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Chapter 207 - Greencloud Capital, the other side of Canghai Mingyue

Chapter 207 Greencloud Capital, the other side of Canghai Mingyue.

AST 207 Greencloud Capital, the other side of Canghai Mingyue

On the back of the fiery bird, Huoyun Liu-Li accompanied Qing Shui silently. Without a word, she made Qing Shui feel sorry for not liking such a smart and beautiful lady.

Thinking about Canghai Mingyue’s stubborn and inflexible back view made Qing Shui’s stomach tie into a knot. He couldn’t help but feel helpless, powerless, and a little cold.

“Two years…at most two years. My mother and I will fetch you back, and make those that made you suffer pay back in tens and hundreds.” Qing Shui consoled himself quietly.

This flight led Qing Shui to once again exclaim about the vastness of the nine continents. Merely flying from Cang Lang Country to Greencloud Continent took more than two months.

If he traveled like the way he did using the metallic bull beasts going to Cang Lang Country, he would have taken two months just to reach half of the country. Qing Shui perspired just from thinking about the time that was needed to go through more than 60 cities.

Greencloud Continent was also known as the Greencloud City. When Qing Shui stood on the plains of Greencloud City, he felt a mysterious air in this simple and unsophisticated land. It made one calm and content.

Before one would go to the Continent’s Capital, one would never know of its flourishing prosperity. To Qing Shui, it would be difficult to be surprised to meet another Xiantian. Apparently, many Xiantians found their means of living in big places or were summoned away.

In the current nine continents, masters were gathered there. The more prosperous the place was, the stronger the clans and families were, and the more powerful they would grow.

“Come, let’s go to my house. This is an unknown place for you.” Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui and revealed a rare smile. After all, she was a local.

“That wouldn’t be nice. I will find a lodging.”

“Qing Shui!” Huoyun Liuli looked at Qing Shui.

“This is my first invitation to anyone. If not for Liu-Li, I would never speak like this.” Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui, her brows tightening.

Qing Shui had to agree. They had seemed to land on a huge square in the Continent’s Capital. Qing Shui scanned the enormous wide square that held a common name, Greencloud Square!

Taking a quick look around, Qing Shui guessed that it had a perimeter of dozens of feet. Huge beasts gathered here continuously, while other flying beasts either landed or took off from here.

Huge beasts whose names Qing Shui didn’t even know could be seen flying across the sky. No one knew how many elites, clans, and families were in this continent. As they say, the greatest hermit will retreat into the noisiest fair.

Hundred Miles City had Wenren Wushuang and the Grandmaster of Situ Clan; who knew what strengths were hidden in the Continent’s Capital that was situated in the populous nine continents. Sometimes the exposed were not the majority, just as how full vessels were silent while half-filled ones swayed.

Standing in the air, the view of the terrain distribution in the Continent’s Capital took Qing Shui’s breath away. It was remarkably enormous, vast, prosperous, and filled with thousands and even ten thousand year-old streets. There were many simple yet magnificent architectural creations. The majestic presence was preserved despite the changes in time, and was still just as awe-inspiring.

“This is the boundary of Greencloud City. There are five more places like Greencloud Square, and many smaller Greencloud Squares. There is one of this size on each side of the country, the largest being the one in the core of Greencloud City. Bigger beasts are not allowed to stop at busier places, but Greencloud Square allows bigger beasts and vending carts to park. It is also an important symbol.” Canghai Mingyue finished, and brought Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li to an area with many cars.

“Are we travelling to your house on foot? How far is it?” Qing Shui looked at the back view of Canghai Mingyue, who was already making many men around her drool.

“We will be taking the horse wagon. It’ll be quick.”

Qing Shui was speechless when he spotted the horse wagon. To be exact, the jet-black creature was also called a horse, but its name was Black Dragon Horse.

The Black Dragon Horse was more than five metres long, and more than two metres tall. It was black as ink, and its gigantic skull was similar to that of a dragon. It was said that the Black Dragon Horse had some blood relations with the Black Dragon, but its strength did not compare with demonic beasts. It was only barely close to that of desolate beasts. The advantages were that it was easy to tame, had high speed and good endurance levels, and the ability to travel far in a day.

“Does the Black Dragon Horse only appear in Greencloud City?” They asked Canghai Mingyue after boarding the wagon.

“In principle, the Black Dragon Horse only exists in the Black Dragon Ridge. I know that other capitals do have Black Dragon Horses.” Canghai Mingyue retracted her gaze and replied.

After all, speedy desolate beasts were needed for traveling on the road. They suited most clans, and even Xiantians needed them as they chose the best out of ten thousand flying beasts. The majority of the people also required a certain transport. If it wasn’t for the Realm of the Violet Immortal, Qing Shui wouldn’t have known when he would get his personal flying beast.

The Black Dragon Horse ran as fast as the wind and was light-footed. The ancient streets in Greencloud City were made up of precious “steelrocks”, making the gaiting sounds of the Black Dragon Horses galloping on it very clear.

“How long does it take to get to your house? If it is far, we can talk about some things or some common knowledge about Greencloud City.” Qing Shui chatted to the silent Canghai Mingyue.

“Around an hour. I will tell you what I know. In the city, no one dares to say that he knows the Continent’s Capital well. Who can truly understand a city with a population of a few billion? We are now at the south side of the city. In the south area, power is in disorder.”

Qing Shui thought about Canghai Mingyue’s words, and recalled his past life where there had been gangs even in small areas. There were many minor clans, where a great player could not overpower a local head. In a place such as the Continent’s Capital, those with some capabilities were intertwined and deep-rooted as they developed in the same area for many years.

To say that one was locating a needle in the sea, too busy for other considerations, or too dazzled by everything, no one would do all those without receiving benefits. Qing Shui thought and smiled after feeling better. He had been too narrow-minded before. The world was so big, and he should not have thought himself to be an important figure. There were only a few who could leave their names in the world of the nine continents.

“There are three powerful figures here whom you have to avoid, since you are too different from them – Imperial Beast Aristocrat, Joyous Sect, and Sword Deity Sect!” Canghai Mingyue spoke slowly.

“Joyous Sect? Is it related to the one in Cang Lang Country?” Qing Shui asked, feeling uncertain.

“Yes, Joyous Sect in Cang Lang Country is only a branch. To put it simply, the one in Cang Lang Country is just made up of a group of people from the Joyous Sect here.”

Qing Shui could not help but think about the beauty of the Joyous Sect who was injured by him. He had briefly heard that she was the most beautiful woman in the Sect, so perhaps she had some connections. Qing Shui felt a little uncomfortable, but put it at the back of his mind.

The main street was ancient-looking and simple, but the minor streets were much more lavish. Qing Shui was no longer surprised that the streets were up to 200 metres wide.

Alighting from the horse wagon, Qing Shui realised it had stopped in front of a splendid manor. From outside the manor, one could pavilions and terraces, jade towers…

He looked at the two large and simple characters on the top of the gate, Cang Hai!

This sort of manor was indescribably better than the villas in his past life, and were almost incomparable. Qing Shui scanned the scenery around and had to commend the advanced architecture and carpentry industry.

Looking at such a spacious manor without a single handyman, Canghai Mingyue brought Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li over mock hills, small lakes, forests, and a cozy pavilion at the back, when two people walked down.

They were a couple, thirty-ish. The man looked handsome and cultivated, especially with a refined air that added to his manliness as well as his intoxicatingly mature and wise eyes.

The woman was shapely. Her mature poise made people fall into reveries. That makeup-less face was as pretty as a painting. Her eyes were so deep, and similar to that of Canghai Mingyue.

“Such a wonderful and heavenly couple!” Qing Shui commented in a small voice.

The man seemed to have good hearing. His eyes lit up like a lady, and his eyes flickered to look at Qing Shui.

Then, Qing Shui watched as Canghai Mingyue ran happily to the poised lady, hugging her while calling out, “Mother!”

After which, she hugged the elegant man, “Daddy!”

The heavenly couple chuckled and looked at Canghai Mingyue!

“Lass, isn’t it tiring to run about like that?” The man spoke and lightly scratched the straight and attractive nose of Canghai Mingyue.

The magnetic voice was charming. QIng Shui now knew why Canghai Mingyue never looked at any man; she had a god-like man for a father. Girls tended to compare men to their fathers subconsciously. Qing Shui had never seen anyone remotely close to this man, and even Gongsun Sanqian of the Skysword Sect was not a match.

“I’m not tired at all. I missed both of you all the time!” Canghai Mingyue replied coquettishly.

Qing Shui was utterly shocked that such an arrogant lady could act so coquettishly and be as cute as a little girl.

“Yueyue, won’t you introduce us to your friends? You have never brought anyone to the house before,” The beautiful lady smiled and pulled Canghai Mingyue’s hands dotingly.

Different from the gentleman’s, the lady’s voice was extremely melodious, especially the sound of kind fondness. That air of pure affection was shockingly similar to that of Canghai Mingyue. Canghai Mingyue would probably have the same mature qualityin the future.

“Yueyue. It’s hard to believe that this nickname is for such an arrogant and solitary woman,” Qing Shui found it hard to believe his eyes. The usually impersonal, smileless, aloof, and conceited girl had such a side to her.

“Ah, I almost forgot!”

“This is my disciple Huoyun Liu-Li. She’s pretty, isn’t she? This is Qing Shui!” Canghai Mingyue responded happily.

“This two-faced woman, how can she be so bipolar?!” Qing Shui silently judged Canghai Mingyue.

Qing Shui thought inwardly and turned towards the god-like couple with a bow, “Allow me to pay my respects.”

“Haha, young chap. Not bad, not bad at all. My daughter has a good eye!” The refined gentleman laughed heartily, praising Qing Shui.

The man’s words let Canghai Mingyue and the beautiful madame look at Qing Shui alarmingly. Canghai Mingyue whined, “Daddy, what are you talking about?”

Although Canghai Mingyue said that, she was shocked at her father’s appraisal of Qing Shui. She had thought it would be good enough if he had said “quite good”. Little did she expect him to add on a “not bad at all”. It was her first time hearing those words from her father. At his level, there were few worthy of his praises, especially young chaps.

“Haha, Senior is like a celestial immortal, it is undeserving of me to receive such praises.”

It was a reasonable response from Qing Shui, for he felt that the gentleman’s powers were too high to be fathomed. Even the prowess of Canghai Mingyue, who was at the peak of Xiantian, could be felt. However, none could be detected from the gentleman, and that could only mean one possibility.

He was at least of the Martial King Grade!

Martial King!

“Master, both your parents are so young, how do I address you?” Huoyun Liu-Li casted her carefreeness and charms away, leaving only an innocent girl…

Qing Shui was now speechless; they couldn’t look more like Master and disciple, one being more extreme than the other. Birds of the same feather flocked together. It was no wonder the most difficult thing to fathom was the heart of a woman.

“This young chap has a glib tongue indeed, you are Qing Shui, aren’t you? Haha. Living to such an age, it is my first time seeing such a unique youngster.” The beautiful madame said amiably.

Qing Shui felt the lady’s power for the first time. This family was sure admirable as she possessed more than double the power of Canghai Mingyue.

Could she have just passed the Martial King Grade!?

“Senior, please do not praise me. I feel ashamed. It is like a dream looking at your family. I feel very, very important right now,” Qing Shui smiled bitterly.

“Oh, tell us about it,” The lady chuckled, revealing a mature presence that made one weak in the knees.

“Genes are the most important. I must find a lady with good genes for my marriage in the future. My daughter’s success will be immeasurable, and save twenty years of hard work.”

“Haha, how’s my daughter?” The elegant man joked.

“Daddy, you’re joking about me again.” Canghai Mingyue whined, even blushing a little.

“Haha, it is not easy to see my daughter. Haha, you chap, I support you. Since you are here in Greencloud City, just mention my name if you have any issues. They’ll give you face.”

“I give my thanks to you, Senior.” Qing Shui made eye contact with the gentleman, exchanging a knowing smile. It made Canghai Mingyue feel like she was being sold.

The gentleman’s name was Canghai Canghai! Qing Shui thought the name was nice and strong. It felt like only the man before him was deserving of such a name.

“Come, let’s get something to drink. I have some good wine stored here!” The man spoke joyously, ignoring the rebuking stares from the women.

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