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Chapter 320 - 4th layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 320 I hate you! The peak of the 4th layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique.

AST 320 - I hate you! The peak of the 4th layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique
This time, their hands gripped other’s tightly until the soft flesh peeked out in between her fingers. As their hands released, there were subtle fingerprint marks on the back of her hands. Her skin looked crystal clear and delicate.

Qing Shui felt attracted to the pink jade pearl-like nipples. As he suckled on them, the woman shivered intensely, but her face was expressionless, except that it was flushed red. At that moment, she became extremely cold, as if she was very disheartened.

Qing Shui felt the unresponsiveness, and saw the unconcealable hatred in her eyes. She looked at him like he was just some bastard. This made him strip away all her clothes until she was completely naked.

Most women looked pretty with their clothes on and had a certain class about them when they wore accessories. However, when they were stripped of them, they became typical humans. Most of them did not have exceptionally beautiful skin. They were just ordinary women when their makeup was removed. Some of them would even look like someone else.

The woman in front of him, however, was different. She had no makeup, and her white delicate skin looked like white jade. Qing Shui’s hands glided across her body in a soft trembling motion. Her gentle curves, especially her two bulbous ‘snow balls’, her slender waist and curvy hips, they were all as beautiful as an intricate masterpiece. Her white firm hips stuck out, which made her slim delicate legs look extra long and straight.


As he remembered the woman’s gaze just now, Qing Shui pushed her on to the bed. In an instant, the soft comfortable bed ensnared ensnared onto the mattress.


Qing Shui now felt a bit angry. He didn’t care if she looked like she saw a beast, a bastard or whatever, Qing Shui went on to spread her well-proportioned and slender legs.



She was still unexpectedly an inexperienced and innocent woman. As Qing Shui looked at the mature woman whose eyes were filled with pain and tears, and her face as pale as a white sheet, his heart quivered softly.

Initially he thought that Feng Family sent an unimportant woman as a bargaining chip for him. This sort of situation happened a lot, so after Qing Shui saw how tempting she was, he didn’t mind having a taste the “tenderness of her flesh”.

When he saw her gaze, Qing Shui thought she would think less of him or maybe look down on him. Hence at the time, he only thought about conquering her body so that she could never leave the bed, so she would yearn for him next time, so she would beg for it...

Qing Shui frowned lightly and did not stir, then he kissed her pale delicate pretty face softly.

Qing Shui did not say anything, and he did not explain his actions. One, there was nothing to explain. Two, if this type of situation needed explanation then it was better not to explain since what was done had been done. Three, this was just a deal.

The woman still looked Qing Shui the same way. He had experience with three women in his life even though they were short, plus the experience he had in his previous life, Qing Shui did not feel awkward at all. So he just locked eyes with the woman peacefully.


The woman pursed her lips tightly, but her breathing sounded slightly heavy. Qing Shui could feel her breath on his face. It was as beautiful as a lily.

Slowly, Qing Shui’s range became wider and wider. Finally, the woman opened her small mouth slightly and let out a moan. Qing Shui found her mature-turned-elegant pleasure moans pleasing to his ears.

Immediately, he noticed that the woman’s delicate body trembled abruptly. Her charming face beamed with a red flush. The amorous feelings at the time granted Qing Shui an understanding of what it meant for a woman to be the most beautiful during the moment of “satisfaction” while making love.

The woman suddenly held on to Qing Shui’s neck tightly. At that moment, Qing Shui used a nameless mind and body technique that instantly summoned a wave of impeccable energy into her body. After a cycle, the energy went back into the woman’s body again!

As it re-entered her body, her breath increased abruptly and slowly returned to normal. Qing Shui knew that she had a breakthrough.

The woman fuzzily lifted her head, her eyes looking at Qing Shui inconceivably. Unexpectedly, she was able to go from the peak of Grade Five Martial King and break through to Grade Six Martial King. The barrier that bounded her for 10 years was finally broken.

Qing Shui was happy nonetheless because at that moment, his Ancient Strengthening Technique reached the 4th layer peak. He thought he needed ten years of accumulation, which was about 4 months in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. To be able to achieve this effect, one needed to reach the 5th level of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

However, Qing Shui wasn’t satisfied. In a moment, he lifted up one of the woman’s delicate legs for her to hold on to. He let her lay on her side as he tilted his body.

Starting another round, Qing Shui kept on using the nameless Duo Cultivation technique again and again. The sound of his abdomen hitting her round hips was promiscuous. The woman lowered her stubborn face, her whole body formed a layer of a light pink color, which was extremely mesmerizing.

The woman reached the peak of her ecstasy once again. However, the energy from the Duo Cultivation technique this time was less than one percent from the first time. Qing Shui already expected that to happen.


“It is okay?”

The woman spoke for the first time after a long while. The sky turned from late afternoon to slightly dark, which took about two hours. She felt like she could not stand it anymore. This had something to do with that mysterious Duo Cultivation technique, otherwise she would have fainted already.

“One more time…”

The woman stayed silent and left, walking unnaturally. As she was leaving, she grabbed Qing Shui’s arm and ferociously bit it. He was bleeding!

“I hate you, I hate you!”

These were her last words before she bolted away in tears!

Qing Shui watched as her shadow disappeared. His arm had a visible bite mark. He watched the spill as he allowed himself to be wounded. Yet, Qing Shui still didn’t know her name.

“No wonder she started to hesitate. I really became a monster this time. I thought she came to do this, but now I guess she had her own troubles to bear. Perhaps she had no other choice. I can’t help but think about how she said she hated me before she left, and bit my arm.” Qing Shui laughed bitterly as he thought about what just happened!

Looking at the mess on the bed, Qing Shui didnt know what to feel. But when he thought about how the woman broke through some kind of barrier, he felt that he had given her some kind of redemption. After all, this was just a deal.

It was already dark, but the time to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal could be extended for a while. Qing Shui could slowly feel the changes in his body. Because of the Duo Cultivation technique earlier, he knew that he had reaped more benefits than that woman.

The liquid from the Dantian in the pubic region appeared to be a bit thicker. Although there was no change in volume, the energy contained increased quite a bit.

In the realm of the 4th level of Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui could feel a tremendous energy inside his body, and an increase to his powerful confidence. That was a wonderful feeling. He finally understood why some people in the previous life anticipated expressions of confidence and grace, a quality that ordinary people admired.

That was a symbol of strength. They had confidence just like the previous martial arts masters, special forces, and others. The same for the rich merchants because having money symbolized a type of strength. And lastly, the high officials. Their authority was no less powerful than the might of a tiger.

Only when one reached the highest peak, then and only then, would they know their benefits. Even if they were one step away from reaching the peak, they would never know its true power. Just like a bird learning to fly, reaching the peak was the same as a bird flying in the sky. Those who did not reach the top or were just one step away from it were like a bird learning to fly, but could never fly away.

This was the strength of the peak. At that moment, Qing Shui’s energy already doubled. With this kind of concept, even though there was no additional power boost, he still had nine hundred thousand units of terrifying energy. If he added the Heavenly Thunder Slash, Frenzied Bull’s Strength, Heavenly Shaking Hammer, battle armor, battle boots… the leftover Beauty Pellet that he hadn’t consumed yet...

When it was time, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He could clearly feel the difference, like the “pressure” of the realm grew stronger.

Everything felt like a strong leak of vitality. The feeling was magical and comfortable. Qing Shui could not help but think that it was the effect from the fusion of Yin and Yang. This space originally came from the Yin-Yang Pendant. He felt that the promotion of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal was definitely connected with Yin-Yang, and the spirit energy!

Taichi Single Whip!


Qing Shui smiled in satisfaction. Under the influence of the Heavenly Thunder Slash and Frenzied Bull’s Strength, Qing Shui’s most adept mastery of the Taichi Single Whip struck a powerful explosion. With a smooth wave from his arm, the air became intense, with a bit of “Shield Essence” in it.

“Shield Essence”! This vital energy could withstand and break through everything. Overbearing and mysterious!

He stepped forward and struck another Taichi Single Whip!

He lashed out Taichi Single Whip continuously, which made him feel at ease from head to toe. Taichi conquered the unyielding with the yielding, which could be dealt with easily. More importantly, its emphasis was on getting a better chance on the opponent after they struck first.

Although these were the essence of Taichi, according to Qing Shui, with the influence of a stronger power, Taichi could be used as a preemptive attack. Single Whip, Cloudhand, and Deflect Parry Punch could be struck as a powerful attack.

After that, Qing Shui used all his might to perform a twenty-four-form Taichi technique. The strength was powerful, but the speed was slow. As one would say, it looked like grinding, but it was more like pushing mountains, which gave out an unstable aura. There was a layer of light yellow mist surrounding his body, and that would be Qing Shui’s Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, which could be called his Qi of Xiantian.

“Qi of Xiantian looping around my body!” Qing Shui wasn’t sure whether this was a sign of one of the characteristics of the Grade 3 Martial King. In an instant, Qing Shui looked more like a gold buddha.

Maybe it was a coincidence or a reaction, but after he finished performing twenty-four-form Taichi technique, Qing Shui struck a Thousand Buddha Grottoes’ Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint!

A stream of Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint image appeared inside Qing Shui’s mind. In that moment, he clearly remembered the moment he had a breakthrough on the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint of Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

The images slowly unfolded one by one and Qing Shui followed meticulously on how the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint wassupposed to strike. It was awkward and uncomfortable, especially the direct switching movement in between of the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint.

If the first pass was unsuccessful, then there would be a second pass. If not the second pass, then the third pass. Qing Shui channeled himself into the erratic demeanor of the Taichi and kept on striking from the beginning without stopping. Failure or success, he would only need to hit a thousand palm imprints and continue on to the next.

The second pass wasobviously stronger than the first pass. The coherence in between each palm imprint grew stronger, but there was still inconsistency on the cohesion. However, the consistency this time was much better than the first pass.

Third pass!

Fourth pass!


Qing Shui lost count of how many passes he had struck. Whatever the case was, he could now strike a consistent flow in between two hundred folds of Golden Buddha Palm Imprint, additionally becoming more skilled with the technique. Qing Shui semi-consciously felt like he could link up a Buddha image within the first two hundred folds.

“That was a coincidence!”

Qing Shui recalled that the link he made in the first pass was the first two hundred engravings. The second pass was the same, but could only link the first two hundred Buddha image.

Qing Shui kept on thinking about it without stopping his movements. He meticulously struck out his own Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint. When he reached the 200th fold of the palm imprint, Qing Shui felt like he comprehended the 200th palm imprint perfectly. Trying again, he struck out yet another blow that had accumulated the first two hundred fold of the Golden Buddha within!

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