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Chapter 377 - Ingesting a Heaven-Defying Medicine, Inconceivable Improvemen

Chapter 377 Ingesting a Heaven-Defying Medicine, Inconceivable Improvement.

AST 377 - Ingesting a Heaven-Defying Medicine, Inconceivable ImprovementPure Gold Mystic Turtle Core!Qing Shui’s eyes took in the golden radiance of the core before putting it into his mouth. What made him surprised was that the incredibly ‘solid’ turtle core melted immediately when placed in his mouth. An indescribable sweetness exploded in his mouth and warm currents flowed into each meridian and energy channels within his body.A burning sensation could momentarily be felt. Qing Shui felt as though his blood was boiling. His blood circulated faster and faster, until it came to a point where it was in sync with the circulated cycles of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.Qing Shui finally knew why only Martial King cultivators that cultivate Earth Element techniques could consume this mystical core. The overwhelming effects of the core brought about a total overhaul to his system, bones, and energy channels. This pain wasn’t something ordinary Martial King cultivators would be able to withstand.Qing Shui felt the energy channels in his body breaking apart and reforming again. This process happened countless of times, causing floods of pain to overwhelm his senses. Fortunately, the Yin-Yang image in his sea of consciousness was also circulating furiously, sending waves of cooling energy to counteract the burning pain.First cycle, second cycle…120th cycle!After easily breaking through to the 120th cycle, Qing Shui realised that he could go even further.121th cycle!In fact, even if he wanted to halt the circulation, he couldn’t do so. Under the immense pressure of the medicinal core, the circulated cycles continued revolving automatically. His entire body was undergoing a change: inner organs, Dan Tian, muscles, bone structure. He could feel himself becoming stronger every passing second.122th cycle!The burst of power granted by the core finally subsided, Qing Shui continued drawing on the power but to no avail. 122 cycles was his current limit. However, he was already extremely satisfied.As the last of the power faded away, Qing Shui discovered that his earlier injuries had all vanished, and his defense had been strengthened to an inconceivable extent - he was three times stronger compared to how he was before the breakthrough! He had never felt this strong before, and the sensation of this new found strength cause his heart to be filled with extreme confidence.His physique had been strengthened to an unfathomable degree, to the extent where his defensive attributes could equally match against a desolate beast at the same level. Not only that, the mystical turtle core also increased his rate of regeneration, as well as greatly boost his vitality.After the transformation, Qing Shui felt a kind of ‘spirit qi’ lingering in his body, circulating together with his blood flow. The sensation felt extremely marvellous, extremely comfortable. Never would he have thought that the mystical core could allow him to break through two cycles at one shot!Despite his current level of power, he was still worried about the power of the unknown monster outside. Hence, Qing Shui gritted his teeth. He decided to swallow the white-colored pellet as well!Greencloud Up-step Pellet!The effect of this pellet bordered on the unimaginable. It could actually enable all his techniques to level up by one realm. How incredible was that. Qing Shui felt a little regret when he suddenly realized that his techniques at the Obscure Realm could not be upgraded.This time as he ingested the pellet, an extremely comfortable cooling sensation circulated around his body. This sensation was exceedingly comfortable, and it didn't lose out to the feeling he got when he practiced Duo Cultivation with Qinghan Ye back then.This kind of enjoyment was like drifting in the clouds, a feeling of contentment at the soul level. The cooling sensation circulated around his body in increasing speed. Abruptly, without him doing anything other than simply basking in enjoyment, the Ancient Strengthening Technique broke through once again!123th cycle!124th cycle!125th cycle!In total, he broke through an astounding five cycles today. His strength currently has increased to the point where he could be comparable to the Qing Shui of yesterday, decked in his battle armor and wielding the Big Dipper sword!Frenzied Bull Strength!Heavenly Thunder Slash!Augmentation by the Big Dipper Sword!A casual punch of his could unleash up to 250k jin in force. Not only that, the speed of his Circulation shot up even higher!At this moment, his Crane Form, which was stuck at the large success stage, suddenly broke through. Meanwhile, Qing Shui suddenly sensed a lightness in his body that was unprecedented. It was as though the speed he could move at had just drastically increased.Qing Shui also felt all sorts something unlocked in his mind. Although the Nine Waves Great Buddha Palm hadn’t broken through to the next level, it rose to the peak of the fourth wave. There was no further improvements to his basic sword techniques and the Deer Cantering, Tiger, and Bear Form, as they were all respectively at the Obscure and Great Perfection Stage already.However, his forging technique underwent a breakthrough, and Qing Shui couldn’t wait. He was filled with anticipation with regards to what the new things he could forge were.Cloudmist Step broke through to the Truth Realm!Heavenly Thunder Slash broke through to the Truth Realm!“What a heaven-defying medicinal core!” This mystical core could definitely be classified under the category ‘immortal herbs’, but sadly, it didn’t have much of an effect for cultivators at the Martial Saint level and above.Even his mental state, ‘Immovable as Mountains’, was also upgraded. He could feel that the Qi in his body was 20% thicker than usual after he had activated the mental state.Qing Shui was already incredibly joyful.“Core Qi Method!”Even the concept he comprehended from the Black Armored Jumping King had broke through as well, from small success stage to large success stage. Incredible.Studying himself, Qing Shui realized that after his Frenzied Bull Strength broke through, the amplifier to his strength had already reached a staggering 40%. The sensation of coolness was still circulating, and after ingesting of the mystical core, even the amount of nature energy his body could contain had also increased. Nature energy could be used in conjunction with energy technique. The amount his body could contain now was 10% more compared to previously, which would prove to be of invaluable help to him in the future.There was only one word to describe it - perverse.Even his ‘Shield Essence’ had reached the second stage!There was no improvement to his Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint! Neither was there any changes to his Taichi Fist Technique. Despite so, Qing Shui was already extremely delighted with the gains he made today.As for art of alchemy, art of cooking, art of …….. All of these things had no changes. Strangely enough, Qing Shui was actually disappointed that his mundane arts had no improvements. However, as the sensation of coolness circulated around one final time, the transformation it brought about caused Qing Shui’s eyes to widen in a pleasant surprise.Art of Pursuing reached great success stage, increasing 10% of the load lowering 10% of speed, becoming two-folds stronger than what it was before at the small success stage.Lowering his opponent speed while increasing their weight, Qing Shui smiled deviously as he thought of this. He loved these kind of techniques that could lower opponent’s attributes the most. It was even more satisfying compared to techniques that made himself stronger.Divine Arm Clearing Technique had also broken through to the Great Perfection Stage!In that final instant, Qing Shui felt that the Zhong Fu, Yun Men, Jian Kuang, Shao Shang, Ju Gu, Bi Nao, Zhou Qiao, You Chi, Ge Gu, Tong Li, Tian Zong, Xiao Hai, Zhi Zeng, Yang Gu, and Hou Xi acupoints—a total of fifteen acupoints—were being cleared. Both his arms instantly exploded forth with terrifying might!Somehow, for the Zhong Fu, You Chi, Ge Gu, Tong Li, and Hou Xi acupoints, he felt that they were interconnected to other meridians and channels in his body. After these particular acupoints were cleared, Qing Shui could clearly feel his inner organs, as well as five senses, tremendously enhanced.

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