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Chapter 418 - Taming the Diamond Demonic Boar with the Divine Marionette Pellet, Improving once again

Chapter 418 Taming the Diamond Demonic Boar with the Divine Marionette Pellet, Improving once again.

AST 418 - Taming the Diamond Demonic Boar with the Divine Marionette Pellet, Improving once againThe Diamond Demonic Boar shrunk backwards in an obvious manner when it saw Qing Shui. It looked at him with a pair of vicious eyes. Perhaps it could sense that the man in front of it was scary. "Thanks to what you have done in the past, I progressed to the level of Xiantian ahead of them. My life has also undergone a series of enormous changes." Qing Shui smiled at the demon beast.He was only replied with silence."From now on, why don’t you follow and live well with me?”“I will find you a cute lady pig…Give you a beautiful pig sister ... ..." Qing Shui said this out of boredom to the little thing which could be considered a Mutated Beast of Heaven and Earth....“Follow me…”Qing Shui looked at the Diamond Demonic Boar."Or I’ll catch you and bring you back!”Qing Shui knew that it was useless speaking to it. He only wanted to test if this little thing could really communicate through telepathy. Finally, Qing Shui suddenly grabbed the sparkling Diamond Demonic Boar. Qing Shui was surprised that the little thing did not run away. Instead it rushed forward towards him at lightning speed when he was still one meter away. As it was too sudden, the speed even shocked him, so Qing Shui immediately changed his palm into a fist and struck out with his Taichi Cloudhand. Bang!It was as if Qing Shui’s fist had hit the hardest metal in the world. Even though Qing Shui did not use his full strength as he was afraid that he would kill it, he knew now that he had underestimated it. He struck with 30% of his strength, but it did not leave a single scratch. Qing Shui only backed off using that momentum from the attack. The Diamond Demonic Boar bore its dense sharp non-protruding white teeth and leaned towards Qing Shui with a bite. There was an abnormal savage glint in its eyes. Evidently, Qing Shui’s punch had completely infuriated it. Qing Shui suddenly thought of the ‘Divine Marionette Pellet". He felt that using it on this beast would be quite worthwhile. It had such good defence and such terrifying speed when it was charging. Most importantly, the growth potentials of Diamond Demonic Boars were very high. The value of "Divine Marionette Pellet" lies on the user not losing its inherent nature after consumption. It will not lower its innate talent but will provide some benefits. The only downside is that the user will not be able to disobey the commands from the person who fed them the golden pellet. Actually, Qing Shui did consider unscrupulously finding a beautiful female who was at the peak grade of Martial King level to feed this to.But at this moment, Qing Shui felt that it was a better bargain if he used it to subdue this Diamond Demonic Boar. He thought of feeding it to the Howling Moon Silver Monkey, but was was hesitant. Now, however, as he planned to use the “Divine Marionette Pellet” to capture this Diamond Demonic Beast, he did not have the slightest hesitation. Qing Shui did not know why, but as he looked at the Diamond Demonic Boar, he knew that there was a considerable gap between it and the Howling Moon Silver Monkey. However, he felt that this Diamond Demonic Boar had a larger potential to develop… "Anyway, I got this Divine Marionette Pellet by accident, since I feel that it is worthwhile, I should just do it." Qing Shui came to a decision.Once again, Qing Shui charged toward the Diamond Demonic Boar. His speed was still slightly faster than the Diamond Demonic Boar at this point. He increased his strength by another 30% and struck. Bang!This time, it was the same as before, it only slightly blocked the Diamond Demonic Boar’s attack. Qing Shui retreated backwards once again, but he was extremely happy.Qing Shui’s full strength was already a force of 3.6 million jin, even 60% of it was close to the titanic force of 2 million jin. A strike of 2 million jin force could even kill a person who was at the peak grade of the Xiantian level!Qing Shui saw that he had not even injured the Diamond Demonic Boar in the slightest. He was deeply curious and wanted to test out the beast’s defence. He knew that this mutated beast had “diamond” in its name; it was strong, its body was hard, its teeth and claws were super sharp, but it was not even one meter so Qing Shui did not dare to use too much strength. He was afraid that he would kill it. But now, he was no longer afraid. He used his body’s full strength.Bang!A loud sound travelled into the distance. This time the Diamond Demonic Boar was basically completely stopped, but it was not hurt, this was a force of 3.6 million jin.There was a rageful sharp howl. The beast looked at Qing Shui with an additional hint of fear. Diamond Qi!Qing Shui channelled his Diamond Qi, which could increase his strength by 50%.He suddenly rushed at the Diamond Demonic Boar, and hit it once more with a punch. Qing Shui’s speed made it impossible for the Diamond Demonic Boar to avoid. .Bang!It was a massive force of more than 5 million jin.This time round, the Diamond Demonic Boar broke three alder trees. It let out a painful cry. Qing Shui quickly used his Heavenly Vision Technique. It was only slightly injured by the impact. This was basically the largest force it can withstand without sustaining any injury. Qing Shui was extremely pleased with the Diamond Demonic Boar’s defence. Without at least the force of 6 million jin, it will not be injured. Even at Xiantian level, it had such a terrifying level defense. "Just for you!”Qing Shui took out the "Divine Marionette Pellet" decisively. He charged towards the beast and forced the blue-Qing pellet into the Diamond Demonic Boar’s mouth. Even then, the beast tried to bite him, but he had manage to dodge it. No matter how confident he was, Qing Shui wanted to avoid getting bitten by such sharp teeth.At the same time, Qing Shui also swallowed a golden pellet. Instantaneously, he felt a mysterious Qi filling his body. Suddenly, he felt a certain bond with the Diamond Demonic Beast. Yes… it was just like the bond with his Firebird. Then, he felt a strong vital energy rising from his dantian. In a second, Qing Shui felt that his speed and stamina had increased, but what rose the most was his defence. He could feel that his defence had increased by 30% but he could not understand why.At that moment, he felt his “Diamond Qi” improve quite significantly. It circulated around his body with his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique. 50 cycles, 51 cycles.137th cycle, 138th cycle…Pak!A crisp sound rang in the air. He had a breakthrough.After that, something even more amazing happened. The breakthrough did not stop at the 139th cycle of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.Pak!He broke another cycle. 140th cycle!Immediately, Qing Shui could sense that the strength gained from the 140th cycle was more than twice that of the 139th cycle. Qing Shui was totally amazed!…Ever since he consumed the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core, Qing Shui’s defence was already abnormally high. He could fully withstand even 6 million jin of force. Qing Shui could not understand how 10% of the Diamond Demonic Boar can raise his defence by 30%. During battles, people usually use weapons to more efficiently use their strength, increasing the effectiveness of their strength by leaps and bounds. Just like how a normal person would never be able to chop off another person’s head with his left fist; giving him a proper way to channel his strength would make it easy, this was how weapons can improve the lethality of one’s strength immensely. Duels are actually very fast. They do not last half a day. Even if a person wears an armor, if it is not some sort of “legendary” armor, a strong vibration can easily shatter the person’s internal organs.Martial artists actually only take a fraction of the force of an attack. Even if the opponent’s force is weaker, when two weapons clash, they will mutually counteract some forces. This is the case for people who are at almost the same level. Otherwise, the weaker opponent will just die from the tremors generated by the force. If a person’s speed is fast, they can use a sneak attack. Using the support of a weapon, a person can easily kill or maim an opponent of equal strength or slightly stronger.30% improvement in defence was already not bad. Qing Shui was satisfied. Furthermore, he had a less than 5% increase in speed and 10% increase in strength. His strength was now about 4 million jin. It certainly lived up to the “diamond” in its name. The Peak Grade Xiantian Diamond Demonic Boar’s defence was much higher than its strength. 6 million jin of defence, 4 million jin of base strength, equipped with sharp teeth and claws, with a higher than average speed. A peak grade Xiantian will probably not be able to defeat the Diamond Demonic Board, let alone a peak grade Xiantian warrior. Qing Shui felt more and more pleased. If it evolved once more, it will be even more powerful. This time, when Qing Shui looked into the Diamond Demonic Boar’s eyes, he could see something more. It had lost the previous viciousness and what replaced that was a meekness and an awareness. This made Qing Shui feel a bit confused, that look was what he had with his Firebird as well.This "Divine Marionette Pellet" was really a remarkable drug. When Qing Shui heard that the name of the drug had “Marionette Pellet”, he looked down on it. Now he realized that his interpretation was too narrow. In fact, Qing Shui did not know this but "Divine Marionette Pellet" had always been a legendary drug in the World of the Nine continents. Naturally, the drug was much more effective in the past and could tame demonic beasts that were of an even higher level.With enough “Divine Marionette Pellet”, one can become the most powerful beast tamer. It was mainly because the words “Divine Marionette Pellet” only appeared in history books for the past thousands of years, so the knowledge of it slowly faded from the public. "Come!" Qing Shui called telepathically. Although he knew that it would come to him obediently, Qing Shui was still ecstatic when the beast did so. He brought it with him and raced back to the Qing village.On the way back, Qing Shui told the "Diamond Demonic Boar" that in the absence of his orders, it should not hurt anyone. That little thing actually replied telepathically with two happy sounds. Qing Shui could communicate with it smooth through their shared consciousness, just like how he could communicate with his Firebird. When Qing Shui returned to the Qing village, many people were attracted by the sight. After all, Qing Shui had fully tamed the Diamond Demonic Boar. When they first saw Qing Shui coming in with a Diamond Demonic Boar behind him, many people got a scare. But now, they were all vying to get to the front so that they can observe the powerful small demonic beast at close range.Everyone from the Qing Clan also came. Even Qing Luo and Lin Zhanhan came. When Lin Zhanhan saw the Diamond Demonic Boar, he had a shocked and pleasantly surprised expression though it quickly returned to its usual calmness. "Big Brother Shui, you are really powerful. This little pig looks really good, but it is too powerful.” Qing Bei squeezed her way through and stood beside Qing Shui laughing. Qing Shui was usually at a loss for words when she spoke. “Big Brother Shui, can I touch it?”"Yes!" Qing Shui said with a smile.Qing Bei touched it bravely and found that it was quite docile."It is so well behaved. Big Brother Shui, is he really that powerful?” Qing Bei looked up at the Qing Shui.Qing Shui was speechless.

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