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Chapter 367 - The new powerful Big Dipper Sword, the Unique State - Seven Stars Armored Ves

Chapter 367 The new powerful Big Dipper Sword, the Unique State - Seven Stars Armored Vest.

AST 367 - The powerful Big Dipper Sword, the Unique State - Seven Stars Armored VestSuccess!Qing Shui stared at the Big Dipper Sword in his hands, feeling extremely excited in his heart. The sword was as simple and unadorned as before yet the feeling of magnificence it exuded could clearly be felt gushing forth. He hoped in his heart that this treasured sword would be able to continue evolving with him.Activating his Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui studied the new enhancements.The Big Dipper Sword enhanced the power of one’s attacks by 50%, further increasing strength by 500 points, endurance by 300 points, agility by 300 points, energy by 50 points, and had the ability to manifest a unique state covering the user - Seven Stars Armored Vest.The Seven Stars Armored Vest can increase defence twofold for one hour per day. One simply has to circulate the Seven Stars Armored Vest’s essence force to activate it.The method to circulate and activate the Vest’s essence was also provided: “…………………”After he finished reading it, Qing Shui was dumbstruck. His heart pounded madly with excitement as he felt so happy that he didn’t know how to react.His forging techniques had already reached the 2-colored level and he was able to enhance and upgrade the Big Dipper Sword to this level. Qing Shui didn’t know if the upgrade was because of his own skill or the sword’s unique characteristics.Qing Shui didn’t know what to think when he saw that there was an increase in attack power of 50%. One must know that back then when Qing Shui had obtained the Heaven Shaking Hammer, he had already felt very powerful with an increase of 20% in attack power. How could he not be dumbstruck when he obtained the 50% increase of the Big Dipper Sword?At this moment, Qing Shui silently estimated his progress. After breaking through the 5th Heavenly Layer, his bodily strength had already reached 2.2million jin.All his martial attacking techniques naturally received a boost from his increase in strength, as well as from channelling Frenzied Bull’s Strength. With the amplifications of his techniques, Qing Shui estimated that his strongest strikes could very well exceed the force of over 5.5 millions jin of strength. When his inner state of ‘Immovable like the Mountains’ was considered, as well as the enhancement from nature energy, Qing Shui was already afraid to think beyond that. It was too inconceivable!Currently, his attacks could already be considered to barely exceed those of the most ordinary of peak Martial King opponents. His own strength also barely broke into the realm of a peak Martial King.Qing Shui didn’t know if he was powerful enough to fight against the lowest tier peak Martial Kings, but he knew that if a fight really occurred, he should be able to hold his own and wouldn’t suffer an immediate defeat.Shaking his head, Qing Shui was exceedingly agitated. Looking back, at how far he has come since then. It was impossible for him to not feel proud at his own achievements.The Ancient Strengthening Technique increased his power with each time he brokethrough a circulated cycle. In addition, with the amplifications granted by the Frenzied Bull’s Strength, Heavenly Thunder Slash, and even his Big Dipper Sword, his strength would only climb higher and higher.Other than that, he had the support of his alchemy, concocting miraculous pills to consolidate and boost his constitution.His current level of power gave Qing Shui a sense of confidence he had never felt before. Was this the feeling of being in control of his own destiny?Qing Shui then shifted his attention to the unique state that could be manifested by the Big Dipper Sword - the Seven Stars Armored Vest. This reminded Qing Shui of something he had seen in sci-fi movies back in his past life. Armors and weapons created from light.However, he knew that the Vest was even stronger than those Light Armors. Was this the power of unique states granted by weapons? If it were compared to a Light Armor, the Seven Stars Armored Vest would definitely be the ultimate enhanced version of it...It increased defence twofold, and defence was Qing Shui’s favourite attribute. Twofold! Qing Shui got more and more excited just thinking about it.Brandishing the Big Dipper Sword and channelling his Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique into it, he could feel the sword resonating with him.After which, he directly unleashed Frenzied Bull Strength!Followed by Heavenly Thunder Slash!Whipping the sword left and right, Qing Shui abruptly stabbed the sword forth with a simple movement. This simple movement unleashed the roar of a tiger so loud that the Heavens trembled!Qing Shui felt extremely comfortable in his heart, brimming with confidence. He practiced his Basic Sword Techniques again and his sword movements which were at the Obscure Realm, were so powerful that they even caused the sky to change color.The yellow earthen Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique coated the sword, giving it additional reach. A thick and powerful presence could be felt being emitted from it.Qing Shui then halted his movements and donned all his battle equipment - Armor, Battle Boots, Helmet, Bracelet before he activated Frenzied Bull’s Strength again!Immovable like the Mountains!Coupled with Nature Energy!Swinging his sword again, he felt so powerful that it would be a simple thing for him to split apart a mountain with a single swipe. Each swing of his sword was like an entire realm, an entire world.If a powerful expert were to witness this, they would surely be stunned beyond words. Qing Shui’s sword technique was on the verge of breaking through the Obscure Realm and had already touched on the boundaries of being ‘One with Heaven’.Qing Shui was slowly trying to adjust to his new strength, trying to control it freely so the energy didn’t explode out with every movement. This feeling was extremely marvelous.Confidence, came from strength. The stronger someone is, the more confident they would be. Naturally, the more confidence someone has, the brighter the halo surrounding him would be!“Oh right, let’s try out the Seven Stars Armored Vest’s essence.”Qing Shui stopped swinging his sword. He slowed down and circulated his Qi according to the instructions given to activate the Seven Stars Armored Vest.The Earth Element Ancient Strengthening Technique’s Qi was flowing, and Qing Shui spent roughly around half a day to comprehend the technique in its entirety. The prerequisite for summoning the Vest was holding the Big Dipper Sword.Moments later, a bright glow emanated from the sword hilt of the Big Dipper Sword.Qing Shui felt a majestic protective aura covering his entire body, as a golden radiance shrouded his body within it.It was as though he had been cloaked in an additional layer of armor, yet this armor that weighed nothing, granted him an abnormal increase in his defence.“So, this is the Seven Stars Armored Vest!”Qing Shui silently felt the increase in his defence. The strongest point of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was the cultivation of the body. Strength, as well as defence, had always been the most monstrous aspects about Qing Shui.Now Qing Shui could feel his already awesome defence becoming even more impregnable. The confidence he had now made him feel 100% sure that he could exchange blows directly with Old Blindee from back then with no worries of being injured.After all, the power granted to him by the 5th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, was several times stronger than what the 4th Heavenly Layer granted him. In addition, considering the fact that his defence was increased twofold at this moment, it was strong to the extent of being inconceivable.Qing Shui suddenly struck out with his fist, aiming towards his chest!Peng!Qing Shui was pushed back two steps.Without using the Big Dipper Sword, Qing Shui had used about 50% of his entire strength in that punch but he had only felt a slight force causing his Qi and blood to roll be agitated. After a few breathes of time, he had already recovered!Despite having used 50% of 2.2 million jin of strength, the majority of the force was easily negated by the Seven Stars Armored Vest, causing no damage to himself.“Powerful, powerful!”Qing Shui’s face broke out in a satisfied smile.Qing Shui was happy because he would embark on the journey to the Yan Clan soon. With this armored vest in addition to his Big Dipper Sword, his chances of victory had increased by at least 30%. He was filled with a modicum of confidence at the prospect of storming the Yan Clan now.Back then, Qing Shui had always felt that he was missing something. Now he knew what it was. He was lacking of a powerful weapon. In the end, his excellence in martial techniques was focused mostly on the [Basic Sword Techniques]. After all, he already had started to step into the legendary realm, ‘One with Heaven”.Even now, he understood that weapons were merely secondary and one’s own strength was the most important. Powerful weapons could only bring out their full potential when accompanied and supported by sufficient strength.The Big Dipper Sword could enhance attack power by 50%, and Qing Shui didn’t know which level of color-graded it had reached. Yet, he still faintly sensed that this wasn’t the greatest attribute enhancement of the Big Dipper Sword, it was like back then before the sword was upgraded, the abilities of this sword had been totally obscured. “I wonder if I can upgrade the Big Dipper Sword again after my forging techniques level up in the future.”

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