed and pinched her cheek "I gave you the ring didn't I?"

Anna nodded meekly, her face red.

"But you know we'll have to wait right? Are you sure you want to marry me?"

Bai Sheng asked, of course at the moment he will be too busy to think of marriage and even when they ge married, they might not even see each other that much.

"As long its you Bai Sheng, I'll wait a hundred years..." Anna smiled, she knew what was going through his mind and she had thought it through as well but, she still wanted to marry him....she loved him too much to wait.

"Since when were you this good with words?" Bai Sheng laughed before patting the girl's head.

"Are you leaving?" Anna asked with a dissipated expression, these days he had been so busy....she only saw him today and now he was leaving again?

"Yeah...." Bai Sheng nodded "I need to use the bathroom"

Anna burst into laughter after hearing his words, she actually thought he was leaving.

"Don't worry, for today, I'm all yours Anna Lu...."

Anna chuckled, she suddenly scrunched up her nose "Please lets get married early so I can change that name...." she hated it, just thinking of that man made all of her good mood get ruined.

" eager, but you'll have to wait till you're at least 24. If I marry you might have kids really early"

Anna gasped and hit his chest lightly "Hey!" She said as she buried her burning face in her palms.

"You are so adorable...." Bai Sheng said while laughing. He then got up and made his way to the bathroom.

Anna stared at the door closing and glared at it. Why do guys only think about children....and that....that thing....

Anna felt her face burn again. Anna thought things over and realized, if they really did get married.....she won't be able to even spend enough time with him. She was the 18th head chief of the barrettes after all.

Anna searched for her phone and dialed Eve's number. After speaking to her and telling her everything on her mind, Anna sighed. "I guess that's it then....."

She hadn't completely recovered so after waiting for a while, she fell asleep exhausted.


After Bai Sheng left Anna's room, he went out of the hospital and called his older brother.

"I'll do it!"

"Really?!" Ling An's excited voice could be heard from the other line.

"What changed your mind little brother? I thought you didn't want to have any shares of father's company?"

Bai Sheng took a deep breath to suppress his anger toward his brother "I already said I'll do it, do you want me to change my mind?"

Ling An laughed over the phone "Is it a woman?"

Bai Sheng sighed "I'm getting married"

He heard his brother choke on something but he couldn't care less at the moment.

"Well.....that's good news!"

Bai Sheng hung up almost immediately puttying his phone back into his pocket.

It seemed he would end up retiring from the position he had been ogling over his whole life.

He was getting married, he wanted to spend as much time with his wife as possible.
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