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Chapter 538 - Arriving At The Demonic Beast Sect, Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beas

Chapter 538 Arriving At The Demonic Beast Sect, Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast.

AST 538 Arriving At The Demonic Beast Sect, Golden-Armored Violet Crystal BeastQing Shui dazedly looked at the demonic beast for a while, he was feeling very good. It was because this was his. If this demonic beast belonged to someone else, Qing Shui felt that he would definitely be jealous...Although it was his demonic beast, he could still feel that his cultivation level was much lower than it. If he could bring his Diamond Qi to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's level, and then get his hands on Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers..Suddenly, Qing Shui thought that his Diamond Qi was only at the large success stage and had not reached the great perfection stage yet. He had also only picked up a tiny bit of the elephant form. Could it be that as he cultivated, he would also have those battle techniques the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had?Thinking of the Diamond Qi and the Mighty Elephant Stomp which he had currently learned, Qing Shui felt that the possibility was very high. At that moment, Qing Shui felt that his blood boil, and he felt more confident that ever toward his future!...Currently, Qing Shui did not continue learning any new skills, but only spent a large part of his time training his body. Having strengthened his physical body for an extended period of time, he greatly appreciated the greatest benefits that came along with it.Strengthening the body was like the process of tempering. One's abilities would not decrease but would only increase at a very slow rate. However, the increase was a more qualitative one and could allow the body to take on more Xiantian Qi. This was another way to increase one's abilities. It was because strengthening the body could increase the storage capacity of Xiantian Qi in one's body.Having strengthened his body for more than the past half, in addition to the ‘liquid state of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique’ in his Dantian had not grown bigger in size, however the quality had increased by about 10 percent.This also allowed Qing Shui to see a hint of hope because he felt that the condensation of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique would go through a qualitative change after a certain degree of tempering. It might even be the chance for him to breakthrough to the 6th Heavenly Layer....Seven days passed by very quickly. During this time, Qing Shui would always mourn at the Old Ancestor's tomb in the morning as an extension of his feelings. At the same time, Qing Shui also felt that mourning at the tomb would have other benefits.He would sit there the whole day, not saying a word. Unconsciously, Qing Shui emptied his mind, as if he was in meditation, or as if he was repenting.It all felt very strange. Qing Shui felt like his soul was making qualitative progress, as if his soul was being cleansed. It might be because this was a tomb, or it might be because the person buried here was someone Qing Shui admired, thus he held onto a sincere mind.Ever since he entered this realm by chance, Qing Shui would sit here every day, unmoving. He would not even have lunch but only get some food when he returned at night.For people who had reached his level of cultivation, eating was just a habit and for enjoyment. There was, in fact, no need to eat three meals a day, and there was no problem regardless if they ate once a day or even once every three days.While under this strange sensation, his cultivation level did not increase, but Qing Shui felt that his mental state had changed. In the practice of martial arts, the mental state was something that was hard to cultivate, like how it was hard for a frog at the bottom of a well to try and jump out. Therefore, many people were stuck with the cultivation of the mental state.The leveling of mental state was very mysterious and there were many ways to go about doing it. Sometimes, some people would unconsciously improve thelevel of their mental state to an unfathomable height.One's mental state could improve by having fun, by coming across some events or relationships which brought rise to a myriad of emotions, or even by broadening one's mind.The easiest way to improve one's mental state was to cultivate martial arts. When one's cultivation level increased, their mental state would also improve. When one's mental state could not match up to the improvement, one's cultivation would also be halted.Therefore, if a frog at the bottom of a well tried jumping around in the well, if they wished to progress further and widen their perspectives, they would need to break through the current state at the bottom of the well.The same could be said for cultivation. Only when one's mental state improved, would one's cultivation progress. Therefore, in this world, when a person finds a way to elevate their mental state, they would feel even more excited than when if they came across a high-level martial arts manual.In seven days, Qing Shui realized that his mental state was elevated to a whole new level. It could be considered quite a pleasant surprise!He called over a Heavenly Palace's Executive!"Inform the Elder Association to head to the main hall for a meeting!""Yes, Patriarch!"Qing Shui smiled bitterly. He had been given this address for the past twenty days or so, but he still found it a bit awkward. Qing Shui did not understand why these sects would all have the term Patriarch.It should have started off to address one who was extremely strong, of old age, and had a bunch of disciples and grand disciples under him. But now, it became the highest appointment.However, it was just that to address him by this at his age seemed a bit uncomfortable!When Qing Shui rushed to the main hall, he noticed that other than Di Chen, the other Palace Lords, and Mistresses as well as the Supreme Elders in the Elder Association had all arrived."Patriarch!"Everyone bowed and called out to Qing Shui!Ever since Qing Shui had battled it out with the Sword Tower and the Demonic Beast Sect lasttime, basically everyone now willingly address him as Patriarch. Previously, the majority of them had only done so after being compelled by the previous Patriarch.In the World of the Nine Continents, people with a strong level of martial arts were revered. As long as one had the ability, they could do anything. Therefore, Qing Shui could now sit on this seat comfortably."The reason I've called everyone here today is to discuss the things with regards to the Sword Tower and the Demonic Beast Sect. Does anyone have any good suggestions?" Qing Shui went straight to the point."We'll listen to what the Patriarch says!" A boorish old man bowed and said."It's fine. I want to hear what everyone has to say. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, you can just speak it out. It might be better than mine." Qing Shui smiled and said."Patriarch, then I'll boldly say mine!""Elder Yan, please feel free!" Qing Shui nodded and said."It's practically all over for the Sword Tower, but they should still have their Guardian Beast, and a very strong one too. So Patriarch should be very careful when handling this. This time around, from the Demonic Beast Sect, those who had come were at most half of their Supreme Elders. The sect has many demonic beasts and the Demonic Beast Sect's Patriarch has a ‘Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast’ with terrifying powers. If Patriarch plans to head over, it must be done after careful contemplation." Elder Yan spoke slowly."Then does Elder Yan thinks that we should eradicate them?" Qing Shui smiled and asked."We shall leave it to the Patriarch. We shall abide by the Patriarch's commands."Qing Shui looked at this elder whom he had a good impression of. He was righteous and Qing Shui could feel that he cared deeply for the Heavenly Palace.He reminded Qing Shui that the Sword Tower and the Demonic Beast Sect both had their Guardian Beasts which meant he had to consider his choices carefully. After all, the Heavenly Palace would not be able to withstand another accident."Alright, then I'll leave it to you and the other hundred Elders to head to the Sword Tower to disband them. Go see what heavenly and earthly treasures they have to fill up our Heavenly Palace's treasury.""We abide by Patriarch's command and will definitely accomplish the task!""Go ahead!""The Demonic Beast Sect invaded our Heavenly Palace and the people they brought have all been wiped out by us. We should just head straight to them and wipe them out completely." After some thought, Qing Shui spoke.Everyone felt as if a gush of cold air had brushed past their hearts. Although the legacy of the Demonic Beast Sect was not as long as the Heavenly Palace and the Sword Tower, they were also a sect with about ten thousand years of history. However, when faced with this young man, they could not even withstand a single blow.However, thinking of the powers Qing Shui had displayed when fighting against the Sword Tower, they felt that maybe they would be able to, under this young Patriarch's lead, bring the Heavenly Palace to greater glory. Didn't the previous Patriarch say that before? As many of them thought of this, a flame lit up in their eyes.In the World of the Nine Continents, those with power called the shots. When a sect grew more powerful, in a continent, all the precious lands, treasures or special items that were discovered would basically have to be handed over to them.If the sect was strong enough, they could set up branches in other continents or even move their sect over. These were all based on their strength.The Demonic Beast Sect was situated in the Demonic Beast Valley where tens of thousands of demonic beast resided. The demonic beasts formed a natural barrier, keeping the Demonic Beast Sect safe from external attacks.Qing Shui led three hundred Supreme Elders with him, all on flying beasts. Strong warriors who had lived a few hundred years would all basically have a decent flying demonic beast.Once they entered the Demonic Beast Sect's territory, the number of demonic beasts started to increase. However, they were just elementary demonic beasts. However, their numbers were fairly large. Flocks of them flew in the sky, covering up the sun. However, the aura exuded by Qing Shui and the others were so strong that they did not dare to come any closer.Demonic Beast Valley!Qing Shui and the other Supreme Elders stopped at the entrance of the valley. It was not safe to be in the air. After all, Qing Shui's Fire Bird was still quite weak and the majority of the Supreme Elders' flying demonic beasts were not much better. That was why it was safer on land.Large batches of demonic beasts also appeared in the valley, as expected of the Demonic Beast Valley, and as expected of the Demonic Beast Sect. They truly had their own unique characteristic.Prrrrttt!Qing Shui called out his Diamond Gigantic Elephant, and its loud cry pierced through the clouds, sending the batches of demonic beasts scattering!Demonic Beast Sect!"Patriarch, they're here!" A middle aged man bowed and said to an old man. "Could it be that the Demonic Beast Sect will really be wiped out in my hands? A hundred years ago, I assured the previous Patriarch that I would definitely bring fame and honor to our Demonic Beast Sect...""Patriarch, please leave quickly! There's still time!" The old man continued to bow, not moving at all."Leave? To where? I must remain here today! Right now, the best outcome for me is to die in battle!" The old man laughed in self-mockery."Even the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast can't kill that child?""Being just a tad weaker means we're one step slower. Xue Lang`er, you're my only great grandson. Take this and leave immediately. Take the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast and head for Central Continent's ‘White Cloud Pavilion’ and hand this to Xue Yanfeng." The old man took out a token and a pendant and handed it to the man."Patriarch...""You are the future for our Xue Clan. If you have the chance, use this token to rebuild the Demonic Beast Sect. If there's no chance, then just live an ordinary life. The money and treasures I left for you in your Interspatial Silk Sachet is enough to let you live a life of wealth and riches. Forget about vengeance. Only when you learn to forget, would you then be able to remember better. Don't harbor feelings of hatred against anyone. Don't be overcome by hatred such that it blinds you, causing you to have a horrible ending. Now go!""Patriarch..."Like a huge roc, the old man grabbed the guy, and leaped at a great speed through the valley. Very quickly, they arrived in the Demonic Beast Valley!Chirp chirp!In a short moment, a giant beast about 15 meters long, 6 meters tall, with a coat of scaly armor appeared before the old man. Its scales were all golden colored, while its limbs, head, and other parts were all like violet colored metal, appearing to be extremely powerful!

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