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Chapter 384 - Your Son Wants To Let You Enter Yan Clan Openly and Aboveboard

Chapter 384 Your Son Wants To Let You Enter Yan Clan Openly and Aboveboard.

AST 384 - Your Son Wants To Let You Enter Yan Clan Openly and AboveboardThis is good. Using the time he had to cultivate these two forms, it would be best if he could make new achievements before heading to Yan Clan!It was too bad that time was up. Qing Shui simply exited his Spiritual Sense and left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The other time, not only did having Mingyue Gelou taken away give Qing Shui a blow, it brought upon a heavy burden on everyone in the entire Qing Clan.It was even worse for those in the 2nd generation, like Qing Jiang and Qing He. They still remembered what had happened with Qing Yi back then, as if it was just yesterday. Some things were easily forgotten, but others would never ever be so.Seeing Qing Shui repeating his mother's path back when she was younger, they were helpless as his family. That bitter and horrible feeling was so overwhelming, they were not even able to say a word."I'm also a Xiantian now, but even Qing Shui might not be able to handle a Martial King..." Qing Jiang and Qing He felt a strong sense of frustration. Everything else were fleeting clouds before strong power. The Qing Clan brought out the golden pearls and gave out 2 of them to everyone in the clan. Of course, Qing Jiang and Qing He were each given 3 of them. Qing Shui himself took 5. No matter how small a mosquito, it would still be made of flesh. Moreover, a strength of 5000 jin was sufficient. In the past, the Strength-Enhancing Fruit was only able to increase 500 jin of strength, and each person could only take 2 of those. However, the strength increment from the Strength-Enhancing Fruit would be as if the person had gone through hard work to obtain it, and it could be included in one's pure physical strength.But while the strength brought by the golden pearls were not able to be included in Qing Shui's physical strength of 3,000,000 jin, he could take a few of it every year. It's a pity that Qing Shui realized too late that they were all gone, and he did not have its prescription. He could only head to the Central Continent in the future to see if he could get his hands on such medicinal pills, or its prescription, in order to create them.After lunch, before everyone took their leave, Qing Clan gritted his teeth and suddenly said, "In half a month at the longest, or maybe just 3 to 5 days later, I'm planning to head to Yan Clan."Qing Shui tone was very soft, but everyone in Qing Clan all froze as they looked at Qing Shui in a daze, especially those from the 2nd generation. Those from the 3rd generation basically looked at Qing Shui, puzzled. They did not know what Qing Shui meant.Qing Yi trembled a little as she looked at Qing Shui without even blinking. She shut her mouth tightly, not able to say even a word!"Why go to Yan Clan?""What are you going to do at Yan Clan?""What's wrong with you guys? Why aren't you guys saying anything?"...Those from Qing Clan's 3rd generation did not know the story, but upon seeing their elder's grave expression, they knew that it was not simple. Someone had once asked about Qing Shui's background when he was young, about why Qing Shui did not have a father. But after he was bashed up a few times, he stopped asking."Let me say it!" At that moment, Qing Luo pushed the door open and came in."Father!""Grandfather!""Father! Why have you come?!"..."Qing Shui got me to come. He came to fetch me. It's the first time this old man has sat on a flying demonic beast." Qing Luo smiled happily and said."Grandfather, why is Qing Shui saying that he's going to Yan Clan? Grandfather, please tell us quickly!" Seeing that the Old Master had arrived, Qing Bei quickly went up and grabbed onto Qing Luo's arms to plead.This was her special privilege. Being the only girl amongst the Qing Clan's 3rd generation, she would receive special treatment wherever she went.Qing Luo was brought to the seat at the head of the table. He sat down and looked at Qing Shui. Then, he looked at the pleading Qing Bei and smiled, "Lass, let grandfather tell you. Don't be anxious, don't be anxious.""Hasn't everyone been curious about Qing Shui's story? Let me tell the story to everyone today!"After Qing Luo finished his words, Qing Bei and the others all nodded furiously, waiting for the Old Master to speak....Qing Luo shared with everyone Qing Shui's story and situation. Soon, everyone from the Qing Clan's 3rd generations were boiling in anger, especially when they heard the part where Yan Clan had threatened the whole Qing Clan and Qing Village,Humans are creatures of flesh and blood. If the same thing had happened to them, they would not feel comfortable either.And all of them from the 3rd generation were also saying that they wanted to head to Yan Clan for that young girl who was taken away when she was just 6 months old."Brother Qing Shui, I want to go with you to Yan Clan." Qing You said in a low, muffled voice.No one said a word. From the beginning to the end, Qing Yi did not say anything. However, her expression was extremely complicated as she fixed her gaze on Qing Shui.Only now did she turned to look at Qing Luo."Father! What should I do?" Qing Yi said to Qing Luo. At this moment, her tears were a broken string of pearls that trickled down."Yi`er, don't cry, you should be happy. Tell us what you're thinking and we'll all discuss together. Everyone in Qing Clan are here." Qing Luo looked amiably at this daughter of his, his youngest child who had led a hard life.""Father, I miss Qingqing, I really miss her. I want to see if she's been leading a good life..." As Qing Yi said this, more tears trickled down her face."Then, just head to Yan Clan with Qing Shui and bring Qingqing back!" While Qing Luo was still smiling, there was something which was indescribable reflected in his amiable looking eyes, something which was like racing blood."I'm worried for Qing Shui. I'm afraid that something bad would befall him." Qing Yi shared her concerns!More than anyone else, she would like to head to Yan Clan, but she was afraid that something bad may happen to Qing Shui. She was less concern about what would happen to her. After all, Yan Clan was the sovereign of a country, and Yan Jiang Country was one of the top 20 strongest countries in Greencloud Continent."Yi`er, there's a price to pay for everything, even for something which one has absolute confidence in. Qing Shui has grown up. Qingqing is your daughter, and my granddaughter is also Qing Shui's elder sister. Qing Shui is you child. Why don't you listen to what he has to say?" Qing Luo patted Qing Yi's head and said warmly.Qing Yi fell into a short daze as she stared at Qing Shui, unable to say a word! Especially after hearing what Qing Luo had said."He has grown up..."It was the first time Qing Shui had seen his mother crying so sadly in front of so many people in Qing Clan. In the past, when Qing Shui was young and she thought that he did not know anything, she would only wipe away her tears and mumbled to herself. It was only after he had started to learn stuff that his mother stopped crying in front of him.But Qing Shui knew that his mother was just hiding it from him!"Mother!" Qing Shui smiled and called out, reaching with his hand to wipe away her tears.Qing Yi hugged Qing Shui, saying softly, "Qing Shui, what should mother do? I had originally gave up on all hopes and had planned to spend my life like this, just hoping that you can be safe. But now, what should I do...""Mother, your son has grown up. Let your son decide for you!" Qing Shui only said a very simple sentence, but it made Qing Yi felt especially empowered. It made her very proud of him.The child has grown up. That's right, he was her child!Qing Yi lifted her head and looked at Qing Shui."Let's go to Yan Clan. Your son wants to let you step into Yan Clan openly and aboveboard, and let them know who you are."Qing Shui's words gave one a blood boiling feeling. Everyone felt as if their blood were lit up when they heard how Yan Clan had threatened Qing Luo and the 2nd generations."Mother is worried for you...""I know. I'm confident. Mother, do you not wish to see if Qingqing is leading a good life?"Qing Shui knew that it was the one thing she could never put down. It was more important than that "man" from Yan Clan. 20 years were sufficient to erase his mother's feelings for that man, but the ties with one's own flesh and blood would never be diluted."Then how are we going?""These few days, mother, you should rest well. Going to Yan Clan is not something which can be done immediately. We won't have many people going." Qing Shui said after some thought."Mmm, then you make the plans. I'll go get some rest. My thoughts are very messed up now..."Qing Shui smiled and sent Qing Yi off. He knew that it was perfectly normal for one to feel confused when a problem which had been weighing her down would soon be unravelled."Brother Qing Shui, bring me along!"After Qing Shui returned to the hall, Qing You immediately came up and implored."Qing You, we're not going there for fun. You stay at home and focus on your training." Qing Shui smiled bitterly and said."Brother Qing Shui, I beg of you, bring me along. Let me see the world outside, let me help you kill a few of those from Yan Clan as well." Qing You tugged on Qing Shui's sleeves and implored."Brother Shui, if Qing You is going, then you'll have to bring me along as well." Qing Bei revealed a smile that was like a fox’s."And me..." Qing Hu suddenly joined in!"You guys..." Qing You was furious, unable to say a single word.Qing Shui chuckled. There was no need to say anything more. He threw a glance at Qing He and then said, "Grandfather, you and 2nd uncle should come along too!"At night!Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. While he had decided to plan to head for Yan Jiang Country as soon as possible, he could not ignore his cultivation. Once he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he immediately entered the state of his cultivation.The Ancient Strengthening Technique had already broke through to the 136th cycles. After cultivating one round of it, Qing Shui then focused on his Spiritual Sense and looked towards the Ape Form.Till today, Qing Shui had not understand why he had not cultivated the Ape Form at the beginning. The Ape Form trained one's arms. Could it be, he had initially felt that his Solitary Rapid Fist was able to attain a certain level and had therefore abandoned the Ape Form?The Ape Form emphasized on one's stances as well as one's arms. After taking a look, he realized that there was only a simple Ape's Burst and Divine Arm Clearing. Thinking about it, Qing Shui realized that he might have felt that the Solitary Rapid Fist seemed stronger than this "Divine Arm Clearing" and chose not to cultivate this.Even now, Qing Shui did not have much interest in this. However, he might have still wished to be able to find a miracle from it!"Ape's Burst" was very simple, but also very functional. It was a skill which allowed one to be able to move swiftly within a small area. What surprised Qing Shui was that the Ape's Burst was very similar to the "Core Qi Method" of the "Black Armored Jumping King" inscribed on the stone monuments at the back of the mountains on the Heavenly Palace Mountain.Qing Shui tried it out for a while, and then decided to just use that "Core Qi Method" to perform Ape's Burst. The result caused Qing Shui to be astonished. The powerful jump and and the nimbleness of the Ape's Burst made Qing Shui felt that the speed at which he could move within short distances had been increased by a little.To be able to achieve this result after training for a short while gave Qing Shui high hopes for this Ape's Burst. The introduction only mentioned that the Ape's Burst could increase one's nimbleness. The small success stage would allow one to increase one's nimbleness, and the large success stage would increase the compatibility between one's body parts during movements. The great perfection stage would allow the body to perform beyond its potential."This concept is too blurred."While Qing Shui felt that it was nebulous, he still hoped that it could bring him a surprise.Divine Arm Clearing!The Divine Arm Clearing imitated the ape's movements and unique traits. It was a typical, long distance fist technique. When used to attack, one's strength would pass through the arms, circulate, and shoot out. At the same time it concurrently emphasized on having the strength to pass through from one's back. This was why it was given the name, "Back Connecting Fist".Taichi focuses on "soft", the eight diagrams focuses on "movement", and the Divine Arm Clearing focuses on clearing one's arms!The Divine Arm Clearing was a far distance fighting fist technique and was further segregated into many types. It was under the category of ‘White Ape’s Connection’. Looking at them, Qing Shui seemed to have sensed something but was unable to grasp what it was.

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